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Are Some Crystals BAD LUCK? 😱The Truth About Unlucky Crystals

Are Some Crystals BAD LUCK? 😱The Truth About Unlucky Crystals

Are Some Crystals BAD LUCK? 😱The Truth About Unlucky Crystals

Are certain crystals bad luck? Which gemstones and crystals are unlucky? I reveal the truth about unlucky stones and negative energy with 5 reasons this might be happening…

Unlucky Crystals & Gemstones?

Over the years, I have come across some people who believe certain crystals are unlucky or have brought them bad luck. They may have been told a type of crystal is bad luck or that a crystal or gemstone is unlucky for their zodiac sign.

I wanted to address any concerns you might have and share my perspective on this here if it’s something you are worried about. Please keep an open mind when reading this article. As you will see, your mind is a very important factor

Dish with different coloured opals. Text reads "Are some crystals bad luck?"
Are some crystals bad luck?

Crystal Healing & Superstition

I am coming from the point of view of modern-day crystal healing which has its roots in earlier traditional beliefs about crystals and gemstones. You are free to believe what you like but I do not encourage fear-based thinking or superstitious ideas about crystals here or in my books.

However, the spiritual practice of crystal healing does not ignore negative energy or ‘bad vibes’. I will explore this in more detail in a moment…

Mexican Opal
Some people believe that opals like this are bad luck

Are Certain Crystals Bad Luck?

In my opinion, this is a myth. I don’t believe Mother Nature created any inherently “bad” or unlucky types of crystals or minerals. If you’ve heard anything about Opals being unlucky please see this blog post.

I believe a lot of these ideas come from misconceptions about spiritual energy and practices. Below, I cover the five alternative metaphysical explanations for so-called unlucky crystals and what might really be happening

1: The Crystal Holds Negative Energy

Your crystals are sensitive to energy from people and places they come into contact with. So, yes a crystal can hold negative energy but it did not originate from the crystal! This is why I tell people to always cleanse your crystals.

Not just when you buy them but also after you have worn or worked with them. When I ask people about their ‘unlucky crystal’ most have never cleansed it or believe they don’t need to cleanse crystals…

Anyone can cleanse negative energy from a stone. I have a tonne of free articles on cleansing methods on the Resources page if needed. I also recommend you consecrate all new crystals to add extra protection over your crystal and make sure it only serves your highest good.

Black obsidian sphere between candle holders, crystal shelf in the background
Stones like Black Obsidian absorb negative energy

2: The Crystal is Incompatible With You

There are some crystals that will not work well with you and your energy. Some people even have a bad reaction to a type of crystal. This is another thing that I believe has led people to think a crystal is bad luck.

If you find any stone of that type, let’s say ALL Garnets have a bad effect on you then that stone is not right for you. But it will be okay for everyone else. I’ve covered this topic in more detail in the following blog post.

3: Going Through Difficult Life Lessons

Some crystals can bring up our fears or trauma so we can heal it. The problem is you might not be ready! In some cases, the crystal could cause a major shake-up in your life to get you to grow or clear a karmic block.

A good example of this is some of the experiences people have with Moldavite. Extreme examples are losing your job or the end of a relationship. This is happening because these are actually no good for you and better things await.

Life transitions, spiritual awakening and growth can be tough. The problem is when everything is falling away it can seem like ‘bad luck’ but it’s not.

4: Blaming Your Crystals

I see a lot of people buy a new crystal and then something will happen in their life and they assume the crystal was responsible. I’ve heard everything from pipes bursting, car breakdowns and even someone’s child having a period…

Was this really caused by your new crystal? I don’t think so. I think these are just things that happen in life and are unrelated. It’s all too easy to blame the crystal or something outside of yourself.

Yes, unlucky streaks exist but we need to stay calm and not become paranoid. Periods of bad luck can sometimes be caused by having negative energy in your own aura or home. The solution is cleansing yourself and your home.

TIP: Below is a short YouTube video of me demonstrating how to cleanse your aura of negative energy with Selenite/Satin Spar:

5: Negative Thought Patterns

I’ve noticed some people who believe the crystal is to blame won’t listen to any advice and doubt everything you say to them. I wonder if a lot of what’s happening in their life manifests from their stubborn beliefs or negative thinking.

Also, don’t be too quick to label every challenge or obstacle in your life as ‘bad luck’. Try switching your mindset as things come up and see if things reduce or stop in time.

Once you have accepted that you are unlucky or jinxed, it could become like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Constantly affirming this, talking about it and posting it all over the internet is just giving it more energy and power over you.

Tibetan singing bowl on an altar with crystals
Singing bowls cleanse the energy of you, your space and your crystals

This is the number one reason a cleansing will not work for long. Doubt reduces its effect and being attached to the problem could call the energy back again. Let it go and change the narrative to release any attachments to negative energy.

I hope this brought you some clarity and another perspective on this (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

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7 thoughts on “Are Some Crystals BAD LUCK? 😱The Truth About Unlucky Crystals

  1. Joycelyn Siame

    It’s so interesting because every single time I wear rainbow moonstone, the jewelry piece breaks! Every single time. I wonder why we don’t seem to vibe with one another… I don’t believe any crystal is negative, just as you explained above. Thanks for the article!

  2. Erinn

    Thank you, Ethan. Great article and so true! I’ve just ordered the Chakra Healing book to add it to my collection of your books; it is fantastic.

  3. Amber McKay

    Ethan your article on “Are Some Crystals Bad Luck?” was incredibly insightful & accurate.
    I hope that anyone else that may read this article find it very helpful in the use of different crystals.
    For example someone getting a piece of Rose Quartz to help them find love & it doesn’t can easily blame the crystal for not working but there are so many steps may need to apply to said crystal before it can work & in your article you have covered all the ways to get the full potential’s necessary for the crystal to work.
    I believe that this article is a must read for first time users of crystals & even those that are well experienced with crystals.
    Kudos Ethan on a great & educational article on crystals!

  4. Cherry

    Are some crystals unlucky?

    Since crystals are the bearers of some of the finest, purest energy there is, I can only say, no, even having had a few negative experiences myself, especially with Turquoise. But, that aside, you (generically speaking) have to work very hard to get a crystal to carry such energy.

    Crystals = Love. That, really, is about as far as it goes.

    Love and Light.

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