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8 ZEN Crystals For Your Desk 💎 Elevate Your Work or Home Office Desk

8 ZEN Crystals For Your Desk 💎 Elevate Your Work or Home Office Desk

8 ZEN Crystals For Your Desk 💎 Elevate Your Work or Home Office Desk

ELEVATE your workspace energy! Explore eight of the best crystals for your desk at work or your home office. Transform your desk from chaos into a serene oasis. Dissolve stress, boost productivity, achieve your goals and release your inner genius…

Your Desk Affects Your Energy

Where you work or use a computer affects your energy. Crystals can be a great way to have some control over the energy of your desk and working environment. Some of these crystals will also be helpful near a home computer that is just used for the internet.

Computer on a desk, salt lamp, mug, Crystals For Your Desk and Workspace
Crystals For Your Desk

8 Crystals For Your Desk & Office

These crystals will help whether you work from home, in an office, in retail, as a small business owner, as an entrepreneur or have a side hustle. Minerals and crystals are beautiful and many people have them as home or office decor these days.

crystals by your computer
Place these crystals by your computer

As someone who works a lot from home and uses a computer a lot, I have used these crystals myself for many years in my home office. You can have any of these stones on display or kept in a bowl.

TIP: If you need more privacy at work, you could keep crystals in a drawer or carry or wear them when working.


Shungite is widely believed to protect your energy from the harmful effects of EMFs (electromagnetic fields). This makes it a good choice for keeping near your computer or any large electrical device. Shungite is also helpful for filtering any kind of negative energy.

Sungite sphere in a brass tripod stand
Shungite sphere


I recommend Fluorite of any colour or combination for your desk. This crystal is helpful because it helps calm and balance your mind. Fluorite supports all mental activity and helps you focus and concentrate on important or complex tasks. It’s also great for decision making.

Purple, white and clear Fluorite tower
Purple, white and clear Fluorite tower


Salt lamps are made of pink or white natural salt crystals (Halite). When switched on they release negative ions in an overly positive ion environment caused by electricals. Other benefits are a soft orange glow against the harsh blue light of most screens. Spiritually, salt is also a powerful cleanser of bad vibes.

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp on an altar with wooden buddha
Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp


Green Aventurine is known as a stone of prosperity but it has other useful properties for your work environment. It’s a great stress buster, especially with work-related stress. Green Aventurine is soothing and calming and makes a good worry stone to handle if you’re worried or stressed out.

Green Aventurine with speckles small tumbled stone
Green Aventurine tumbled stone


Pyrite makes another great addition to your desk if you have your own business, want to make some money or are ambitious. This golden crystal helps you create more wealth in a practical way. It supports you in forming a strategy and taking intentional action steps towards your goals.

Druzy pyrite tumbled stone
Druzy pyrite tumbled stone


I love Carnelian for the desk or office as it brings so much to the table. Carnelian amplifies your motivation while supplying you with a steady flow of energy that won’t burn you out. This orange and red stone is a powerhouse of creativity, supporting creative people, ideas and projects.

Carnelian flame
Carnelian flame


Selenite or Satin Spar is another good choice when you’re around computers or social media a lot. This crystal works in two ways. First, it is a strong cleansing crystal for negative energy you may be exposed to with people online. It is also a vibrational uplifter, keeping your workspace feeling clear and high vibe.

Selenite (Satin Spar) carved crystal tower
Selenite (Satin Spar) tower


Activate inspiration with Sodalite! This blue, indigo and white crystal is excellent for generating new ideas for work, creative projects or your business. Sodalite also brings mental clarity and helps with problem-solving and finding clever solutions.

Sodalite standing crystal point/tower
Sodalite standing crystal point/tower


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Are there any crystals you want to try here? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

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  1. Joy Griffiths

    Hi Ethan, I have all these in my work space so that’s good!! I’m wondering if there are any crystals you would consider NOT having in this location?

  2. Kristina T

    Hi Ethan,

    Great article! Regarding shungite, would you recommend any ‘normal’ type shungite or is something like ‘noble shungite’ better?

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