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BEST Crystals For Self Love (My Top 6)

BEST Crystals For Self Love (My Top 6)

BEST Crystals For Self Love (My Top 6)

These are my TOP six crystals for self love. Discover support stones on your inner journey to self-acceptance and self-healing. Learn how they can help you embrace compassion and love for yourself…

Crystals For Self Love

At the time of writing this, we are approaching St. Valentine’s Day. With so much focus on our external relationships with others, I hope this is a reminder of the importance of self-love.

Whether in a relationship or single, you can benefit from these stones.

Rose quartz goddess carving, crystals and roses. Text says 6 crystals for self love
Crystals for self-love
Clear Quartz Faceted Hexagon crystal
Faceted Hexagon crystals (AKA Star of David) work with the heart chakra
Peruvian Pink Opal Tumbled Stone
Peruvian Pink Opal Tumbled Stone
Unakite tumbled stone
Unakite tumbled stone
Rose quartz heart carving
Rose Quartz Heart
Twin flame phenomena oracle cards
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Chrysocolla tumbled stone
Chrysocolla tumbled stone
Six rhodonite tumbled stone in my hands
Rhodonite tumbled stone
Pink Amethyst Geode
Pink Amethyst Geode

Which crystal does your heart desire? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

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4 thoughts on “BEST Crystals For Self Love (My Top 6)

    1. Milly Lilla

      I have enjoyed reading on the qualities if crystals. I am learning how to use them and this page has been very helpful. Thank you. I have a rose quartz wrapper in wire shaping a tree and I wear it around my neck. I never take it off. But the chain broke last night while being intimate with my boyfriend. Today I noticed its size has changed. I haven’t put it on a new chain yet, but what could this mean spiritually for myself and my crystal ?

  1. Cherry

    Thanks for the tip Ethan! I just got a Rhodochrosite, and I think that would work well too. It’s lovely teamed with another new acquisition of mine, Black Moonstone. That one has a lovely kind, almost motherly energy which matches well with the Rhodochrosite. I slept like a baby holding those two in my receiving hand!

    Love and Light.

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