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7 Crystals Of AVALON & Arthurian Times, Myth & Magic

7 Crystals Of AVALON & Arthurian Times, Myth & Magic

7 Crystals Of AVALON & Arthurian Times, Myth & Magic

Are you ready to explore the seven magical crystals of Avalon and Arthurian legend? Take a journey through the mists of myth and magic to the realm of the mystical Priestesses of Avalon, Merlin and The Lady of The Lake. Discover the crystals that hold their power…

The Crystals Of Avalon

A couple of years ago I wrote an article for Soul & Spirit Magazine about this topic. I know many of you wanted me to talk more about the crystals of Avalon, so here it is.

Bronze statue of Merlin with crystals and candles
Merlin Altar with Avalonian Crystals

The Magic Of Arthurian Times

The legends, folklore, and landscape of Britain and France are intricately woven with the stories of Arthurian legend. I think many people like you and me, around the world love these stories.

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For some of us, they hold a more spiritual significance. Whether you view them as actual events and historical figures or archetypes.

But for many of us here in England, the Isle of Avalon has become synonymous with Glastonbury and Glastonbury Tor. For instance, lots of people visit the town’s sacred sites and feel the mystical energy there.

Priestess of Avalon holding a blue crystal in the woods under a full moon illustration
The Crystals of Avalon

The Crystals Of Arthurian Magic

The following stones are just a few of the crystals I feel have a connection to the energy of Avalon and Arthurian times. They carry the healing energy of people and sacred places like Merlin and the Chalice Well.


Avalon means different things to different people. This blog post is based on my experiences and meditations with crystals over many years. Plus my connection to the realm of Avalon.

This is what the crystals have told me and want me to share with others. I didn’t pick these crystals based on a specific location, tradition or historical theories.

It’s more about the energy and archetypal/goddess/ascended master/fae energy of Avalon which is accessable to ALL. This is also not a definative list either, there are other crystals.

Please read my notes and see which one you feel most connected to. After that you could try my meditation.

7 Crystals Of Avalon & Arthurian Wisdom


Merlinite is a combination of white to clear Chalcedony (or Agate) with black dendritic inclusions. You might have heard that Merlinite is an opal. Sometimes its sold as ‘Dendritic Opal‘ but it is not a genuine opal. The stone called Merlinite derives its name from the wizard Merlin and establishes a connection with his energy.

This crystal grounds spiritual knowledge. Merlinite supports you in accessing your inner wisdom and increases your power of discernment. Also, this magical crystal opens the third eye and can assist you with mastering manifesting.

Square Merlinite cabochon
Merlinite cabochon


You might know the late Judy Hall referred to this as “Avalonite“. I would love to use this name but confusingly someone registered it for a trademark for a completely different stone… I’m with Judy on this, this crystal definitely has Avalonian energy.

Blue Druzy Chalcedony has a deeply soothing and healing feminine energy. This crystal is connected to the Lady of The Lake and the healing Priestesses of Avalon. This light blue stone also helps connect you to the realm of the fae and elementals.

Blue Druzy Chalcedony Geode (with a little Blue Lace Agate)
Blue Druzy Chalcedony Geode (with a little Blue Lace Agate)


The spelling for this crystal in the US is Scepter Quartz. Sceptre crystal formations can occur in other types of crystal however most often you find them in Quartz. These crystals have a sceptre-like or wand shape. Many are also generators. King Arthur and Merlin have a connection to these crystals.

Sceptre crystals empower you to believe in yourself and be more confident in your capabilities. These crystals can also support you in leadership roles.

Raw Sceptre Quartz Crystal
Raw Sceptre Quartz Crystal


The energy of the mysterious Lady of The Lake resonates with mystical Labradorite. So, this crystal connects you to the unseen spiritual world. Labradorite establishes a connection with the realms of the elementals, the fae, and the dragons.

This ethereal gemstone opens up your spiritual sight and inner vision. You should also find Labradorite will assist you in visiting the spiritual realms during your sleep. Work with it to receive intuitive messages in the form of dream symbols.


Found in the Preseli Hills of Wales, this spotted variation of Dolerite was the quarry for certain gigantic standing stones at Stonehenge. Legends link this sacred site to Merlin. In my experience, there is a connection between Preseli Bluestone and the Druids, along with the Green Man.

Deeply healing, this stone works with the energy of ley lines. It offers grounding and strong psychic protection. Preseli Bluestone also helps you access knowledge of the cosmic cycles of nature, including the Solstices and Equinoxes.

Preseli Bluestone Green Man Carving
Preseli Bluestone Green Man Carving


The Priestesses of Avalon have a connection to Selenite or Satin Spar. Its energy also resonates with the sacred springs and the sacred site of the Chalice Well at Glastonbury. This is a powerful cleansing crystal that purifies on a high spiritual level.

Selenite washes away bad vibes, old energy and limiting beliefs that don’t serve your highest good. Also, working with Selenite’s lunar energy brings the peace and tranquillity of Avalon to you and your sacred space.

Selenite (Satin Spar) Sphere
Selenite (Satin Spar) Sphere


Blue Kyanite crystals hold the spiritual vibration of the legendary sword of King Arthur, Excalibur. This blue gemstone anchors the energy of this sword of truth. It clears your throat chakra, allowing you to channel and communicate your truth.

You will find Blue Kyanite supports you in standing in your integrity and believing in yourself. This shimmering gemstone helps sever your connection to sources of harmful negative energy and limiting beliefs. Also, Blue Kyanite helps align you with your divine life purpose.

Raw Blue Kyanite Shard
Raw Blue Kyanite Shard

How To Work With The Crystals Of Avalon

As always, you could wear or carry these crystals on you. Or place them on your altar or any sacred space for instance. Personally, I feel one of the best ways to work with them is to meditate with them.

Perhaps these mystical crystals of Avalon have a message or spiritual vision for you? Try my FREE guided meditation below:

Let me know if you have any interesting experiences meditating with these crystals. Also, would you like me to cover the crystals of Atlantis or Lemuria next? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

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With gratitude,


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19 thoughts on “7 Crystals Of AVALON & Arthurian Times, Myth & Magic

  1. Cherry

    I would also add Moonstone, as if I recall correctly the Avalonian tradition works very closely with lunar cycles; however you might also consider the crystals the ancient Celts themselves favoured, which would mainly be the Quartzes – especially Amethyst, Smoky Quartz and Carnelian – and also Amber. Smoky Quartz is very much a Druidic crystal, chock full of mystery; Carnelian also had value, probably related to blood. Further, Black Tourmaline is quite readily available in British granites – my old home, which I really didn’t wish to leave, had 12″ thick Cornish granite walls which where riddled with that particular crystal – so I can see the Celts making good use of it too.

    The Celts believe that power clung to rocky places, so any stone might have been of value to them!

    Love and Light.

      1. Cherry

        It was fantastic! Only one negative entity ever managed to enter the place, and with the help of the ancient stones it was easy to move it out again. It took me a long time to adjust to living in a vibrationally ‘dead’ concrete box, not least because I grew up from age 4 in a similar building (except it didn’t have much Black Tourmaline).

  2. NIcky

    I’d love to hear about crystals linked to Lemuria.. I own 3 lemurian quartz crystals which have great energy.. I’d be interested to know if there are others.
    Thank you for all your fascinating information!

  3. jen

    This is just what I wanted, I’m very interested in the Arthurian legends, so I’m very pleased to read this post. This will help me a lot. Thank you

  4. crystal

    hi cherry, long time no see. oh i would love your granite walls, no wonder you didn’t want to leave. i have loved granite since i was a little kid & felt the powerful loving energy of it, i can understand why the ancients wanted to build with huge blocks of it. that is a great list you added to ethan’s crystals of avalon, some of my favorite crystals in you list & i can see them being important for the celts.

    1. Cherry

      Hey Crystal! Good to hear from you again.

      Granite, radon notwithstanding, is the most grounding rock I know of. I still want to be able to go back to my old haunts and lie on a Granite rock on the beach, with all the elements around me (Fire being present in the Sun of course). It’s among the greatest senses of peace I’ve ever felt, and who couldn’t use some of that, especially now?

      But Granite is also protective.

      As far as my previous home itself went, the property was over 150 years old, and it wasn’t only the thick walls that made it feel so secure; the Granite and the Black Tourmaline ensured that, in 23½ years, only one negative entity ever made its way inside (must’ve been a powerful one to get past all that protective energy), and it was simple to get it out again, especially when I also deployed the Clear Quartz I bought from a shop close to Glastonbury Tor in 1994 and cleansed in the water of the White Well. That’s another story altogether, but suffice it to say, it seems to be impossible to pollute that crystal with bad energy.

      Nowadays I live in an energetically ‘dead’ concrete box.

      I don’t like it. Nor do I like living right in between two busy roads, one of which is an artery road, a dual carriageway, and neither of which are ever wholly empty, even at 2am (my asthma has gotten four times worse since the move). And those aren’t the only issues with this new home. But the housing market is in such a poor state, we don’t think it’s worth looking for anywhere else. And not to mention, the move from the Granite and Black Tourmaline, to the concrete box, did me a world of no good; I’m not anxious to do that again.

      When I was 16 and in sixth form, I spent almost every penny I had on crystals, such was my craving to be around them. When I lived in my old Granite home, that craving subsided.

      Now it’s back with a vengeance… but the money isn’t. Universe’s mercy it’s my birthday in less than two months: at least then I get to go crystal shopping. Not even my AS will keep me from doing that.

  5. crystal

    thanks ethan, great crystals for article of crystals for avalon, i have always loved stories of merlin & arthur. while both atlantis & lemuria (plus mu) would be interesting atlantis would be my first choice.

  6. Carol Gawtry

    Thank you Ethan, I’ve always been drawn to the Arthurian and Avalon legends, great information. Now that I work with crystals it’s more fascinating
    I would love to here more about Lemurian and Atlantian crystals. I have 2 Lemurian seed crystals but know very little about them. I love your books too, I have 3 already. They are so informative.
    I’m a fellow Yorkshire person so very proud of you.

  7. Tracy Treen

    Thank you for your guidance and insight on the crystals of Avalon. I have several of each one of these and am strongly drawn to them. Probably why I have so many of all the ones you covered. I’m wondering if Mystic Merlinite (Indigo Gabbro) might also be a crystal of Avalon? I find it really has a very Merlin feel and connection when meditating with it.
    I would love to see an article on the crystals of Lemuria. I am very drawn to the Lemuria Quartz and have four of the clear Lemuria Quartz and two Smokey Lemurian. Each with its own unique energy, personality, knowledge and messages.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insight, it’s very refreshing and informative.

  8. Cherry

    Atlantean crystals.


    Not to tread on Ethan’s toes – I have no idea whether he ever incarnated on the Fairest Isle – however, I did. Maybe more than once. And as you can probably guess, I had a lot to do with crystals in each Atlantean incarnation.

    Again, as with the Avalonian tradition, we can start with the Quartz family. Trust me on this, the Atlanteans LOVED Clear Quartz. And why not? Powerful stuff, the most versatile crystal yet known, and the easiest to program for a specific purpose(s). Hence the Atlantean Record Keepers. There’s a difference between an Atlantean Record Keeper and a Lemurian Seed Crystal: besides the obvious difference in the indicative markers (lines on the body faces versus triangles on the terminating ones), any Atlantean citizen with sufficient experience could program a Record Keeper. Lemurian Seeds, however, were programmed only by the Lemurian Priesthood. All of the Quartzes were beloved by Atlanteans, but Clear Quartz protected, guided and healed, more so than any other. That’s also true of the Agate and Chalcedony families. (Crystal, yes, we loved Granite too!)

    Then we can look to the Feldspars. The Atlanteans were fond of Sunstone, Moonstone and Labradorite in particular, but they’d happily work with Plagioclase or Oligoclase, as well as the rarer ones like Bytownite. All were prized for much the same reasons as they are today.

    Then, we must consider Aquamarine, and to an extent the other Beryls. Aquamarine would naturally rank prominently in the affections of an ocean-going society, being as it is the Gem of the Sea, and protective when travelling on, or in, water. Most of the time, Atlanteans would trade for the Beryls, but occasionally – rarely – a native pegmatite would be discovered. (It only happened twice that I recollect.) The only Beryls that don’t seem to occur in my own Atlantean crystal memories, are Morganite (the first time I encountered that stone, aged 13, I felt a sense of familiarity, yet also one of confusion: a Beryl – a long-familiar friend – but one unknown to me, in that life or this), Pezzottaite, and Bixbite (which I have yet to encounter). These three seem to me to have been unknown. But Goshenite – the colourless Beryl also sometimes known as White Aquamarine – was known both in ancient Greece, Atlantis’ successor society after the eruption, and Atlantis itself. The ancient Greeks appear to have made the lenses of the first eye glasses from it; Atlanteans valued it for its ability to assist with mathematics, and also because it would help detect a lie. This however didn’t occur natively, so it had to be traded for with the contemporary civilisations in South America (modern-day Brazil). Uses were much as today – crystal healing uses have ancient pedigree – Heliodor for Sun power, Emerald for Earth/plants, Aquamarine for water magic etc. I recall they would sometimes substitute Blue Topaz (yes, it does occur naturally, if only rarely) if Goshenite was unavailable for Air work.

    There was an especial fondness for Tourmaline too, Black and Indicolite being foremost but Green, Pink and Violet also popular. Tourmaline, of course, was known even then to have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, heart and lungs.

    Another important crystal to list is Celestite. The colour blue was prominent, naturally, in Atlantean consciousness (as it was and still is in Greece, and as I believe it also was for the Romans), and the heavenly blue of Celestite (other colours are available, and were equally prized) reminded the Atlanteans of the power of the element of Air. It was mostly used for Spirit work, rather than Air magic, though.

    Fluorite was well known and loved, in particular in its secondary crystal shape, the octahedron, which is spectacular when dealing with energetic exchanges and balancing energies; the geometrical shape embodies the old Alchemical concept of “As Above, So Below”. It’s possible to use Fluorite and Emerald to scry for things and people, especially those people and places which are far away, a technique known as Farseeing, which I’ve used a couple of times in the modern era too.

    Obsidian, as with the native cultures of North America, was used for protection, divination and shadow work, and just as today, it was handled with caution because of its power. Many Atlanteans shied away from it competely.

    Peridot was another gem the Atlanteans loved, and it was heavily used in Spring magic (i.e. Vernal equinox ceremonies) and plant work/plant healing. Some believed this gemstone to be the mystical Fountain of Youth. Unlike us, the Atlanteans did not associate Peridot with the summer; only with the spring.

    Azeztulite, though not as far as I know familiar to the Atlanteans, carries a similar energy to the overall Atlantean civilisation.

    Jade was well known, although I don’t personally work well with it – except the red variety – so I’m unsure as to how it relates.

    Atlantisite, I haven’t worked with yet, but many claim it relates. I guess I’ll find out, if it’s that strongly connected.

    Larimar does hold a certain amount of Atlantean energy, primarily because it formed so close to the site of the Isle.

    Lastly, but by no means least, I have to add Lapis Lazuli. Though it wasn’t the Atlanteans who discovered it, they were the ones who researched, experimented, and discovered its uses. The ancient Egyptians got their love of the stone from Atlantis.

    Love and Light.

    P.S. Ethan, my sincerest apologies if I spoiled an upcoming article!

    1. Nejc

      Thank you for sharing that. I would love to know more about crystals uses in magic or rituals and healing that was used in Avalon.
      Love, Nejc

  9. Virginia

    There is an interesting mountain in Draper, Utah that radiates this kind of energy. It was like stepping through a portal. Similar stones scatter all over and the mountain itself made from them. Vivid greenery like the colors in Ireland.
    And a small waterfall known to locals – has an amazing otherworld energy. Many ancient sites of the ancestors of the Native Americans in Utah.
    I love the parallels.

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