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Can You UPDATE a Crystal Grid? ✨ (change, replace or swap crystals)

Can You UPDATE a Crystal Grid? ✨ (change, replace or swap crystals)

Can You UPDATE a Crystal Grid? ✨ (change, replace or swap crystals)

Can you update a crystal grid? What will happen if you change, replace or swap the crystals used in your crystal grid? Are you adding new crystals to your grid? What if you want to tweak and change the intention?

Why Would You Change Or Update A Crystal Grid?

I’m sometimes asked this question by readers of Crystal Grids Power or anyone who has set up a few crystal grids. This includes swapping or adding new crystals or tweaking the intention behind your grid.

Blog: Update a crystal grid
Update a crystal grid

Examples of Updating or Tweaking Crystal Grids

This might be because you want to try some different crystals. Perhaps they seem more suitable for your intention. Maybe the crystals you used were what you had but not what you wanted. You might have used clear quartz as a substitute stone but now you have what you need.

Other examples would be replacing the centre stone with a larger or differently shaped crystal that you now have. Maybe you want to add a few more crystals? Perhaps you have some specific things you want to add to the grid’s intention?

Three different crystal grids
Three different crystal grids

Is It Okay To Update A Crystal Grid?

Once you have set up and activated your crystal grid it is doing its job with the crystals and intention. That does not stop you from making changes. Over the years I have made updated a few grids. There is a way that I go about this which I will share with you below.

New year intentions crystal grid
New Year intentions crystal grid

How To Update A Crystal Grid

You may be removing crystals from the grid and/or adding in new ones. The same applies to fine-tuning the intention and intention note. Even if you are only adding new crystals to your grid I recommend that you first cleanse and deactivate your crystal grid first.

Then you can replace or add any crystals. You could also make changes to the intention note or replace it at this point if you want to. Once you have made your changes and have your crystal grid set up as you like it, it’s time to activate it again.

Now all your chosen crystals are working together as a team towards your intention. Also, if the intention was updated your crystals are aware of only the updated intention and can start helping you.

Crystal grid with amethyst cluster, amazonite, selenite and blue lace agate
Crystal grid altar

If you have any questions drop them in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

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One thought on “Can You UPDATE a Crystal Grid? ✨ (change, replace or swap crystals)

  1. Ivo

    Thank you for sharing this, Ethan. I have worked a lot with crystal grids, especially crystal skull grids, and noticed that sometimes a grid wants or needs to be upgraded or tweaked. I never thought of deactivating it and then activating it again after the changes. Will start doing that after reading your post. Feels like the right way to do it.

    For changing the intention of a grid, I prefer to start building again from zero, because I believe that it is more powerful to focus on the intention while building the grid. I feel that this way the intention will be more anchored to the grid when I focus on the intention while building.

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