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5 Crystals For Dealing With Negative People & Toxic People

5 Crystals For Dealing With Negative People & Toxic People

5 Crystals For Dealing With Negative People & Toxic People

These five crystals will help protect you from negative people and their bad vibes. Sometimes we can’t avoid difficult or toxic people so these stones will be your crystal Allies…

The Problem With Negative People

In the context of this article, negative people are anyone you find has a bad effect on you. Their negative outlook or behaviour can really diminish your energy and make you doubt yourself.

Other times their constant focus on the negative just seems to stick around (bad vibes) and nobody needs to put up with that. This is not your burden to carry!

Crystals to protect from negative people
Crystals To Protect From Negative People

Who Are They?

Often these negative people are people that we know, friends, workmates or family members. As I cover in my book Psychic Protection Crystals this can particularly affect those in certain jobs. Do you work in retail or deal with the public in your work or business?

These days many of us have a social media presence. Even if you don’t, the internet is a place where you can encounter some really rude, low vibe, hateful and difficult people. Not to mention the trolls.

Blue kyanite tower with various protection crystals around it used to shield from negative people
Block negative energy and shield against toxic and negative people

Crystals For Dealing With Difficult Or Negative People

I’ve put together a few crystals that I think will be helpful when you are around these types of negative people. There are lots of protection crystals out there, too many to mention.

These are just a selection, there are many more covered in greater detail in my book. As always, just see which one fits your needs and your situation best.

PLEASE NOTE: I recommend you work with these crystals in addition to psychic protection techniques for the most effective results. More on this later...

TIP: Cleanse Your Aura in 2 minutes!

Below is a short YouTube video where I demonstrate how you can cleanse your aura with Selenite. You can also use any cleansing crystal from this post.


Rainbow Obsidian is much gentler than Black Obsidian and has an uplifting effect. It works with the layers of your aura, absorbing and cleansing negative energy from others. Rainbow Obsidian shields your chakras and encourages positive thought patterns.

It’s excellent for empaths and anyone looking to detach from negativity and build stronger boundaries with others.

Rainbow Obsidian Heart
Rainbow Obsidian Heart


Selenite (Satin Spar) is one of the most cleansing crystals. So, having it on you or near you while dealing with negative people is very handy.

Selenite purifies any negative energy it comes into contact with. It’s a high vibration crystal that surrounds you in light. It is known to repel low vibe or negative people.

TIP: Keep some Selenite near your computer, work desk or by your phone.

Selenite (Satin Spar) sphere on a stand
Selenite (Satin Spar) sphere


Sometimes you have to deal with people who will try to suppress your energy or disempower you. Tiger’s Eye is one of my favourites to recommend if you are experiencing bullying or racism.

As well as giving psychic protection, it strengthens your aura. Tiger’s Eye empowers you to stay strong and confident in this situation.

Tiger's Eye Tumbled Stone
Tiger’s Eye Tumbled Stone


This one may come as no surprise to you. Black Tourmaline is well known for protecting you from bad vibes. It’s helpful when you are around negative people because it absorbs their negative energy and then neutralises it.

Black Tourmaline also strengthens your aura. If someone is trying to project their energy onto you, this black crystal can help block this.

Raw Black Tourmaline Crystal Point
Raw Black Tourmaline Crystal Point


Blue Kyanite works differently than some protection stones. It helps you strengthen your energetic boundaries with people and fortifies your aura. Blue Kyanite both cleanses and repels negative energy due to its high spiritual vibration.

It works well when dealing with negative or pushy people because it offers strong mental protection, ideal for empaths.

Blue Kyanite Blade
Blue Kyanite Blade
Aura, chakras image. Light shields to protect from negative people
Activate your shield

Combine With A Shielding Technique!

The crystals listed here will help you, especially if you program them. In addition, one thing that I always recommend if you have the time is to use a good shielding technique.

Understanding your energy and creating personalised shields are covered completely in my book Psychic Protection Crystals if you want to know more.

Psychic Protection Crystals By Ethan Lazzerini

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With gratitude,


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11 thoughts on “5 Crystals For Dealing With Negative People & Toxic People

  1. Deirdre Treanor

    Blue Kyanite is by far one of my favorites. For me it’s so soothing. I keep it near me pretty much all of the time. If I’m going somewhere that I know will expose me to negative energy or will drain my energy (my mom’s) then I make sure I have it on me.

  2. Cherry

    Couldn’t agree more with Black Tourmaline.

    I also add in Citrine (untreated Smoky Citrine seems especially good if you have it), Jasper for its nurturing energy, and when things really get bad, Aquamarine. Labradorite also has a part to play.

    I would avoid Diamonds of any colour; Diamond is an energy amplifier, but an indiscriminate one, amping up any energy it encounters, good or bad. Employing Beryl family crystals other than Aquamarine can also help, but they soak up negative energy like a sponge, so they need frequent cleansing.

    Love and Light.

  3. Jane

    I’ve carried black tourmaline with me for quite a while, but was recently gifted bronzonite which works really well with the tourmaline, sending back negative thoughts or ill wishing to its source. I have a beautiful rainbow obsidian globe which is extremely soothing as is the numerous pieces of selenite I have in my home, thank you as always Ethan

  4. Violeta

    Until this year, I used to wear to work obsidian bracelet, then swap with a tourmalated quartz one, then fluorite, then carnelian, or combine them sometimes, depending on the vibe of the day ahead of me. One day I just couldn’t put them on anymore, they felt too heavy (aka they’ve had enough ).
    Then I started wearing my blue kyanite raw blade pendant, and “bingo”, we’ve become inseparable.

  5. Cherry

    Hi Violeta,

    Sounds like your bracelets have absorbed a lot of negative energy. Your Kyanite will be a great help, but please do make sure you thoroughly cleanse your bracelets of any and all accumulated nastiness before wearing them again: as a crystal whisperer, I can tell you for sure that they won’t want to be stuck with that icky energy, any more than you or I would.

    Love and Light.

  6. Cherry

    Me too, Jennifer. Ever since I got a first compatible Labradorite back in 2018 (long story short, in 1994 my Grandmother gifted me a Labradorite pendant which did the exact opposite of the things the crystal is supposed to), I can’t get enough; now I also have Spectrolite and Galaxyite in my collection, which are also wonderful.

    Of course, Labradorite does more than just seal your aura; it protects you when you travel, it boosts psychic ability/opens your third eye if it isn’t open already, and is excellent for both astral travel, and low back pain!

    Love and Light.

  7. Virginie


    Thank you for this interesting article and all other free resources. I’m from Belgium and I have seen your books are available on French Amazon and I’ll take a look when ‘Les cristaux de protection’ is back on sale as I fear I may not understand your books in English.

    I wanted to know if all these crystals for dealing with negative people could be the best to avoid negative strangers to approach me. I don’t know what is wrong with my energy but I attract potential murderers, rapists and disturbed people on a regular basis, it’s like weekly when I’m on my own so I’m often with my parents as I fail to attract nice people I could trust. I feel like prey and it makes me feel anxious anytime I just want to do basic things such at grocery shopping. I only feel secure when my parents are around but I’m in my 40s and would like to meet nice people and not potential criminals. I live in a small village and I’m still unlucky to cross the road of strangers with bad intentions rather than normal people. I even wear dull large clothes, don’t wear makeup, barely brush my hair to be quite invisible in society but it’s no myself as I love originality and colors and it depresses me as my demure look doesn’t change the scary people I attract. I realize it has been that way since my teenage years more than 20 years ago, a period of my past I still feel like yesterday as if I was trapped in that past and living the same scary day every single day. Last year I escaped a man with a mask holding me in an alley barely 30 seconds after leaving home, I succeeded to escape and found the help of a neighbour; last week an alleged Austrian homeless person who insisted to sleep on my carpet, again I escaped and there has never been any homeless nor foreigner in my village (!), sometimes cars slowing down and pass several times in a row, etc. I sometimes feel tired that I want to start a business on internet and never leave home but burglars entered in the past and I don’t feel safe at home either.

    Thank you for reading me. Sorry for my English.
    Best wishes,

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      You’re English is perfect. These might help but I feel there are crystals for avoiding unwanted attention that may be more effective. Try Hawkseye (Blue tigers eye) or Hematite. Combine with shielding techniques focused on protection from harm or negative people. Work with Archangel Michael if you’re open to it. Take care.

  8. Cherry

    Virginie, have you tried combining Black Tourmaline and Amethyst? I’ve passed through some extremely unpleasant areas with these two crystals on my person and reached home safe and sound.

    Unfortunately, I happen to live in a place where the local pub attracts some really weird people; they only come out after dark, and having Ankylosing Spondylitis as I do, there’s no way I can physically defend myself against them. But with these two crystals (to which you could also add Smoky Quartz, if you’re so inclined), nobody looks at me twice.

    Ethan is very much right about calling upon Archangel Michael – you don’t need to be a Christian – and Amethyst is extremely helpful in opening up communications with him. You will however need to actively ask for his help, because Angels can only intervene when it’s requested. I asked him to protect my husband during the Beast from the East, when my husband had to drive five very risky miles home from his workplace; he’s an extremely skilful driver, but few others on the local roads knew how to drive in several centimetres of snow (it’s rare to see that here), so naturally I was really concerned. It took 45 minutes, but neither he nor our car suffered a single scratch thanks to the Archangel Michael.

    There is also a special type of Quartz crystal among my collection, one example of which never leaves my side (and often even ends up in my hand all night as I sleep): a Shield Quartz. I actually have quite a few of these, but many are either small enough to lose easily, or big enough that to carry them with me would be completely impractical. One weighs something over the 4lb mark, and is spectacular to look at. I normally leave that one to guard my flat, while the ½lb one that I tend to end up cuddling all night travels with me.

    A Shield Quartz is identified by examining the terminating faces. You’re looking for a large, dominant terminating face that slopes backward and has six edges. That is the mark of a Shield Quartz.

    My largest Shield Quartz – the 4lb one – generates such powerful protective energy, it’s capable of stopping anyone and everyone from disturbing me: it stops my phone ringing or texts coming through, it turns callers away at the door, it’s even capable of delaying the arrival of disruptive emails. Last year, when I had a mentally ill neighbour inflicted upon me (and my other, very nice neighbours) by the local housing authority, it kept her and her nasty temper and energy from bothering me or my husband (with assistance from Citrine, Amethyst, Ametrine and my more portable ½lb Shield Quartz). It is a truly remarkable gift from Mother Earth to an introverted person who’s more comfortable around stones, animals and plants than the vast majority of humans (I’m an Andromedan Starseed).

    Obviously, I don’t want to be prescriptive, nor do I mean you to obsessively check every last Quartz in your collection (and of course I have no idea how many that might be — I have over 50). If you need a Shield Quartz, or are meant to have one, then either you already have one, in which case it will make itself known, or you’ll find one soon. I cannot make any promises, but I think you might find this particular kind of protective crystal to be helpful.

    One more thing occurs to me: I don’t like to have to say this, and of course I have no way of testing this theory, but it might not actually be you — it could be the village you live in. Places change, the same as people do.

    Love and Light.

    P.S.: your English is superb! I’ve heard (and read) native speakers who don’t use the language anywhere near as well as you do.

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