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Are You REPELLED By A Crystal? Find Out What It Means…

Are You REPELLED By A Crystal? Find Out What It Means…

Are You REPELLED By A Crystal? Find Out What It Means…

Are you repelled by a crystal but don’t know why? Do you strongly dislike a crystal or avoid touching or wearing it? What causes this? Find out what this means, the reason may shock you…

Have You Ever Felt Repelled By A Crystal?

Recently a friend asked why they feel so repelled by a type of crystal and what this means. I have been asked about this many times over the years. I’ve also experienced this myself in the past. In this blog post, I’m sharing three reasons why this might happen to you.

Most people are only aware of one of these so make sure you read the full post! This article is not about having a bad reaction to a crystal, see my older post for that.

Labradorite snake - Repelled by a crystal?
Find out what it means to be repelled by a crystal

What This Feels Like

You may have felt a strong dislike when looking at the crystal or an image of it. Some people even feel sick when they think of the stone. This often feels like an instinctive need to avoid it. But is that really what this means? The reasons may surprise you.

Personal Preferences Are NOT Your Vibes

This article is not about your personal preferences. People have told me they won’t work with a stone because of things like “It’s not one of my birthstones” or “I have never liked the colour yellow” or “Rubies don’t suit me“.

This is coming from their mind’s beliefs and personal preferences, not their intuition. It has nothing to do with modern-day crystal healing. This can really limit your experience too.

Lots of different types of crystal
Not all crystals are for everyone

3 Reasons Why You Feel Repelled By A Crystal

There could be several reasons why you feel repelled by a crystal. You will have to sit with these and think about which one most likely applies to you.

This isn’t something I or anyone online can tell you. You know yourself better than anyone else. I have included some tips, signs and pointers to help you below:

1. It‘s Not Be Compatible With You

This is the most popular assumption people make about this and it may be true. Some crystals despite their many benefits have a frequency that clashes with your vibration.

If you are someone that is sensitive to energy you may be picking this up. However, if you don’t normally feel crystal energy then it could be a subconscious thing. On some deep level, you know that this stone isn’t right for you.

Also, the crystal may be too strong for you. You could look up to see if the crystal is ‘high vibration’ or powerful. Keep in mind, there are so many crystals out there that have similar meanings that should work better for you.

2. You’re Avoiding Something…

Yes, this might shock you. Let’s be honest here, many of us avoid dealing with difficult emotions or deep healing work. Some crystals are powerful healers and deep cleansers. Sometimes crystals help bring things up to the surface to be faced and released.

Healing emotional wounds or traumatic pain from the past is uncomfortable and you might not feel ready. And that’s okay. Actually, sometimes people avoid things not because it’s painful but because they choose to. For example, some spiritual people avoid grounding stones which they could really benefit from.

Also, someone holding a grudge might avoid a crystal for compassion. Look up the properties of the crystal and see if any of them are things you know you have to work on. Do they bring up fears, uncomfortable emotions or resistance to change? This is your answer.

3. You Are Not Ready (Yet)

Okay, so this ties in with the last two reasons. Perhaps the crystal clashes with your energy, it’s too powerful or brings up difficult emotions. Regardless of the reason, here’s the thing, none of this is permanent.

Your vibration changes at different points in your life. We all change and evolve. You might end up healing the trauma or releasing the block in other ways in your life. Some things get easier over time.

You might not feel ready now but you might be one day. Your vibration could match the crystal later at a point when you are more ready for it.

When I was a teenager I couldn’t stand Citrine, I love it now. Amethyst was too intense for me but now I can wear it all day. Always check how you feel about that crystal later down the road.

wooden triangular crystal shelf

What crystals have you felt repelled by and why do you think this might be? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

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25 thoughts on “Are You REPELLED By A Crystal? Find Out What It Means…

  1. Ynske

    Fuchsite and Pyrite don’t vibe with me yet They feel too strong for me at the moment. Although I love to see them, I can’t hold them in my hands. That gives me an awful feeling. Maybe some other time we’ll vibe

  2. Mary

    Ethan there were several fluorite crystals that arrived in a friend’s shop, and I was admiring them. They were huge! But when I picked each one up, I felt no energy at all in them! They were totally lacking in energy, as if they were dead! It’s always troubled me! And fluorite is one of my favorites!

  3. Iren

    Thank you Ethan for some more valuable information, Every article of yours is full of great knowledge and insight. I never felt repelled by the crystal, however, I don’t feel attracted to some crystals and others live me in awe 🙂 I’d like to add, your trilogy is absolutely amazing and I left my review on Amazon while ago. I want as many people as possible to read your books. I’ve got the same trilogy for my son, because these are the most useful and informative books about the Crystal Kingdom!

      1. Anne

        For decades I got twisted gut from touching, or just deliberately looking at selenite, especially worse if carved into a twisting flame shape. Recently came across selenite part-polished from New Zealand, and they felt good. Now I can cope with selenite from other countries, though the twisty ones still trouble me a little.

        1. Cherry

          Hi Anne,

          Selenite is not something I’d carve or have carved into a flame shape. As you doubtless know, it’s a Lunar crystal, and the Moon controls the element of Water, the polar opposite of Fire; enforcing the shape, and thus the energy, of the opposing element upon the crystal strikes me as unwise, and the stone probably wasn’t too happy about it. Hence, perhaps, your extreme discomfort on handling or even seeing it.

          Selenite in another shape, well, that’s something else. I only have one, as it isn’t something I get along overly well with, and mine is a 4″ heart. The heart being the symbol of emotions, and emotions being ruled by the Water element, which in turn is ruled by the Moon, that makes way more sense to me. So, I’d like to invite you to ask yourself: if you were to find a Selenite heart, like mine, how would that make you feel? Drawn to it? Neutral? Or repelled.

          Love and Light.

  4. crystal

    lol, i am sitting here trying to think of a crystal that repelled me but cannot think of a one, i love all things crystals, i am a huge collector of them & of minerals, meaning pretty much that if i see a crystal that i do not own i buy it so surely there must have been one that didn’t sit right with me. then i looked around & my eyes fell on my unikite buddha & wow it hit me, the only reason i bought him was because i wanted a buddha & my friend whose shop i was in didn’t have any except some unikite so i picked one, took him home & set him on a shelf & there he said, occasionally i picked him up & wondered why did unikite feel so weird to me, feldspar is one of my most loved crystals & who doesn’t love quartz but i had nothing in epidote so no experience there. it wasn’t long before that changed, one day on a walk behind our home i found not only may pieces of unikite but also an epidote cluster which was just the beginning, epidote started coming at me from many source in many of it’s forms till i had a collection of it to closely match my quartz & feldspar collections. i worked with all my components of unikite but still not my unikite, then one day i picked him up & he said the damnedest thing to me, my partner & i neither one liked skulls, in fact we thought they were morbid but buddha had told me i needed to get a unikite skull! lol i told myself he needed a friend so i found one & brought it home putting it on the shelf beside him, he told me her name was eva, she told me i needed more skulls, so i handled her some & read up on skulls, hundreds off skulls later i still am not working well with unikite but it’s one of my favorite crystals & to me it has everything to do with getting along with others, i wasn’t taught how to socialize which carried on through adulthood but something about all these beings (skulls) hanging around with me & actually speaking to me like friends brought me out of a shell that i though was always going to be on my back. i guess my aversion to unikite was me fighting something that was so beyond me it was frightening yet here i am spewing all this to so many strangers so i believe unikite, buddha & eva did an awesome job. oh & for those that think only large crystals are powerful, they are both only about 1 1/2 inches at their widest points. it pry won’t take everyone years to have crystals help you but never give up, i am sure i was fighting tooth & nail against being helped because to come out of my shell meant ridicule & shame to me.

  5. Jacqueline Myers

    Wow, your story is awesome. You know , I don’t even have a uni kite stone. I have many crystals but have never been attracted to unikite. Your story resonates with me too, being a loner most of my life and infj personality. I am intrigued now to get a unikite crystal. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Debbie Billington

      Ok, I read your post and was thinking like you I love all things crystal. I have a Unakite skull, it’s never been my fav but this guy has a bit of a druzy cave at the back of his head, he is only 2” and he just intrigued me. I have a great deal of skulls and dragons and they talk to me all the time. But like you, I am a bit of a loner, I don’t really have “friends”, I have acquaintances. I have had some challenging people in my life so I shut down and shut people out. But now that you explain Unakite, I realize this guy who hadn’t given me a name is asking me to crack a little bit and shine myself out. In honesty, when I do any Oracle work, I am told this in the cards. This Unakite guy left me for a little bit, I couldn’t connect with him, I guess subconsciously I wasn’t ready and now after reading your post I get it and am going to work with him as he recently came back home, so will see where things go.

      Thank you for sharing as there is no doubt in my mind that I needed the message.

      1. crystal

        hi debbie, thank you as well for replying, i am truly glad you got a message from my words. your unikite skull sounds intriguing, i just love vugs on most any crystal, they do seem so like a little crystal cave. i love how you worded what he wants you to do “asking me to crack a little bit and shine myself out.” that is so beautiful & fitting. very interesting that he came back to you after you let him go for awhile, i would definitely take that as a sign that you do need to work with him. i also have some dragons, as well as some aliens & a few ravens which don’t seem to be the communicators that dragons & regular skulls are, with me anyway. interesting that your skulls communicate their names to you through oracle cards, i have never tried that but will now, it sounds interesting working with more than one voice at a time. wishing you the best as well as very love & peace.

    2. crystal

      thank you for your reply jacqueline! it’s always nice to know that others can relate to our self exile. lol seriously i enjoy my own company & am not sure i would without having so much alone time to work on getting to know myself. i hope you find what you want with your new unikite crystal. much love & peace.

  6. Dee

    Ocean Jasper is one of those stones for me. I just think its creepy looking with ‘things’ floating inside it. (shudder!) Not sure why but I just don’t like it. Thanks for all the knowledge you share Ethan!

    1. Cherry

      Hi Dee,

      I know that feeling – it’s the same thing I get from Insect Amber – but I wonder if in this case it’s because of a misapprehension?

      Ocean Jasper isn’t a true Jasper (which is probably why I get on fine with it, since I’m pretty useless with most of the Jaspers): it’s a Rhyolitic stone. The matrix is Rhyolite, and the bits ‘floating’ inside are silicate spherules. The silicate spherules crystallised first and were left suspended, floating in the liquid Rhyolite, to be fixed in place once it cooled and solidified.

      It does have a wonderful oceanic energy, and if you’re like me, enjoy being close to the sea but can’t, it is a good substitute.

      Love and Light.

  7. Jeanne

    I can’t say that there are any crystals to which I am repelled. However, I really do not like skulls, and I can’t figure out why that is. It doesn’t matter what the crystal is, even if it’s one of my favorites, if it’s a skull, it’s just a big nope for me. Any thoughts on why that might be?
    Thank you for all the info you provide.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Lots of people don’t like skulls or skull symbols because they can represent death to them. I feel the media, horror movies and ghost stories all play a part in this. Ancient people saw it more as a symbol of transformation or ancetors. Ive covered skull meanings in an entire blog post if you look in the resources page.

      1. Cherry

        Yes, even the Hallowe’en celebrations play a part in that misperception. For myself, I’m open to whatever crystal comes my way, knowing that it’s the right one at the right time and the crystal(s), in tandem with the Universe, have made the choice to come to me in accordance with my highest good; but skulls are objects to which I’d need some time to adapt my thinking. I’ve never been a real fan of horror movies, unless of course they’re horror-comedies; but modern mass media doesn’t help when you’re trying to change your perception of a popular symbol, and I’ve found it best to steer clear if that’s the case.

        If I remember – I read this a long time ago – our ancient ancestors saw the skull as a symbol of wisdom, and crystal skulls are supposed to harbour a lot of secrets about ancient, and extraterrestrial, civilisations. Which would primarily be true of the original South American First Nations skulls, but also true, to some extent, I feel, of any crystal skull.

  8. Cherry

    I’m never 100% comfortable with organic gemstones (Amber/Copal & Pearl), but the absolute worst for me are fossils. As I studied Geology, I was able to find a fossil ammonite on a field trip which happened to have the centre part missing. I got some silky cord, tied a loop knot through the middle of the fossil and topped off with a self-made bead; but talk about uncomfortable! Within two minutes, each and every time I put the thing on, it gave me the worst dose of the creeps I’ve ever had. I dismantled the necklace and set the fossil aside.

    As far as actual minerals go, the one I very much want to work with, but am repelled by every one I touch, is Opal Aura Quartz. I guess I just haven’t found “mine” yet?

    In terms of the ones I have no wish to work with, or as yet cannot, that’s:

    • Most of the Jaspers
    • Moldavite
    • Meteorite
    • Ancestralite
    • Merlinite
    • K2 Stone (which I feel very deep unease at the mere sight of an image of)

    But with change in circumstances comes change in… receptivity, I suppose. Before my AS diagnosis, I could only work with – among the yellow/godly crystals – heat treated Citrine; nowadays, I’m good with the untreated variety, Heliodor, Golden Healer Quartz, and pretty much all others (that aren’t Jasper). Just wish I could get myself a Yellow Sapphire, as that would round off my collection of Solar Gems!

  9. Deirdre Treanor

    I’m late to the party with this post. I have found that I am repelled by some high vibe crystals, but not others. One stone I’m not fond of is carnelian. Hubby loves it, but it does not jive with my energy. I wouldn’t say I’m repelled as I do wear it sometimes, but I am not particularly fond of it.

    1. Cherry

      Hi Deirdre,

      That’s strange! Like you, I find Carnelian a bit ‘meh’ – unless it’s a certain part of the month – but my husband does rather like mine.

      I wonder if it’s to do with Carnelian’s Fire element energy being more masculine in some cases? I only have 2 pieces now, my beloved Banded Carnelian (which I was able to work very easily with) having left me a few years ago): one is a loose tumbled piece l, an exceptionally bright orange which is close to red/scarlet and over a cubic inch in size; and the other an orange-and-white 12mm heart pendant. Of the two, the pendant has a definite feel of being more feminine, even ignoring the shape, while the larger, loose piece is definitely more masculine, and has a very soldier-like energy which isn’t always comfortable. (And yes, of course there are female soldiers; it’s just that the loose Carnelian comes across as very much a male one.)

      Love and Light.

  10. Mahrukh

    Hi Ethan, As usual extremely enlightening post. I love all crystals except on which I am scared to use even though I bought it. I love amaethyst, citron and clear Quart. Aventurine and pyrite are my favourite too, along with turquoise. However, tigers eye repels me. Even though I bought it somehow this one doesn’t resonate with me. Most crusts
    Last Redon ate with me from black tourmaline to selenite but this one just sitting in my shelf. Something about it makes me uncomfortable. Am extremely scared of the lions gate too because unfortunately my friend lost her only and young son all of 22 years on this day.

    1. Cherry

      Hi Marukh,

      Tiger’s Eye isn’t good for everybody; I only rarely wear it. It can be a difficult crystal to get along with; it’s a Solar crystal, but even I, who am far more Solar than Lunar (I’m much more comfortable with Sun energy than Moon energy), find it tricky to handle. The only thing I use it for, is occasional pain relief; even there, I prefer Charoite.

      As for the Lion’s Gate, although it happens within my birth month, I ignore it. Just as with certain crystals, some astronomical energetic influences can be repellent, and that’s one of them for me (along with lunar eclipses in particular), possibly because I’m an Andromedan Starseed and I definitely prefer the energy from “home”. Your friend’s loss is saddening indeed, but it may only be one factor in your dislike. It may be worth investigating this further and seeing if there may be another reason, besides that tragic loss, for your fear of the portal.

      Love and Light.

  11. Sonja

    Hi Ethan,

    I found your articles when I was looking for some ideas on why two crystals do not seem to vibe with me. Firstly Amethyst, I got a pendant once many years and wore it happily for months and then I lost it. I didn’t think too much of it until I recently got a new small tumbled Amethyst to help me with keeping my focus and not letting time wasters distraction and unhealthy habits distract me. This felt good but it kept trying to escape it seemed. Slipping out of pockets etc. Within a few days it was cracked, battered and bruised. I figured maybe Amethyst and me don’t match so I looked for an alternative and came to Smoky Quartz also for its ability to absorb a lot of negativity and lead it straight back to earth. I have some people around je who feel the need to constantly spread their negativity around and being me being a happy and cheerful person it was getting to me so I am working on creating mental boundaries between me and people with those negative energies. As soon as I got the smoky quartz in the mail it felt heavy and my chest felt heavy when I put it on. It’s a 1.5″ pendant encased in a guilded (gold plate) spiral.
    I wore it to work that day and it still felt heavy.
    I’m going to give it an extra good cleanse this weekend and try again. Your explanation of it doing some deep healing work resonates with me. My chest is where my body tells me I’m overstretching myself and I need to slow down so maybe the two together are sending an even stronger signal.
    But if you have any other insights I’d be very grateful. I feel this boundary work is very important and challenging so maybe parts of me are putting up some resistance.
    Maybe I need something lighter or actually stronger? In the last 2 weeks Moldavite has come up three times when I had never heard of it before. It’s supposed to be a powerful transformer but it scares me a bit too.
    Many thanks for your insightful articles.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Go with what you feel but just remember there are so many crystals with similar properties out there that you can always try instead. If you’re finding these quite intense I would not recommend trying moldavite for now.

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