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Crystal Grids In Irregular Shaped Homes or Rooms (House not square) Missing corners?

Crystal Grids In Irregular Shaped Homes or Rooms (House not square) Missing corners?

Crystal Grids In Irregular Shaped Homes or Rooms (House not square) Missing corners?

SOLVED: Learn how to put crystal grids in irregular shaped homes. Gridding irregular houses, rooms or spaces can be tricky. Extra or missing corners? No problem! This guide shows you where to place the crystals every time…

Location Based Crystal Grids Explained

This blog post relates to ‘Location Based Grids‘. These are crystal grids that are made around a room or building. Unlike regular crystal grids, the crystals are placed in the corners or along the walls of a space.

Location grids are usually made for intentions such as psychic protection or peace and harmony within the home.

How to grid an irregularly shaped home like this?
How to grid an irregularly shaped home like this?

Crystal Grids In Irregular Shaped Homes

Location based grids are designed to bring energy to an area. Therefore, they tend to have most of the crystals around the boundaries of an area. The most simple home grid you can do is with four crystals. Each one is placed in the four corners of a room, home or building.

For instance, here’s an example of my Black Tourmaline Home Protection Grid from my book Crystal Grids Power. It’s also on my blog for free HERE if you want to try it.

Home protection crystal grid
This classic crystal grid has four crystals at the four corners

Irregular Spaces & Missing Corners

Since sharing this, many people have asked me about crystal grids in irregular homes or rooms. Many houses or areas are not rectangular or have missing or extra corners. So what should you do?

The solution is to work around the space that you have. This means you don’t need to worry about the number of crystals or sacred geometry. In this case, it’s more important that you cover your space the best you can.

Examples of grinding irregular shaped houses
Examples of grinding irregular shaped houses

Planning Your Crystal Grid

There are a few ways you can do this. I always recommend that you start with a floor plan. You can just draw this roughly on a piece of paper. Once you have this you can place circles or dots on the outer corners of the area.

Now, join these up with different coloured lines or dotted lines as shown above. This is so you can clearly see if the crystals are enough to cover the area as much as possible. There may be several ways you could do this.

Crystal grids power book with crystals
Click the pic to learn more about my Amazon bestselling book

As you can see, extra crystals in the missing or extra corners are a simple solution that works every time. Focus on the boundaries of your space. You could also place crystals along the walls.

Don’t Overthink This!

Try not to overthink it. Remember, you are activating your crystal grid to cover YOUR space. The crystals will all connect and do their job.

See the floor plans below to see how this house with two wings may not need more than four crystals. But if you want, you can add extra crystals. Neither option is wrong.

Twho house with different crystal layouts

If your grid uses different types of crystals, see if you can continue with the pattern or ratio used. When this is not possible, go with your intuition. What feels right for your home?

I hope this guide to gridding and crystal grids in irregularly shaped homes has been helpful. I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

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  1. Chrisette

    Thank you. This is very useful .I live in a house that had a wing added by a previous owner. The house now has the shape of a capital L.

  2. Nichole Sanfratello

    How would I grid my classroom? It has an open loft area upstairs. So i consider that a separate room and grid it? I was planning to use quartz and amethyst but is there another stone that would also be beneficial for 9-12 year olds to promote focus?

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