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Do You NEED To Feel The Energy Of Crystals?

Do You NEED To Feel The Energy Of Crystals?

Do You NEED To Feel The Energy Of Crystals?

Do you need to feel the energy of crystals to use them? Do you need to sense the energy of crystals for them to work? What if you don’t sense any energy from your healing crystals?

Do You Feel The Energy Of Crystals?

This is something I come across but never hear anyone talk about. Perhaps you have heard people talk about feeling the energy of their crystals. It’s a common thing in the world of crystal healing.

People, who are new to crystals ask me why they don’t feel the energy they keep hearing about. First, I have a little story I wanted to share with you.

Titanium Quartz AKA Flame Aura Crystal point
Titanium Quartz AKA Flame Aura Crystal

No, Feel The Energy!

I spoke to someone who had been in a crystal shop looking at crystals. She was talking to the owner who had handed them a crystal and asked her what she thought. She commented on how beautiful it was and attempted to hand it back to the seller.

The owner seemed dissatisfied with her words. She then pushed the crystal back to her and said “no, feel the energy!”. This made her feel awkward, realising the person assumed she could sense the energy. Or that she should be able to do this to buy a crystal.

Lots of different polished and raw crystals
Each crystal has its own unique energy and properties

Of course, I’m sure the seller did not intend to do this. However, this type of behaviour could be seen as gatekeeping. It leaves some people feeling like they don’t belong in the crystal community.

Hand holding a Rainbow Fluorite palm stone crystal
Do you need to feel the energy of crystals to use them?

But Do You Need To Feel The Energy Of Crystals?

Some people are already sensitive to energy. When they get into crystals, this comes with little effort for them. Then there are people that develop a sense of crystal energy later, which is what happened to me.

Although being able to feel the energy of crystals is helpful, it should never be a barrier to learning about them or benefiting from them.

Labradorite snake carving
Labradorite snake carving

Who Can Work With Crystals?

You absolutely can work with crystals and use crystal healing practices without having to sense the energy. Crystals are working and their energy affects you at a subtle level. You don’t need to feel the energy of crystals for them to work.

If you’re not feeling anything from crystals there is nothing wrong with you or your crystals. Please don’t feel pressured to be able to do this. If it happens, then great but don’t attach too much importance to it, especially when you’re new. relax and enjoy the journey.

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39 thoughts on “Do You NEED To Feel The Energy Of Crystals?

  1. Ava

    You are so right, something very similar happened to me when I first started with crystals. I remember once a shop owner explain that a crystal was talking to her. I felt so overwhelmed and definitely put-off at the time.
    Later I learned that people feel energy in different ways, some are visual, some are kinestestic and feel the energy, some may hear a calling in their head/mind, and some simply know a crystal is or isn’t for them.
    I am a visual person and I rather know a crystal is for me because it attracts me visually. And yes I learned to feel the vibration with the hand, but still the first and strongest bond with a crystal is visual.
    This is a lovely article, Ethan and so useful I find for the beginner.
    Thank you for your wonderful, inspiring work.

  2. Vania

    Thank you so mucho for posting this topic! It is very encouraging for me, I am working on it!
    All the best and keep posting, please!

  3. Sarah

    This is so good to know, I work a little with crystals and want to bring them more and more into my practice but I have been hesitant to do so because I don’t particularly “feel the energy”. I wondered if there was something wrong with me or I needed to work “harder” or “longer” with them until I did feel the energy.

    I have a huge respect for crystals and love learning about them, I never stop learning, always amazed by just how much there is to know. So thank you for the encouraging blog post 🙂

  4. RJ

    Thank you for addressing this! I started working with crystals about a year ago. I still do not physically feel most of the pieces (with the exception of Moldavite when I 1st touched it & Azeztulite when I meditated with it). I mostly relate to crystals intuitively. I am just drawn/ attracted to certain pieces & that is how I know which piece to work with.

    I am confident though that I can develop my sensitivity and can eventually feel them the more I meditate & work with the crystals. Thanks again! Love your books! 🙂

  5. Colleen

    Finally! Someone has addressed my Number One concern since becoming a crystal freak a year ago! Despite meditating with them most nights, only on a very rare occasion have I felt detectable energy off a crystal. I’m strongly drawn to some – most especially quartz – & have collected quite a few, but still feel mostly nada in my hands.
    Thanks so much, Ethan, for encouraging us to persist in reaching out to our stones for help & support!

  6. Vicky

    Funnily we were just discussing this very issue at a barbecue on Saturday. We had lots of candles in crystal holders and they looked so pretty. So I decided to bring out a few trays of crystals I had bee cleaning and energising in the sun. Even those who felt something wondered if they should feel a stronger sensation. Here you are giving your own experience. It’s very helpful to share our experiences

  7. Sirion

    I have found to hold a crystal in your off hand brings more energy in. The off hand is the receiving hand, the dominant hand is the sending hand.

  8. LV

    I’ve always felt the energy of crystals since I began working with them. (I know this is not everyone’s experience, as everyone has different things they ‘tune-into’ more readily)
    However I would find over a bit of time a particular crystals energy ‘strength’ might wane -even when cleansed properly etc.
    Someone I know with intimate knowledge gave me the following insight:
    The reason the intensity had dropped was simply because my field had accepted & acclimated to that of the crystal. It was as always, the specific energy of the crystal just wasn’t as noticeable. On hearing this I experienced an immediate sense of knowing this to be true. (At least for me…) I will sometimes put it aside just for a bit

  9. Deb R.

    Ethan, thank you for normalizing NOT feeling a crystal’s energy. I think this is like asking if someone feels a medication working (not that it’s working because of the absence of symptoms). As usual, I enjoyed this article; thank you for the work you do!

  10. Dee

    Thank you for this post! All my friends have all these “gifts” and can sense/feel energy but I couldn’t. I always considered myself “giftless”. I really appreciate you addressing this topic!

    1. Cherry

      Dee, please be gentle with yourself. You’re not ‘giftless’. ‘Giftless’ people could be more accurately defined as those who neither know nor care for crystals; the mere fact that you’re reading this blog and posting in it, says that isn’t you.

      It may be a simple case of, the time for your abilities to awaken hasn’t quite arrived.

      Love and Light.

  11. Mahrukh

    I don’t feel the energy too much but I can work with them and I know that they are working for me at their highest level, especially when I dismantle a grid and put a new one. That time their energy I feel the most. Love and light always.

  12. Kat

    Yes! This is my problem with spiritual paths: that is you’re experience isn’t a certain way you’re not party of the cool club. I so appreciate you sharing this story. It’s very important. I’m learning this same idea from my meditation. It’s benefiting you even if you don’t feel like “it’s not working.”

  13. Laura

    I don’t always feel energies, this is coming on slowly. I picked up an amethyst the other day and it was carved in the shape of a grey alien’s head. I didn’t feel its energy, per se, but I didn’t want to put it down. I was actually petting it! This is a good example of a crystal’s subtle energy. We pick up on its energy but its not in the way we expect.

  14. Debbie

    Thank you so much for this. Wish someone had covered this topic ages ago. I’m 70 and have been stuffing rocks in my pockets since I was 5 years old. I’ve been a certified energy worker for 25 years although I’ve been working with energy for 50+ years.

    I don’t consciously feel energy, from anything. It’s all instinctive and my results indicate I’m doing it effectively. For decades of frustration I wanted to feel something to validate if I was doing it “right”.
    Finally, also out of frustration lol, I just accepted what was and contented myself with the successful results and gratitude from family, friends and clients. The biggest issue was learning to have faith in myself, trust my gifts and not stop doing what I’m was doing. Have faith, keep going, I still am

  15. Sylvia Eichman

    This happened to me when I went to a crystal store. The salesperson put a crystal in my left and and said “doesn’t this crystal feel great. It’s so powerful “. I replied maybe to you. I just think it’s pretty. She got upset with me and walked away. I love crystals and my studio is full of them. So that is what I think

    1. Cherry

      I’m sorry you had that experience Sylvia. I can only presume that she wasn’t ‘crystal wise’, and perhaps was paid on a commission basis, because a ‘crystal wise’ salesperson should never presume, or be that pushy (to say nothing of trying so transparently to make a sale). Was she some kind of psychic, to know what you were looking for without being told? I doubt it, somehow. Besides, if you could have felt its energy, that energy could easily have turned out to be uncomfortable or worse, and then what? An ignorant, pushy salesperson would have messed up your crystal buying experience, which should always be, overall, a positive thing.

      If that was me, and I had any other options at all, I wouldn’t give that shop my custom. If it was the only option, I might if possible have a quiet word with someone else there, if only to find out if/when that salesperson isn’t at work, and only go there at those times. I personally won’t be pushed into buying a crystal unless there’s a connection there, and nor should anyone else; the best crystal shop owners and salespeople understand that, and while they’re there to help if it’s required, they won’t intervene unless specifically asked to.

      And yes, in case you were wondering, I’ve been a crystal salesperson, and that was the rule I always adhered to: be ready to help, but don’t butt in unless help is requested. Actually, that was how I got the job in the first place; but that’s another story.

      Love and Light.

  16. Stephanie

    This is an interesting one, TY! I was at a gem & rock show this weekend; got a lot of large palm stones, a 7 point chakra generator piece w/quartz pyramid in center & some pocket stones. All of which I chose by “feel” – this is a mental rather than physical feeling/process which others I know get. My mom for example feels “warm fuzzy” from Amethyst. I’ve always gone with the 1st piece I touch -there’s a reason I went to it right away. If that doesn’t happen (it usually does) I pick up a few until one feels ‘right’ in my hand, again not the physical feels so much. I thought I was doing it wrong most of my life but turns out that’s just my way. Subtle but there and I imagine I could strengthen it somehow (ideas??) Impossible to do buying online now that all my local shops lost to Covid which is a bummer, now I either plan for local rock shows (this one had fewer natural/raw stones and far more jewelry than past years) or find a couple trustworthy sellers online and hope for the best.

    1. Cherry

      Stephanie, it’s a serious shame that your local crystal shops were lost due to COVID. Having worked in one, and knowing the owners of several others, I know they’re normally marginal-profit enterprises at best, and quite a few here in England also went out that way; the ones that survived, did so mainly because they had an online presence via which they could continue to trade.

      As far as choosing your crystals goes, you’re definitely *not* doing it wrong; it sounds to me like you’re following guidance from your own intuition, and that’s just about the best way there is (although it can manifest in any number of different ways). The simple fact is – and I know Ethan has said this multiple times – different people experience crystals differently. It makes sense, given that fact, that different people would choose their crystals differently, in accordance with how crystalline energy manifests to them. Now me, I’m a crystal whisperer, and while that’s by no means the sole technique I use to choose, it will definitely have a bearing if a crystal communicates with me as soon as I first connect with it. If that happens, it tells me that I’m supposed to work closely with the crystal in question, because many of the crystals I buy won’t or can’t communicate until they’re cleansed and we’ve bonded. Only the ones I’m closest to (my primary Clear Quartz, my biggest Clear Quartz, my first raw Aquamarine, my Golden Quartz cluster, my Sky-Blue Topaz pendant, my Lapis Lazuli pendant, all my Heliodors, my palm-sized Celestite cluster, my double terminated Black Tourmalines, my double terminated Dravite, my Charoite, my Lithium Quartz, my Pink Petalite with a white piece on it, my two Congolese Citrines, my Rainbow Tourmaline, my Galaxyite palmstone and a few others) have made direct contact before cleansing and bonding. I’ve found that that power tends to be marker of my soul crystals coming home.

      As far as strengthening your sensitivity to crystal energy goes, is there one species, or even an individual crystal, whose energy you can sense more strongly than others? If so, you could try working more extensively with that crystal, and perhaps asking/programming it to help increase your sensitivity. You might also find that just practicing with as many different kinds of crystal as you can, will help to sensitise you.

      Love and Light.

      P.S.: beauty takes many forms, but crystals are all natural works of art!

  17. Deirdre

    When I look at certain ones or pick a certain one up, I know that I am being called for a reason. If it’s a bin of tumbles I may have to hold several before I find one that has energy to it. I usually feel a vibration or hum. My left hand is my receiving hand, so I often use that one (even though I’m right handed) to determine the “feel” of a crystal. Sometimes I’ll buy online, and when I get the crystal I my not feel anything, but that’s ok because I bought it for a reason. It called to me.

    1. Cherry

      Deirdre, that’s exactly how it happens for me, but with the exception that for me, there’s often a visual or remote sensing component, i.e. I either see the right one glowing with a white light, or it signals to me by broadcasting its energy to direct me to the right area of the shop. I’m right-handed too – very much so – but I also use my left hand to sense energy and my right to project it; and just like you, a crystal that’s not right for me will feel about as energetic as a lump of plastic.

      Buying crystals online as anything more than display pieces can take some practice, and I suspect there are probably as many ways of detecting ‘your’ crystal online, as there are of doing the same in person. But you’re definitely right in your thinking; the one you bought, called to you and was meant for you, otherwise something would have stopped you from purchasing. It may well be that it’s just a matter of the time not being quite right for you to experience that crystal’s energies.

      Love and Light.

  18. Cherry

    I can feel crystal energies, and I’m fairly sure I’ve always able to do so; but I look at it this way:

    On a still day, you can’t ‘feel’ the air around you, the way you can when there’s a breeze, but it’s still there. You’re still breathing it. Crystal energies are no different. You may not be able to feel them, but they’re still there, doing good things.

    Love and Light.

    1. Deirdre

      I love that analogy Cherry. It is so perfect. I also feel that just because you can’t feel it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

  19. Crist

    I myself do not feel any energy when I hold a crystal and use to feel doubt because of this. Then, one time I couldn’t find one of my crystals. Joking around, I called out to it and asked it where it was. Before I even realized what was happening, I walked across the room, reached out and plucked the crystal up! I have since tried this many times, and it has never failed me-I even found a missing one in my driveway! Sometimes now, instead of choosing a mineral, I state the intention out loud, and ask the crystal to choose itself. I then reach out to my crystal shelves and just grab-and it’s always a match! So, I have learned that there are many ways crystals and minerals show their power, you just have to be open to it.

    1. Cherry

      Hi Crist,

      You are, one, precisely right; and two, not alone there.

      I have a beautiful Heliodor & Zircon cluster pendant, which I got for Christmas a few years back. I’d only had it a few months when this happened: I took it off while I went for a shower and left it on my arm of our sofa for safekeeping. When I came to collect it, it had vanished. I love that pendant dearly, and Heliodor in jewellery isn’t too easy to come by (apparently it’s often heated to turn it into a cheaper form of Aquamarine, or so I read). I was quite frantic to find it and all but turned our place upside down — no easy feat with A.S.! I couldn’t find it by bedtime, and I just couldn’t sleep for worrying, until I sent it a telepathic message, expressing my worry and pleading with it to show me where it was.

      A minute or two later – an anxious minute or two – I got a reply, in the form of an elevation diagram of the sofa in my mind’s eye; the pendant showed me itself, trapped between the sofa base and my seat cushion. I got up, went into the living room, stuck my hand into the appropriate place… and my fist closed firmly around my missing babies! It turned out that hubby had straightened the sofa cushions (it was an old sofa and they tended to get flattened easily) while I was showering, not looked what he was doing, and knocked the pendant and chain off the arm and down into the sofa. He put my seat cushion back, somehow failing to notice the sparkly golden and colourless gems in their silver setting against the burgundy of the sofa – which I would have thought anyone who’s not colour blind would have seen right away – and that was that. The poor things were hidden.

      Crystals are truly amazing beings, with powers we’re only now beginning to comprehend.

  20. Grace

    Thank you Ethan for this encouraging article. I have always felt “let down” or upset that I have never felt the energy of my crystals as other people say they do. I know they vibrate their frequencies regardless of whether I feel them, but all the same I do feel I miss out on the experience.

  21. Denise

    Thank Ethan, back in 2008 when I was doing my cryatal practitioner course, many students told their many experiences of hearing crystals talk, feeling energy etc. At the time I couldn’t and thought very negatively about myself. However I didn”t give up. I learnt to trust my intuition. I always tell people to use all their senses and relax.

    1. Pat

      I’m just getting started in the crystal world and reading and learning about them so I can do things properly. I have bought quite a lot of crystals already and have a huge collection of them. I would say most of the time I’m interested in the crystal because of the beauty of them. I feel like a kid in a sweet shop. I have experienced a few times the energy of the crystal. Once I felt the energy was so strong I wouldn’t buy it because I felt it was too strong for me that was clear quartz double terminated. Tigers eye is my biggest weakness for I always end up buying it when I’m out in crystal shops. I’m so attracted to it. It’s beauty is amazing and I can get lost in it. I always say to my self I am not buying any as I have too many of them but I see it and can’t leave without it. Although I haven’t started doing any healing work with my crystals yet I know it’s the tigers eye I need to use as this is the one I keep reaching out to. They are all beautiful and I’m looking forward to learning more about them. I’m really pleased to have found Ethan who explains everything you need to know to get started.
      Thank you Ethan for all the help and advice on my crystal journey it’s very much appreciated. I look forward to reading more. It’s great to hear so many other people have also the interest in the crystal world because I don’t actually know anyone personally. So it can be lonely and confusing with no one to talk to for advice.
      Thanks once again

        1. Cherry

          I would always advise anyone who develops an interest in crystals and their healing powers to look into these things more closely. It seems to be a signal that they have ability in that field/have worked with them in a past life/are supposed to work with them in this one. It’s also a signal from the crystals themselves: one or more is awaiting that person’s attention. One thing I learned very quickly is that when a crystal gives you a signal or tells you something, they’re never wrong and they obviously don’t lie; it’s a good idea to pay attention…..

          Love and Light.

          Love and Light.

  22. Ymke Goedhart

    My name is Ymke, and I live in the Nethwrlands.
    Yes, having crystals many years, and I thought I was not lucky enough to feel the energy of some crystals. After reading this article, I’m not worried anymore.Thank you!!

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