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7 Crystals For MAIN CHARACTER ENERGY: Unleash Your Inner Hero/Heroine!

7 Crystals For MAIN CHARACTER ENERGY: Unleash Your Inner Hero/Heroine!

7 Crystals For MAIN CHARACTER ENERGY: Unleash Your Inner Hero/Heroine!

This is your guide to seven empowering crystals for main character energy. Step into your power and rewrite your story. Elevate your life to the next level. Embody main character energy and unleash your full potential with these crystals…

What Is Main Character Energy?

Main character energy is a term that has become popular in recent years on social media. Have you noticed that some people just have something about them? This is not usually something they are born with but something that comes out later.

When this happens you step out of feeling like a victim to your life circumstances. You develop a strong self-belief and have the courage to face your fears and rejection. It’s like the main character of a good story who leaves their past behind and transforms into a hero/heroine.

Labradorite freeform crystal, books, candle
Can crystals like this change your destiny?

Personal Power & Magnetism

As a main character, you feel empowered to change the course of your life. This comes with a newfound clarity of purpose that propels you to go after what they want.

These people are often described as charismatic or having a magnetic aura. People sense this and will be naturally drawn to you or listen to what you have to say. Your light will also attract more opportunities to you.

What Main Character Energy IS NOT…

Main character energy is not about believing you are better than others. It’s also not about arrogance, narcissistic behaviour or being delusional.

Villans are not the character you are going for, their story never ends well in books… Always be kind and respectful of others. Sorry Google but this is also not attention-seeking either…

These misconceptions seem to be to keep everyone from growing and shining their light

Crystals For Main Character Energy

The main character’s persona is essentially born from a mindset shift. A change in how you see yourself and your place in the world. The following crystals are here to support you in stepping into main character mode and navigating the path of personal transformation.

Hexagonal faceted Welo opal: 7 crystals for main character energy
Welo Opal (Ethiopian Opal)

These crystals will help you take your power back and rewrite your story

Please read my descriptions to understand WHY they are crystals for main character energy. Choose what resonates with where you are now and start the next chapter of your life…


I’m recommending Carnelian because it’s a stone of empowerment. This orange to red crystal helps you build self-confidence. It helps increase your energy levels and supports you in going after your biggest dreams. You can also work with Sardonyx.

Red Carneian round Cabouchon
Red Carneian Cabouchon


These opals have the different colour ‘fire’ inside them. I find these gemstones to have a high vibration energy. Precious opal expands the aura and increases your radiance. It encourages you to shine your light. They support way-showers who are ready to increase their visibility.

Mexican Opal with matrix, oval cabouchon
Mexican Opal Cabouchon


Gold Sheen Obsidian works on two different levels. On the one hand like all dark obsidian, it helps you cut connections to what is not serving your highest good. Through the gold ray, this form of Obsidian also assists you in stepping into your power and acting with greater self-confidence.

Gold Sheen Obsidian oval Tumbled Stone
Gold Sheen Obsidian Tumbled Stone


This brings us to magical Labradorite. This stone encourages thinking outside the box and expressing yourself. Labradorite supports you in releasing old identities and being your authentic self. It’s also helpful for navigating life changes and new beginnings.

Labradorite palm stone
Labradorite palm stone


Tiger’s Eye is a great stone for embodying main character energy. It’s a well-known confidence booster that combats bad vibes from jealousy. This empowering crystal helps you face your fears head-on. Tiger’s Eye supports positive thinking. It brings luck and guides you towards success.

Golden Tiger's Eye Tumbled Stone
Tiger’s Eye Tumbled Stone


Golden Citrine is another crystal that helps you shine your light in the world. By increasing your self-confidence and encouraging positive thought patterns it can help you become more comfortable with being seen. Citrine is also a stone of success and prosperity.

Small polished Citrine crystal point
Polished Citrine Crystal Point


Lastly, we have Tiger’s Iron a crystal that firmly helps you embody courage. This earthy crystal awakens and strengthens determination within you. Tiger’s Iron gives you inner strength and keeps you grounded. It strengthens your resilience and gives you a warrior spirit.

Tiger's Iron tumbled stone
Tiger’s Iron tumbled stone

Are you thinking about becoming the main character or already rewriting your story? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

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7 thoughts on “7 Crystals For MAIN CHARACTER ENERGY: Unleash Your Inner Hero/Heroine!

  1. Jacqueline Myers

    Thanks for this. Most of these are my favourite crystals that I use daily. I have been building on my self confidence this year as an introvert, crystals have helped immensely

  2. Dee Vlahos

    Ethan, what is the black crystal at the very beginning of this article? You normally state what each stone is but this one has no description. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

      1. Freedom Flier

        Never would have pegged that one as Labradorite. Gorgeous contrast there with those multi colours surrounded by all that darkness.

  3. Angali

    Perfect timing as usual. I was drawn to labradorite , both opals, tigers eye and carnelian. Excited to work with these to build my main character energy. Thank you.

  4. sean owen

    All are seriously my top favorites. Especially precious opal, labradorite, golden sheen obsidian, citrine, and carnelian- the opals i just can’t get enough of-

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