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Top Crystals for Positive Thinking and Mindset

Top Crystals for Positive Thinking and Mindset

Top Crystals for Positive Thinking and Mindset

Looking for crystals for positive thinking? Help reduce negative thinking patterns and negative self talk and build a more positive mindset with these six crystals…


It isn’t realistic to expect to be positive ALL the time but increasing your positive thoughts will only help you improve your life. There are many ways to do this and I recommend you use all the techniques and methods you can. Here are some ideas:

6 Positive Thinking Habits:


Daily Meditation

Daily Positive Affirmations



Keep a Daily Gratitude Journal


the Five Minute Journal

I have been using The Five Minute Journal this year (Click image for more info)


Always remember there is no magic bullet and everyone is different. Try something new. Crystals may be able to help you if you are open to them.


Crystals For Positive Thinking

The following list is some of the crystals for positive thinking I recommend you try. You do not need them all of them, these are options. There is a combination method that I will explain more about below. How you work with these crystals is up to you but I always recommend you carry on you or wear these stones every day for at least a few weeks for the best results.
All of these stones will work for positive thinking. Just select one that appeals to you the most or that calls to you.
Crystals for positive thinking

Crystals for positive thinking (Pin to Pinterest!)



Sunstone is a pink to orange stone with white or transparent parts. Sometimes it has glittering copper coloured flecks inside it. Sunstone brings in positive energy and boosts your mood. It helps you develop positive thought patterns.


Sunstone Tumble Stone

Sunstone Tumble Stone

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is golden to golden brown with black stripes. The opaque stone has a shifting cats eye effect. You can use Tiger’s Eye to increase your self confidence and also help you think more positively about things.


Tiger's Eye Tumble Stone

Tiger’s Eye Tumble Stone



Goldstone is created by mixing Copper sand with a silica glass base. This creates a red-brown opaque stone which sparkles from all angles. Goldstone is a gentle stone that also helps you not take things too seriously. It will assist you to think more positively about life.


Sunstone Tumble Stone

Sunstone Tumble Stone


Citrine is a golden variety of clear Quartz. Natural Citrine has a light golden yellow colour. Citrine helps boost your self confidence and can be used to create a much more positive and success orientated mindset.
Polished Citrine Crystals Point

Polished Citrine Crystals Point


Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz ranges from light to dark and can be grey, black or smoky brown in colour. Smoky Quartz is used by many people to help them become aware of and reduce patterns of negative thinking. It absorbs negative energy from the aura too.
Smoky Quartz Crystal Point

Smoky Quartz Crystal Point


Rainbow Obsidian

This is the name given to Black Obsidian with a subtle multicoloured sheen. These colours vary and the stone is not that easy to find. Rainbow Obsidian helps you reduce negative thought patterns while enhancing positive thinking habits.


Rainbow Obsidian Tumble Stone

Rainbow Obsidian Tumble Stone


TIP: Combine Crystals!

Are you are trying to reduce negative thoughts, while developing positive thinking habits? You could use Rainbow Obsidian but if you can’t get it try a combination of two crystals.
Combine a Smoky Quartz (reduce negative thinking) with any one of the following crystals: Sunstone, Tiger’s Eye, Goldstone or Citrine.


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4 thoughts on “Top Crystals for Positive Thinking and Mindset

  1. Vivian

    Thank you so much for your tutorials and books about Crystals. I got hot book on Crystal Grid Power and I’m amazed with its quality content. I will start to make use of Crystal Grids for sure and this book is a complete guide for beginners like me.


  2. Cherry

    I’d add a rarer one to that list, if you can get it: Goshenite.

    The colourless form of Beryl (which I’ve just found out that a pendant I’ve had since the mid 2000’s is — next stop, Blue Sapphire pendant, please Universe!) is a superb purifier which promotes honesty and clarity, and these are all great properties, but it also promotes positive thinking. It increases the power of prayers and gratitude, which of course helps too.

    More: Goshenite is also a wonderful booster of creativity (which of course helps us to recognise unusual opportunities and capitalise on them in the best way) and is very helpful if you need to work with numbers and stay mentally sharp, for that reason or any other. (In this last respect it’s quite like Heliodor, which is wonderful for studying and retaining new information.)

    It’s not that hard to find, especially online (mine was a gift, and for ages I thought it was a Clear Topaz, but the light through the facets – it’s a round brilliant cut – just didn’t match; and then someone I know checked it out, and bingo!) and it has more benefits besides the ones I’ve listed; it’s just that the ones I’ve mentioned are probably the most useful and on-topic.

    Love and Light.

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