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7 Crystals To STRENGTHEN Your AURA ✊🏽

7 Crystals To STRENGTHEN Your AURA ✊🏽

7 Crystals To STRENGTHEN Your AURA ✊🏽

Discover seven crystals to strengthen your aura. Empower your energy field and build a naturally strong shield against bad vibes and unwanted psychic energy.

What You Need To Know About Your Aura

If your aura is strong, it acts like a shield that deflects most bad vibes naturally. This is why some people don’t have trouble or need to use psychic protection techniques. So, how can you strengthen your aura?

There are lots of things that can help strengthen your aura (healthy eating, yoga, time in nature…) and one of these is crystals. There are lots of general protection stones you can use but there are a few I want to share here that work differently.

Shiva lingam stone on an altar with gold goddess statue. Text says 7 crystals to strengthen your aura
Aura strengthening crystals

The following crystals will help strengthen your aura. I recommend that you wear or carry these for long term. Over time they will help you develop a stronger aura and natural shielding. If you are sensitive you will still need to use other protection crystals as and when you need them.

Where This Info Comes From

The following information is based on my book Psychic Protection Crystals. My book covers more of these crystals and goes into greater detail. It contains many other crystals for specific types of protection beyond the general psychic protection ones you will see elsewhere.

Also, Psychic Protection Crystals contains powerful self-regenerating shielding techniques that give you an extra layer of protection. Blocking negative energy before it has a chance of getting near your aura!

Psychic protection crystals book by Ethan Lazzerini


Aqua Aura is usually made from Clear Quartz which has been alchemically bonded with Gold. These enhanced crystals are helpful in repairing a weak or damaged aura. This teal gemstone strengthens your aura and acts as a buffer shield against negative or manipulative energy.

Aqua Aura Quartz Crystal Point
Aqua Aura Quartz Crystal Point


This is a lovely combination stone of three protective crystals. Tiger’s Eye, Hematite and Jasper. Tiger’s Iron strengthens all layers of your aura and enhances your natural shielding. This stone helps replenish your spiritual energy following any kind of vamping or psychic attack.

Tiger's Iron Tumbled Stone
Tiger’s Iron Tumbled Stone


This iron-rich metallic stone is a powerful protection crystal. Hematite is one of my top crystals to strengthen your aura. In addition to shielding your aura from psychic attacks and even black magick, it also helps you avoid unwanted attention.

Hematite Egg
Hematite Egg


I recommend Fluorite with at least two colours for the best psychic protection (or the purple variety). This type of Fluorite works to strengthen and protect all layers of your aura. It’s also effective in protecting your mind from others trying to influence you in a harmful or self-serving way.

Rainbow Fluorite Tumbled Stone
Rainbow Fluorite Tumbled Stone


This unique form of Jasper is found at the sacred Narmada River in India. Sacred Shiva Lingam stones are excellent for strengthening your energy and aura. These deeply grounding crystals are also great for protecting your home, altar and garden.

Shiva Lingam stone
Shiva Lingam


Clear Quartz is known for expanding the aura but it also strengthens it. This readily available crystal helps repair and rejuvenate your energy field. As an enhancer, try combining it with any of the other crystals in this blog post.

Clear Quartz crystal sphere
Clear Quartz Sphere


Well, it wouldn’t be a psychic protection article without this popular crystal. As well as its general protective properties this stone does more. Black Tourmaline is another crystal that can repair any thinning in your shielding It strengthens your aura against bad vibes.

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5 thoughts on “7 Crystals To STRENGTHEN Your AURA ✊🏽

  1. Angali

    Very interesting. Since I developed lower back pain I have been holding and squeezing my lingam stone, as hard as I can as a symbol of feeling strongly supported.

  2. Cherry

    I deploy Labradorite and Black Tourmaline, both to seal my aura and to help with low back pain. Take one or both off (except in the bath or shower, when I’m cocooned by water so bad energies can’t reach me, and even then I usually have an Amethyst, Smoky Quartz or Clear Quartz in the room) and I really know about it!

  3. JoAnn

    Hi Ethan, I have a question that’s not about this post but crystals in general.
    I discovered one of my black obsidian (a polished cube) broken/chipped. I am the only person to touch my crystals (I think). The crack could only have occurred from a drop onto a hard surface. Is my stone still “good” or is it “damaged “?
    Can I still use it? Will charging help?
    Thanks again! I really appreciate the resources you provide. Blessings!

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