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LEMURIAN Crystals: 5 Healing Crystals Of Lemuria

LEMURIAN Crystals: 5 Healing Crystals Of Lemuria

LEMURIAN Crystals: 5 Healing Crystals Of Lemuria

Discover five different Lemurian crystals. Take a journey to the mystical island of Lemuria. These healing gemstones carry the energy and wisdom of this lost land. Access their records and awaken your Lemurian spiritual connection now

The World Of Lemurian Crystals

Most people into crystals have heard of the Lemurian Seed Crystals, also known as Lemurian Quartz. But, did you know there are also other crystals out there that carry Lemurian energy and records? In this blog post, I will share them with you.

Lemurian Crystal Altar
Lemurian Crystal Altar

The Lost Land Of Lemuria

There are many different stories and theories about Lemuria. Some see it as an Island, an Island chain or a massive continent. It may have existed in the southern Indian Ocean or the Pacific Ocean.

I was told and read that these stories come from various cultures in the Pacific, even if they don’t use the word “Lemuria” or Mu for it. If you go by channelled information and mediums, you will get some fantastic accounts of the place and the Lemurians.

Many say Lemuria predated Atlantis. However, most sources agree it was a green paradise that sank beneath the waves before Atlantis did.

Lemuria with green jungle, waterfalls, temples and mountains. Digitally created with Playground AI
Did Lemuria look something like this?

What’s The Truth About Lemuria?

Lemuria means different things to different people. Despite what anyone says, the sources do not agree on the details. It’s important to form your own perspective but please be accepting of different viewpoints and beliefs.

In meditations, I have seen the Lemurians as an evolved tribal culture. Deeply spiritual and masters of the healing arts. Although Lemuria appears to me as a tropical paradise, they were advanced in different ways than Atlantis.

This article is purely spiritual and metaphysical in nature. Take what resonates. Even if you are not convinced Lemuria existed, you could see it as a symbolic myth that contains an important message for humanity.

My Experience With Lemurian Crystals

Since I started working with crystals they often spoke to me about Lemuria. The following crystals have this Lemurian energy which is accessible to anyone open to it. As always, this is not a definitive list.

How To Work With Lemurian Crystals

You can work with these Lemurian crystals in any way you feel guided to. Carry or wear them and see how you feel. Place one on your body to experience its healing energy. It’s also really lovely to meditate with them. If you have a few, try creating your own crystal grid.

TIP: Deep Relaxation Exercise

Another way you can work with these healing crystals is through relaxation:

First, choose one of the crystals below.

Place this on your body, or on its associated chakra.

Listen to some relaxing music or the sound of sea waves.

Close your eyes and do some deep breathing for 5 to 10 minutes.

5 Lemurian Crystals
5 Lemurian Crystals



These are the most well-known, also known as Lemurian Quartz or just Lemurian Crystals. I have covered these in detail in another blog post. Lemurians are known for holding the ancient records and energy of Lemuria.

They are spiritual tools that channel high-vibration light. Lemurian seeds open the Crown Chakra and all the higher chakras. They are healing and cleansing. These crystals are companions on the spiritual path, aligning you with your life purpose.

Smoky Lemurian Seed Crystal point
Lemurian Seed Crystal


This is a powerful healing stone connected to the healing priestesses of Lemuria. Amazonite awakens healing abilities within you and supports you in developing them. It has a soothing and calming energy. Amazonite is great for emotional healing and releasing stress.

It clears and opens your Heart Chakra. This crystal brings inner peace and supports your meditation practice. Amazonite filters negative energy from your aura and chakras. My tip is that it works really well with a Lemurian Seed crystal.

Amazonite tumbled stone with smoky inclusions
Amazonite with smoky inclusions


This unusual stone (one of my favourites) is also known as Lemurian Black Jade. It’s a mixture of Jade with other minerals like Quartz and Pyrite from Peru. This crystal is connected to the Lemurian age and the legendary lost city of Telos. It holds some deep inner Earth energies and is grounding.

Work with Midnight Lemurian Jade to anchor spiritual energy and wisdom to earth. It’s ideal for those that work with ley lines and vortexes. It’s an ideal companion for visiting sacred sites and accessing their knowledge. Amazonite is connected to the heart and earth’s star chakra.

Midnight Lemurian Jade tumbled stone
Midnight Lemurian Jade


These beautiful blue-green opals carry the healing energy and wisdom of Lemuria. This gemstone is also known as Andean Blue Opal. It’s also connected to the whales and dolphins of our oceans. Peruvian Blue Opal is a wonderful cleansing stone.

It helps release trapped emotions and pain from your past, healing the emotional body. Peruvian Blue Opal balances the flow of energy and also helps you go with the flow in life. Helping us adapt to life changes and become more flexible. It resonates with the Heart and Throat chakras.

Peruvian Blue Opal tumbled stone
Peruvian Blue Opal (Can you see the waves?)


These ancient fossilised trees store the crystalline records of our planet’s ancient Earth changes. Perhaps some of these trees stood when Lemuria was around? I feel the Lemurians saw trees as sacred and sentient beings. They were strongly connected to nature.

This stone assists you in connecting with your family tree and working with your ancestors. It’s useful in shamanic healing practices and ancestral healing work. Petrified wood is grounding and helps you stay centred.

Petrified Wood slice
Petrified Wood slice (there are many other colours)

If you would like me to make a Lemurian meditation for you on my YouTube channel, let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

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    Hi Ethan,
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    If you would like me to make a Lemurian meditation for you on my YouTube channel, let me know in the comments below! I

    Yes please do. I live in New Zealand, and I’d like to know about the connection between the continent of Zealandia (now mostly under water) and Lemuria, and the so called “Pacific triangle”. Thanks.

  3. Deb

    I have just purchased a beautiful Lemurian seed crystal, and I am pleased it meets all of your qualifications. WHEW! I was drawn to it, so I would be happy anyway. I also purchased a Starbrary Quartz crystal of Brazil origin. Would this be good to see with all of the aforementioned crystals as well in a meditation? Please create something for us. Peace, love, and light. Thank you.

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