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7 Crystals To Connect With ARCHANGEL MICHAEL – Protect, Empower & Cleanse

7 Crystals To Connect With ARCHANGEL MICHAEL – Protect, Empower & Cleanse

7 Crystals To Connect With ARCHANGEL MICHAEL – Protect, Empower & Cleanse

Here are 7 empowering angelic crystals to connect with Archangel Michael. Work with Archangel Michael’s crystals, stones and gemstones to protect, empower and clear negative energy now…

Archangel Michael is one of the most well-known and loved of the archangels. He is often portrayed as a warrior in armour with a shield and sword. Traditionally, he is shown in red and gold, both fiery and solar colours.

However, in recent times the spiritual community is associating Archangel Michael with the blue ray. This electric blue could be seen as the heart of the flame.

Archangel Michael with long blonde hair wearing gold armour with a glowing blue sword of light. Text says 7 crystals to connect with archangel michael
Crystals To Connect With Archangel Michael. I created this image with the help of AI tools.

Archangel Michael is a powerful angel of protection, empowerment and inner strength. He works with lightworkers and anyone on a spiritual path. As well as protecting your energy, he can assist you in facing your fears and living your life purpose.

This archangel works tirelessly to clear negative energy and sever harmful energetic attachments with his flaming sword. You can call on him for all these reasons and whenever you are facing challenges.

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Crystals To Connect With Archangel Michael

Blue Kyanite crystal tower point
Blue Kyanite tower point
Natural Danburite crystal point
Natural Danburite crystal point
Blue Flash Labradorite Winged Heart
Blue Flash Labradorite Winged Heart
Carnelian Flame Carving
Carnelian Flame Carving
Lapis Lazuli Flame
Lapis Lazuli Flame
Hematite Egg
Hematite Egg
Sodalite tower standing crystal point
Sodalite Tower Point

Do you work with Archangel Michael? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

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4 thoughts on “7 Crystals To Connect With ARCHANGEL MICHAEL – Protect, Empower & Cleanse

  1. Rosayn Warwick

    Dear Ethan,
    My comment here is about Saint Michael. I was raised in the Catholic faith so St. Michael has always been in my life. However, back in 1998 I was diagnosed with cancer. It was a fatal cancer. I was forty four years old. One of my best friends brought me his statue of St. Michael that came from Italy. It was his grandfather’s. It is carved out of a white stone. My friend told me that he was giving him to me, that I needed way more than him. And that is when my devotion to Saint Michael really became intense and personal. I know this is hard to believe, but I have had St. Michael come to me in meditation. This is when I was going through my many surgeries and chemotherapies. I wear his medal. His statue is in my bedroom, I feel his presence all the time. And long story short I am writing this note to you today, January 24, 2024. Yes, I made it. I have been cured from stage 4 colon cancer that went to my liver. I have been cancer free since 2004. I loved your post on St. Michael and I really want to find those crystals you mention. I do have a few of them. Some of them I have never heard of. I think the statue I have of Saint Michael is a quartz. He is about 16 inches tall, and pretty old. I will not say he cured me, he works for God, but I have a very strong devotion to him. I enjoy your blogs! Rosayn

  2. Frida Salas

    Hello, I have been working with Archangel Michael for some time now, since I became a holistic therapist and crystal healer. I had a very vivid dream where I could see its beautiful and powerful energy. and in the dream a sword that is not from the world appeared between my hands, made of flames and pure energy. It was very real and beautiful….and Blue Kyanite is one of my favorite minerals.
    Greetings from Perú.

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