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Go HERMIT MODE With These 7 Crystals 🧙‍♂️ Stop Distractions (Monk Mode)

Go HERMIT MODE With These 7 Crystals 🧙‍♂️ Stop Distractions (Monk Mode)

Go HERMIT MODE With These 7 Crystals 🧙‍♂️ Stop Distractions (Monk Mode)

Enhance hermit mode, also known as monk mode with crystals. These seven spiritual stones will help support you in limiting distractions, working on yourself and completing projects. Finally gain the clarity, focus and motivation you need…

What is Hermit Mode?

Hermits and monks often live away from people, in nature or hard-to-reach places for a reason. Hermit mode also known as ‘monk mode’ is a way to limit outside distractions and focus on what you need to.

This could be for personal development or for achieving a goal that needs your full attention and time. You have to be ready. Here are a few reasons you might need to go hermit mode:

1 – To complete something you’ve been procrastinating on

2 – To gain more clarity on something or your life direction

3 – To change or rebuild your life

4 – To receive inspiration for creative projects

5 – To write or finish writing a book or course

5 – To lay the foundations for a new business

6 – To study, take a course or learn needed skills

How Do You Go Hermit Mode / Monk Mode?

This will depend on you and your lifestyle. For many people, it means distancing themselves from people. Taking a social media break. Limiting phone use, TV or the internet. What is distracting you or contributing little to your goals and dreams? What are you procrastinating on? How would your life look if you made a radical change?

This is a temporary mode, you may just need a weekend, a couple of weeks or months depending on your intention. You could go hermit mode after 9 p.m. or after your children are asleep.

Hermit tarot card with crystal grid around it. Text reads 7 crystals for hermit mode
Hermit Mode activated!

Time Management Tips

You will need to create a daily schedule for these hours or days to focus on what you need to get done and stick to it. I don’t know where I would be without my InnerGuide Planner (affiliate link) to be honest. I like how holistic they are, I’ve been using them for at least 5 years now...

InnerGuide Planner
InnerGuide Planner

I also highly recommend you start your day with a good spiritual morning routine. Of course, you need to let your friends and family know what’s going on and why you need to have this time.

7 Empowering Crystals For Going Hermit Mode

The following crystals should help go hermit mode/monk mode. Read why I recommend them and choose which one/s you most resonate with. Carry, wear them or have them nearby as you focus on you and your priorities.


Blue Topaz supports self-reflection and finding your inner truth. It’s a tranquil gemstone that brings a sense of calm and inner stillness needed for hermit mode. Blue Topaz is also excellent for doing meditation and reaching a state of mental clarity.

Blue Topaz faceted gemstone
Blue Topaz faceted gemstone


This stone is a beautiful combination of Sard and Onyx. This crystal helps with motivation, giving you the determination to pursue your dreams. Sardonyx stimulates the willpower you need and encourages you to create a structure and plan to achieve your goal.

Sardonyx Mini tower
Sardonyx Mini tower


This ethereal crystal is useful when you need to conduct a life review. Phantom Quartz helps you have an honest look at your life and goals and refocus your direction if needed. This crystal may be helpful if feel stuck or are facing obstacles. Look how it grew past these pauses.

Smoky Quartz and Clear Quartz multi phantom crystal points
Smoky Quartz and Clear Quartz multi phantom crystal points


Amethyst supports you in leaving regrets or the past behind you. It can be helpful if you have a habit of allowing old patterns of behaviour to sabotage your efforts. Amethyst strengthens your commitment and dedication to change your life. It also brings clear wisdom from your higher self.

Amethyst tumbled stones in a brass cresent moon dish
Amethyst tumbled stones


I love working with Apatite when adopting new habits. It helps you focus on and commit to your goals and intentions. Blue Apatite supports you in dissolving any mental blocks and brings a sense of clarity. Let this crystal assist you in studying, learning and reaching breakthroughs.

Blue Apatite tumbled stone
Blue Apatite tumbled stone


Gentle Moss Agate reminds you to nurture your projects and goals. It teaches you to maintain self-care while still taking 3D action towards your goals. Moss Agate helps you have more patience with projects, goals or growing your business. After all, its not a sprint it’s more like a marathon.

Moss Agate tumbled stone
Moss Agate tumbled stone


This is one of the best crystals if you need motivation. This firey gemstone boosts energy levels which can help you take action steps and get things done. Almandine Garnet supports you in accessing inner strength. It fosters independence and the self-belief needed for a productive hermit mode.

Polished Almandine Garent crystal
Polished Almandine Garnet crystal

What are your reasons for going hermit mode? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

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4 thoughts on “Go HERMIT MODE With These 7 Crystals 🧙‍♂️ Stop Distractions (Monk Mode)

  1. Cherry

    Blue Apatite is my go-to for focus and distraction problems. I don’t use social media, I haven’t got kids… but I have got a demanding husband and an even more demanding autoimmune disease; and being a class one introvert, I tend to spend some of each day in hermit mode. That’s especially true of the school holidays, when even a single trip to the supermarket can be a bit fraught with risk (some parents don’t watch their little darlings, and I’ve lost count of the number of times one has almost smashed into me with a trolley). I like Labradorite for hermit mode too.

    I’ve also found that a good, powerful Clear Quartz Generator can, if asked for help, turn aside visitors and neighbours from knocking on my door.

    Ethan, any idea which Angel(s) we could call on to help with this? I was thinking Archangel Michael to begin with, but are there others?

  2. Erinn Carey

    Hello Ethan,
    Thank you for providing these. I’ve got a question for you. I saw a “Blue Onyx” and a “blue pietersite” at a gem show this weekend. I’ve tried to find where to buy these, and worry about finding genuine ones. Do you have any recommendations? These are probably rare, I’m guessing.
    Thank you as always!

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I’ve not heard of Pietersite being faked before. I don’t have any blue onyx. Most my crystals were bought over a decade ago from places that no longer exist. I would look on Etsy and check the reviews to find a reputable buyer.

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