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WHY Cant I Feel The Energy Of My Crystal Any More?

WHY Cant I Feel The Energy Of My Crystal Any More?

WHY Cant I Feel The Energy Of My Crystal Any More?

Why cant I feel the energy of my crystal any more? You might be worried it’s stopped working or lost its power. Here’s why this happens, what it really means and how the Law Of Entrainment may be involved…

Are you wondering why you can’t feel the energy of your crystal any more? You may have felt the energy of a new crystal as a rush of energy, chakra activation or pure bliss for example. But then later you feel nothing even after cleansing it.

It Was There, Then It’s Not…

What happened? Where did the feeling go? Did the crystal lose its energy or stop working? Or did you lose your ability to have this spiritual experience again?

Don’t fear, this is what I believe is usually going on when this happens…

Why cant I feel the energy of my crystal anymore? Blog post
Why you can’t feel the energy of your crystal anymore
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I hope this has helped clarify things for you? PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response.

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2 thoughts on “WHY Cant I Feel The Energy Of My Crystal Any More?

  1. Gilbert

    Thanks Ethan that was something I’ve wondered about in the past , I’ve always wondered why I got such an intense response from some crystal when holding the first time then after that very little
    Thank you again

  2. Cherry

    This is always a fascinating topic, and it’s great to see it addressed.

    Of course, in these kinds of circumstances, it is possible that the crystal in question could have been drained or have negative energy on it; but even I, who can still very much feel the energy of my first real crystal, a Rose Quartz egg which I was gifted at the tender age of seven, have noticed this on too many occasions to count: at first, a sudden rush of power; then a much calmer, quieter interaction.

    Although I do find that certain among my crystals remain ‘forever fresh’, never going background at all, I’ve always taken it as meaning that the bond between me and the stone is complete and solid. It’s not a let-down for me: it’s a comforting sense of familiarity in a very strange world.

    Love and Light.

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