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Lemurian Seed Crystals & How To Identify Them

Lemurian Seed Crystals & How To Identify Them

Lemurian Seed Crystals & How To Identify Them

Lemurian Seed Crystals aka Lemurian Quartz are highly sought after but often misidentified. Learn what they are, how they were discovered, their meaning and how to identify the REAL thing in my buyers guide.


The Discovery of Lemurian Seed Crystals

The original Lemurian Seed Crystals were discovered at a Mountain in Brazil around the turn of the millenium. These mostly clear Quartz crystals with a few pink were marked out by their surface which was covered in striations (etched lines). All the crystals were laid flat in the Earth, not attached to any other minerals or rocks. They also did not seem to grow in clusters like most Quartz.
This discovery soon become the stuff of legends and all I can tell you is how I originally heard the story. I did see photos 10 years ago of someone who had been to one of the mines and you could see layers of the crystals in the red Earth.


Many Psychics and Crystal Healers felt these newly discovered crystals had a strong Lemurian energy


Some said that not only were they programmed with information from Lemuria but that there were buried in the Earth by the Lemurians themselves.
News of these crystals spread fast and soon two other Mines in the area turned up more of the same looking crystals. Over the years other locations around the World began finding what looked like Lemurian Seed crystals. There were also other colours like Golden Lemurian Seeds.


Lemurian Seed Crystal

Lemurian Seed Crystal from Brazil


Lemuria is believed to have been an Island which once existed in the Pacific Ocean. This knowledge reaches us from several Pacific cultures and traditions. Some say they descended from these people. In a story that sounds similar to Atlantis, legends say Lemuria sank below the waves. Though some of its people escaped just in time. Many people feel the Lemurians were a deeply spiritual and psychic tribal culture. If you don’t know if you believe in Lemuria, try to see it more as a symbolic concept or a type of energy.


Rare Pink Lemurian Seed Crystal

Rare Pink Lemurian Seed Crystal


The Properties of Lemurian Seeds:

These are very spiritual crystals with a high vibration energy. Lemurian Seed Crystals hold Lemurian energies and information for those that are called to work with them. They anchor light and powerful energy making them useful in healing and all kinds of spiritual work or practices.
Lemurian Seeds are cleansing and work with the Crown and Soul Star Chakras (More info about the Soul Star Chakra in my book). These crystals  activate and connect you with all the Higher Chakras above the Crown Chakra. This makes them a good crystal for those on the spiritual path. I have also found them to be very useful and powerful in my crystal grids.


Lemrian Seed Quartz Crystals and how to identify them

Lemurian Seed Crystals or not? (Pin this)


How To Identify Lemurian Seed Crystals

Over the years I have seen some people selling crystals as Lemurian Seeds which I think are not. I also regularly see people identify crystals as Lemurian Seeds which are not true Lemurians in my opinion. The confusion seems to come from the markings.


These striations are not exclusive to Lemurian Seed Crystals. You can see these lines on many Quartz Crystals and they were found on crystals long before the discovery of Lemurian Seeds.


Some call these bar code like striations ‘Lemurian Lines’ and they can indicate that a crystal has Lemurian energy or records. This may be where the confusion starts. It is one of the reasons I prefer to call these markings ‘Akashic Lines’ not Lemurian Lines. They can hold all types of information  from many ancient cultures and civilizations. Genuine Lemurian Seeds have Akashic Lines on all six side facets. The faces at the termination point are usually smooth.
If you look at the original Lemurian Seed Crystals from Brazil (see my pics) you will notice the lines are deep, very noticeable and create a frosted surface. Even with the original Lemurian Seed Crystals some facets will have lighter markings or the odd smooth patch though. If the lines are very light on all the sides it is not a true Lemurian but of course holds ancient knowledge.
I do not think that Lemurian Seeds have to come from Brazil but some of the best ones I’ve seen do come from there. If you are unsure that a crystal you purchased as a Lemurian Seed is genuine or you are considering buying one I have created a check list below to help you:


Genuine Lemurian Seed Crystals:

They have Striations (Akashic Lines) on all side facets.
Each facet should be filled or nearly filled with Akashic lines.
They have an obvious frosted look.
You can feel the lines with your fingers like grooves.
They will look noticeably different next to regular clear Quartz Crystals.
They are very clear inside, the milkyness is just the surface texture.


Guide to Side Facets Vs Faces on Crystal Points

Guide to Side Facets Vs Faces on Crystal Points


Guide to Buying Lemurian Seed Crystals:

Because of the popularity of these crystals I think some sellers have tried to pass off crystals as Lemurian which were not. This is why you need to be sure before you part with any money. Seller’s may also misidentify them and it’s common for sellers buying from suppliers that the supplier gives them the incorrect information to start with. Add to that all the confusion and inaccurate info on the internet…  Always cross reference and do not assume that what is sold as a Lemurian Seed or Lemurain Quartz is the real thing.
You may have seen polished crystals, beads, cut gemstones and crystal balls being sold as Lemurian Quartz. This is very risky business. You are going to have to trust that the seller or gem cutter is telling the truth and not trying to make a profit on a regular piece of Quartz. They may have bought it in good faith, but how will you know with no surface markings left?
I have seen a Crystal Skull carved by the World renowned carver Leandro De Souza from a large Lemurian Seed crystal in which he left a section of the crystal unpolished to show the original striations as proof. I would like to see more of this but most people prefer to have the crystals with the Akashic Lines left as they are.
Smaller Lemurian Seeds are affordable considering how special they are but large ones can get quite expensive. I did not spend a fortune on any of my Lemurian Seed crystals which include one rare Pink one from the original location. There is no magic website I can direct you to. These crystals are not always in supply anywhere. People buy them in batches and when they go, they go. You can find them on good crystal websites, Etsy and even Ebay. Look at the photos carefully. If you can see all the sides in multiple photos that is best. If not privately message and ask them about the lines or ask to see more photos.
If you know any good places to get genuine Lemurian Seed crystals please share this with others in the comments below! (Please keep any questions you have on topic if you want a response).
If you’re interested in learning more about crystals and Crystal Healing do check out my FREE Crystal Healing Resources page.
With gratitude,
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33 thoughts on “Lemurian Seed Crystals & How To Identify Them

  1. Betty

    Found this article very informative. Thank you .would love to find more information on quartz crystal shapes and for each…Do you know if there is a book that describes this that I can purchase.Or any resource that I can print out…..

  2. Jacob

    Glad to have found this article
    I’ve stumbled across this knowledge of lumeria
    While searching lumerian holocaust and was lead to some seed quartz.
    Would love to chat with people of similar knowledge and the
    consciousness ascension lines.

  3. Reanna

    I stumbled across this article while researching lumeria and it just so happens, I found some crystals like these in my home , they must have belonged to my late father ! I thought that the lines were man made and that someone had potentially cut the crystals to their current shape, but now I know . Thank you so much for this information!

  4. KMS

    I just bought a lemurian on eBay…..yes it has striations that appear to be on alternating sides….but this one is polished, and it “seems” that it was deliberately polished more heavily on some alternating sides to create a more clear side……I collect crystal points and have some non- lemurian points as well as lemurians…..yes, often all crystal points, especially larger ones have striations……striations can be on any kind of crystal point……It is interesting what was done to the new point I just got, it was cut radically at the bottom, so the crystal creates the oblilisk look that you mentioned…..BUT the wide part of the oblisk is it at the top, and the crystal tapers down to a more narrow bottom! Very clever! This crystal is NOT a lemurian, in my opinion……but it is water clear with fairy frost toward the base, and it does have a natural Dow point……which is why I purchased it. I will keep this one, due to the Dow point, but I over paid 25, so be aware radical cutting can create a tapered look, which is to emulate a lemurian shape…….live and learn right? I have another order coming form this dealer and if this second lemurian is not a lemurian it goes back! And oh yeah……I learned my lesson on alibaba……I ordered crystal balls…..and received calcite spheres…… they were the same price as calicite sheres, for the size on American dealer sites, I kept them…..but lol, no more alibaba!

    1. nick

      many authentic lemurian crystals have been known to be polished! many people believe this was also work of the lemurians themselves trying to create a sort of window on the crystal. Most of the crystals that are polished are usually just polished on face and are known to primarily come from the original lot of crystals in Brazil.

  5. Julie

    Inside my Lemurian seed Crystal there is a hologram of a native with a headdress. I found it unexpectedly when I was inspecting the inside with a mag light. Others gave seen it as well.

  6. Joshua Walker

    To be quite honest I was a little shocked. These have been calling for me to grab one for years. I found one that had been turned into a sphere and when I looked in it. I saw…sparks shooting around inside like some type of fireworks almost. I looked into another that a person had on them I was speaking to. I saw the same sparks. I looked into a regular quartz.. nothing. Different clear crystals, nothing. Only the Lemurian Seed Quartz had that in it that I saw. It felt like I was holding a oscillating mechanism that was very much alive more than most crystals I interact with. It felt stronger than Moldavite.

  7. Khanbiel

    Hello, Ethan.
    I’m so glad to find this article. 🙂
    Today, I visited one shop in Thamel, to look for clear crystal.(I’m live in Nepal right now!)
    I couldn’t see anymore shop that selling rough stones, So I just looked and found well-point shape clear crystals. But when I just tried to look at it and feel it how well match with me, suddenly I could felt other one stone strongly where at corner mixed with other rough stones. I don’t know what name was it that time, but I was so interacting with it. I just take it, give up clear quartz, brought home and opened a computer to look for a stone name. Then I saw your article(I really like your articles!), about Lemurian seed crystals. When I opened your article, I was so surprised. Because my stone was Lumarian seed crystal. I didn’t expect like this because when I bought my stone, It was really a rough stone. Also, I’m just beginner…
    Anyway, this is the story that happened today, I thought it is really funny and strange and wanted to share with you!
    And I have a question. I can see the triangle shape on the surface of the stone but it’s hard to know until you lighten up very well and some triangles clearly can see it. I still don’t know what is it.

      1. Khanbiel

        Thanks for the reply and nice information about Record keeper!
        And I just wonder, do you know how to cleanse the Lemurian Seed Crystals?
        Is it okay to cleanse with water?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I have never seen one myself, It may be a very rare thing. So, you would have to go on the appearance of the crystals and if they match that of a Lemurian to decide if it is genuine.

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  9. Anne Southwick

    I recently purchased a “cluster” of what I’m guessing through my own research (seller had no idea what it was) is Lumurian Seed? Three distinctively separate… terminated pieces… very light pink in color with tiny horizontal stritations but it also has flaky hematite attached to the bigger stone of the cluster as well as very tiny hardly visible specks of hematite through out. Would it still be considered a Lumurian Seed with that Hematite?

  10. Katie

    So lumerians ever have scattered etchings on them too? Or is it only lines? One crystal I bought was sold a a lumerian seed but on two of the sides there’s scattered etchings that look like dandelion puffs. It’s OK if this isn’t a lumerian. I’m just trying to figure out if it is.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      If the etchings overlay the lines then yes. As I say above I personally do not consider it a Lemurian Seed unless all sides have the lines. But all Lemurian lines on any crystal will carry some Lemurian energy

      1. Katie

        Oh now that you mention it I can see some lines under the puffs. Yes it has lines on all the other sides so that’s why I wasn’t sure. Thanks Ethan 🙂

  11. crystal

    hi ethan,
    what about the taper & the small crystal faces? when i first learned of lemurians years ago that is what i was told to look for along with the frosting & striations. does this not matter anymore?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I think the most accurate way is the striations. Although many Lemurians have a taper, I’ve seen many that don’t. If you see my photo examples above, one is a Laser Wand like that but the clear one is not.

      1. crystal

        thank you, so it’s become harder for me to id lemurians & i trust so few sellers today. u wouldn’t believe how many names one stone can have today, even within the same store or from the same online seller, it just boggles my brain. some of them seem to use whatever name is selling atm too. glad i live where i don’t “have” to buy online or from just one or two local stores. our whole town is one giant crystal shop in the winter. 😉 thanks again & have a great day.

  12. Inyce

    Do you suggest any good places to buy one I used to have a but it shattered and the ones since have not had the same energy I think they were fake I like the frosty ones

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      As these crystals are rare, most sellers or shops will have a batch then when they are sold they are gone. There is no consistent source. Just look for reputable sellers and keep an eye out till they turn up.

  13. Jeanie Ratliff

    I love crystals! A couple days ago, when I was unpacking I came across one of my lemurian crystals. I put it out in a room that gets lots of natural sunlight. Today I noticed my clear crystal is turning orange in places. When I picked it up, the orange disappeared and it became a hazy coral color throughout the entire crystal. When I set the crystal back down, it gets orange again. What is happening with my crystal?

    1. crystal

      i’m sure that ethan will have answer for u but in the mean time i wanna say not to worry about it. changing crystals r rare & wonderful. i’ve never seen or heard of one do what urs is doing but it’s pretty awesome! enjoy!

    2. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Interesting! I’ve heard of Quartz crystals changing colour in parts but not changing back again or cycling through colours. Crystals can change when we are going through changes. It would be interesting to see if this can be caught on camera.

  14. Tara Sherman

    I have a private collector in MA of which has many true Lumerians seed crystals for sale. I actually grabbed mine ro carry this morning before coming across this article and as I read I checked my crystal and it is a true to it’s discription. If anyone is interested in purchasing email me at for their info to speak with him or I’d be glad to pick and ship for you also ( for any crystals ) Thanks for the read!

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