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2018 Oracle Card Reading and Personal Crystal Message For The Year Ahead

2018 Oracle Card Reading and Personal Crystal Message For The Year Ahead

2018 Oracle Card Reading and Personal Crystal Message For The Year Ahead

Discover what 2018 has in store for you with guidance from the Mineral Kingdom. Includes a Crystal Oracle Card reading and a personal crystal message for you!
First this will be an in-depth overview of the energies of 2018 and guidance. We will look at the different areas of your life then there will be an interactive and personal crystal reading.


Crystal Oracle Card Reading for 2018

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The Crystal Oracle Card Reading for 2018

Below you will see the Oracle Card Reading for 2018. For this reading I have used the Crystal Keepers Oracle by Adam Barralet plus a card in the middle from the Keepers of Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray. Both these amazing decks have given me very accurate and helpful guidance over the past year (Click the links to find out more).


Oracle card reading for 2018

Crystal Oracle card reading for 2018


“2018 Brings major changes with plenty of opportunities for personal growth”


All of the crystals mentioned in this Oracle Card Reading can be used throughout the year to support you if needed. The spread I’m using relates to the five elements as I will explain. The cards read from the very top, clockwise with the middle card read last:

Your Actions: Sunstone

This year make sure that your actions are productive and not counterproductive. What are you doing that is wasting your time? How could you better make use of your spare time or work time? Focus on increasing what is working and reducing or cutting out those time-suckers! I highly recommend using a holistic personal planner like the Law of Attraction Planner or the InnerGuide Planner. You can find these on my Amazon Page.


Law of attraction planner


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Sunstone also teaches us to do what makes us feel joy or happiness. Carve time out of your week for things that lift your spirit. Make sure your words and actions are aligned with positive results and trust that you will see the changes you want to see over the year.

Your Mindset: Black Obsidian

You may find people around you are not really on your wave length. This might be nothing new but some people could be very negative, gossipy or pessimistic. This could bring your energy right down and leave you feeling depressed or drained if you’re not careful.
Try not to engage with too many negative conversations. Use psychic protection to shield yourself from toxic people. Wear or carry protective crystals such as Black Obsidian, Black Tourmaline or Hematite.

Your Emotions: Azurite

Your emotions will be greatly influenced by your intuition. Trust your emotional response to people and situations. Expect an increase in your Third Eye abilities such as clairvoyance, dream messages and other visual signs. It’s a good time to explore Astral Travel or Lucid Dreaming.
The other guidance from Azurite is to expect deep personal changes on the inside. How you look at things in the world is likely to change as you progress on a spiritual path. Don’t worry as your inner GPS will guide you!


Your Physical World: Blue Star Sapphire

Another very spiritual stone. Blue Star Sapphire asks us to really think about our life purpose, your calling or what major things you want to do in this lifetime. You may not be able to accomplish this in one year but what steps can you take towards this? The other cards indicate that clarity will come if needed. Ask the Universe.
Blue Star Sapphire can be meditated with to receive more guidance. Those of you who know what it is you want to do, will have every opportunity this year to make it happen if you take physical action towards your goals.

Your Spiritual Path: Kali-Ma

The last card is not a crystal but a message from an aspect of the divine. The Hindu Goddess Kali brings through the final message that you must face your fears head on to progress on a spiritual level. This may mean doing things out of your comfort zone, exploring things that may not be pretty or easy.
Some shadow work may be needed and certainly this all will only make you stronger. Major spiritual changes are unfolding for you this year.


Crystal Reading for the year ahead

Crystal Reading for the year ahead


Get Your Personal Crystal Mini-Reading below:


1: Amethyst

Amethyst’s message for you is to trust your psychic insights. Find ways to develop your natural psychic abilities this year.


2: Turquoise

Turquoise is asking you to release stress and worry. Stress can block you so look for ways to relax and release stress this year.


3: Hematite

Hematite’s message for you is to make sure you use psychic protection on a daily basis. Learn shielding techniques this year.


4: Tibetan Black Quartz

Tibetan Black Quartz asks you to be more mindful of negative thinking. Learn and develop positive thinking habits this year.


5: Green Jade

Green Jade asks you to work on your abundance mindset. Believe that you deserve prosperity and break through money blocks this year.


6: Fluorite

Fluorite’s message for you in 2018 is to become more aware of your energetic space. Cleanse your aura daily this year.


7: Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz asks you to make sure that you are nurturing yourself as well as others. schedule in me-time with no excuses this year.


8: Yellow Opal

Yellow Opal asks you to shine your light. Let nobody stop you being yourself and learn new ways to manifest this year.


9: Angelite

Angelite wants you to know that the Angels are with you. Work on sharing your truth and message with the world this year.


10: Carnelian

Carnelian wants you to work on your personal empowerment. Seek empowering people, teachers and books out this year.


11: White Aragonite

Aragonite’s message is that you have to release old energies from the past. De-clutter, cleanse your home and aura regularly this year.


12: Labradorite

Labradorite asks that you embrace change. A quantum leap in personal growth and development is possible this year.


How did you find your personal crystal message? If you enjoyed this article and the Oracle Card Reading let me know in the comments below (Please keep any questions you have on topic if you want a response).
With gratitude,


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  1. denise

    that is the best reading I have ever had so on it I just said these things I was just read a week ago but how do know I will be carrying the right stones

  2. Rosa

    fantastic thank you. all the right points were mentioned. was like you read my thought. blessed. thank you again Ethan and Happy New Year.

  3. Maria

    Love the structure of your site and your messages. Going to amazon today to purchase Crystal Grid Power! Thank you for sharing your gift!

  4. Tassie

    Your crystal reading for the year, as well as my personal crystal guidance for the year are right on! The crystal guidance was definitely for me! It resonated superbly! #TheCrystalsDontLie LOL!

  5. Shahrzad

    Your Crystal reading was like MAGIC. You answered all my questions and cleared all my doubts .I am absolutely blessed and I’m very grateful . Happy New Year Ethan.

  6. Pat Dubyk

    I love reading your newsletter and listening to your advise and wisdom. My reading was right on and the stones were perfect. ( I just had to pick two) Thanks for sharing this wonderful world of crystald with so many. Happy New year and best wishes

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    Thank you Ethan. You have written about me! Really I thought you wrote all the things about me… This is the best article I read about crystals .

    Wish you a wonderful and prosperous year ahead.

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  9. Kerrie

    Thankyou Ethan, had 2 crystals calling me. Crystal grids popping up a lot lately, will have to get your book. Thankyou and all the best for the year ahead

  10. DeLayna

    Spot on! I chose carnelian, and as I’ve been struggling with personal growth for awhile now, I feel empowered to keep going no matter what. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I look forward to your newsletters, and have bought 2 of your books in the last week. May your New Year be blessed.

  11. Amy Kartage

    I absolutely LOVE your books! I began my growth process last January. I began with meditation, then crystals (your books/articles were a great help), and then I received my attunements for Reiki I & II. I am now reading your book on grids to set up one or more grids in my Reiki room. Your article on guardian stones showed me that flourite was my stone–which I have had a love for since I started last year. This reading showed me amethyst and had wonderful advice for the coming year. Thank you so much and keep writing!!!

  12. Nancy

    Hello Ethan I’m very excited my crystal grid power arrived today and can’t wait to start reading this book .
    Thanks for all your information so happy to find this web page ❤️

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