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Jupiter In Taurus PROSPERITY PORTAL 2023 – 2024 Tips & Crystals

Jupiter In Taurus PROSPERITY PORTAL 2023 – 2024 Tips & Crystals

Jupiter In Taurus PROSPERITY PORTAL 2023 – 2024 Tips & Crystals

Jupiter in Taurus creates a Portal of Prosperity. Here’s what you need to know about this astrological alignment and HOW to tap into this energy for manifesting abundance and golden opportunities with mindset tools, affirmations and crystals…

The Portal Of Prosperity Explained

Jupiter the planet of growth, luck and new opportunities has just entered Taurus on the 16/17th of May 2023. Taurus is an earth sign associated with wealth and material success. Jupiter is a planet of expansion, amplifying the energy of Taurus.

Auspicious New Moon In Taurus

Within a couple of days of this shift (19th of May), there was an auspicious New Moon also in Taurus which only added to the blessings. New Moons are like doorways for new beginnings.

This New Moon coincided with two positive aspects. A trine, a triangle formed by the Sun, and Moon in Taurus with Pluto in Aquarius. Plus a sextile, a six-pointed star with Neptune in Pisces. This could help transform your relationship with money. Do I need to say more?

Jupiter in Taurus Prosperity Portal
Jupiter in Taurus Prosperity Portal Guide

How Long Is Jupiter in Taurus?

Jupiter enters Taurus approximately once every 12 years. However, it will be in this sign until May 25th 2024. But here’s the thing. Although this is a positive influence for 12 months you should take advantage as soon as possible. See below.

Take Advantage Of The Intention Planting Phase

Depending on when you read this, you might be able to take advantage of the early phase. Jupiter starts its journey through the sign of Taurus at the early degrees of 0 – 5. Even up to 10 degrees of the sign is still pretty new. You can check the current position of Jupiter HERE.

This beginning phase of Jupiter’s movement supports planting seeds of your intentions even more. It’s the opening phase of the portal where the energy is fresh and increasing rapidly.

Green jade wealth Buddha with other crystals
Green Jade is a stone of wealth and good fortune

TIPS: Make Jupiter In Taurus Work For You

Here are my top tips to make Jupiter in Taurus work for you, regardless of its degree. Take advantage of this portal of prosperity while it’s here. I will also share my recommended crystals for this period.

1. Release Money Blocks

This alignment is all about your relationship with money. It’s high time you release any fears or limiting beliefs you have around money, income and wealthy people. Jupiter is generous and expansive. Don’t detract from the energy and stop playing small!

You can use whatever method you prefer to help heal these beliefs. This could be tapping (EFT), affirmations or hypnosis for example.

2. Adopt An Abundance Mindset

Jupiter and Taurus support thinking positively about money, career and success. Expansive Jupiter encourages dreaming BIG and believing in your highest potential. Don’t buy into the media’s doom and gloom.

Use any mindset tools you prefer, like visualisation, scripting, tapping, subliminals or daily gratitude practices.

I have created a unique Portal Of Prosperity affirmations video on YouTube that you can use to develop an abundance mindset. Repeat these empowering affirmations daily for as little as 10 minutes a day for the best results.

3. Put Your Ideas Into Action

Start putting your ideas into action. This time supports goals and creative projects. If you have been wanting to try something but putting it off, now’s your chance. Try it and see how it does.

Begin new projects and make changes to improve things that need it. You might be sitting on a genius idea that changes everything!

4. Do The Work

Taurus is an earth element sign and works within the physical world. Any personal development or manifesting work you do must be followed by real-world action! Taurus encourages you to put the time in and to be determined.

Make a plan of action and break things down into manageable steps for you. Next, put things into practice. Do the work and keep watering your garden. Watch as things grow over the coming months.

Prosperity altar, coins, ingot, Buddha and crystals for money
Crystals for prosperity

5. Crystals For Prosperity & Success

So you’re probably wondering what crystals you could carry, work with or wear while Jupiter is in Taurus. The following is a list of eight crystals I recommend to support you in anchoring this energy and creating prosperity:









How will you be taking advantage of Jupiter in Taurus? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

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6 thoughts on “Jupiter In Taurus PROSPERITY PORTAL 2023 – 2024 Tips & Crystals

  1. Jane Miles

    thank you Ethan for the Abundance portal affirmations within 24 hours of using some of the affirmations I received notification from my building society that I was going to be receiving £100 as part of their share scheme ( something I was not expecting!) I am continuing to use the affirmations, changing my mindset in the process

    Thank you Ethan for all you do, your knowledge and insight

    best wishes always

  2. Yvonne

    I’m going to put as many of the wealth crystals as possible in my wealth bowl on my desk. I will practice some tapping exercises (for abundance and stopping procrastinating) as well and watching your video.

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