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Can You Make a Crystal Grid For Someone Else?

Can You Make a Crystal Grid For Someone Else?

Can You Make a Crystal Grid For Someone Else?

Is it okay to make a crystal grid for someone else? Do you need permission? What are the ethics of making a crystal grid for someone else? Are there rules about when this is okay or what not to do? Here’s my take…

Can You Make A Crystal Grid For Someone Else?

The short and simple answer to this question I get asked is yes you can. Here are some reasons why you might make a crystal grid for someone else:

1 To send healing to someone that is sick

2 – To protect someone from negativity

3 – To send a blessings to someone

4 – Because they asked you to make it for them

Crystal grid on an altar with my crystal books, incense and a bell. Text reads can you make a crystal grid for someone else?
Can you make crystal grids for someone else?

How To Make A Crystal Grid For Someone Else

The way I make and teach people about crystal grids in my books is to start with a clear intention. When you’re making a crystal grid for someone else you just customise the intention to reflect this. This is used to activate your crystal grid.

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When directing energy to someone else, you would normally use their name. Some people also use a photo but that’s optional. Here’s an example of how you could include someone’s name in your intention and intention note if you’re using one:

May this crystal grid send healing energy to support the full recovery of (name of the person), if that be for their highest and greatest good

Do You Need To Ask For Permission From The Person?

Ideally, you should always ask permission of the person if they haven’t asked you to make the crystal grid if possible. There are situations where this might not be possible and not helping could actually be harmful.

Once I passed out after a traumatic event. If someone had not caught me, I would have hit the hard floor and ended up in the hospital. I’m glad nobody was waiting for my consent to help me

Earth healing crystal grid
Earth healing crystal grid

Other examples of this would be when someone is unconscious, in a coma or unable to communicate in some way. Perhaps they are a baby, animal or someone that is missing? All valid reasons in my opinion but it’s completely up to you.

The other time this is not possible is for grids to help whole countries or communities. Such as a crystal grid to send healing or cleanse a location after an accident, natural disaster or war for example. If you’re unsure, you can always use this spiritual safeguard:

The Highest Good Safeguard

You may have noticed in the example above, that I used the words “if that be for their highest and greatest good” at the end. It’s optional, but it makes sure that there is no chance of this interfering with them in any way (very unlikely).

After all, we don’t always know why someone is going through something or what their soul contract is. They will only receive the benefit if their higher self approves it.

Spring energy crystal grid
Spring energy crystal grid

When Is It Not Okay To Make A Crystal Grid For Someone?

Obviously, I do not condone anyone making a crystal grid to harm or manipulate someone EVER. However, what you consider to be justified or ethical is personal. Use common sense and be kind.

I’m not here to decide what is appropriate for you or your situation. But one area I am not a fan of is crystal grids designed to make a specific person (named) fall in love with them or make their ex come back. But that’s just me…

3 Ethical Things To Consider:

Here are some things to consider if setting up a crystal grid for someone else if you do not have their permission. This may help you decide if it is justified and ethical to do so:

1 – Do you have the person’s best interests at heart?

2 – Are you meddling in someone’s life?

3 – How would you feel if someone did this to you?

I hope this clarifies things for you. What are your thoughts on this topic? (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

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3 thoughts on “Can You Make a Crystal Grid For Someone Else?

  1. crystal

    thanks for sharing the thoughtfulness for others that you put into this ethan. i am 100% behind “their highest good” and why will make you understand that i always use that term even when wishing someone well (worrying about them). i was raised with no religious or spiritual upbringing & when it springs up in a conversation it’s really awkward for me, i have strong beliefs but not religious in the least, it just isn’t for me but i can feel people trying to convert me on the spot, they even say they will pray for me to accept jesus & on & on relentlessly, until i have to fight back & ask them to please do not. i am not lost i just do not accept their beliefs. i ask them how they would feel if i started pushing & preaching my beliefs on them but it just doesn’t reach them & i still feel their sticky dark feelings coming my way. years ago i went through reiki classes & the question of how to help someone who doesn’t ask for help & there were many students saying it was their job to help others whether they wanted it or not basically pushing it on others. i thought that was an awful way to look at it because of my experience with religion & became very strong in my feelings against doing things to others behind their backs but to always give that person’s higher self an out be able to make the choice so the wording stuck in all i do, even when working on animals. we all need to be aware that it is not our choice to “help” others but their own, who knows what they are suppose to do in their life? in my opinion it is highly disrespectful to to force anything on others, we should always give their higher good an out so that they can live their life they way they are suppose to. love & respect others always.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Thanks for the feedback and for sharing your experiences here for everyone to consider with their spiritual work. I know what it’s like when people force their religious ideas onto me and how annoying it is. Take care

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