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Must Have Crystals For Crystal Grids

Must Have Crystals For Crystal Grids

Must Have Crystals For Crystal Grids

These must-have crystals for crystal grids are essential. Make smart choices and invest in crystals that can be used for many different crystal grids…
I often hear from people that are starting to work with crystal grids but need to budget themselves. Buying crystals for crystal grids can get expensive and we all want to make our money work for us. These tips should help you get started and make smarter choices when buying crystals.

Useful Crystals for Crystal Grids

There are crystals that are so versatile that they can be used in many different crystal grids, over and over again. They offer the most value for money long term and are a worthy investment if you wish to do more crystal gridding.

The Power Of Clear Quartz

If you are familiar with my crystal grids or have my book Crystal Grids Power, you will know I like to work with clear Quartz in nearly all my grids. Clear Quartz crystals serve many purposes and will enhance the effect of any crystal grid. They amplify, direct energy and are highly programmable.
Although this is a colourless and clear form of Quartz, do not worry if it is not completely clear or perfect. Always buy what you can afford and what is available for you.
Must have crystals for Crystal Grids

Crystal grid must-haves. Wooden grid base by Fractal Roots Design

One Clear Quartz Standing Crystal Point

For most crystal grids you will need a crystal that is placed in the center. This is the Central Stone, also known as the Focus Stone. You could see this like the energy hub of your crystal grid. This also focuses the intention behind your grid. It can be made of any type of stone and be in different shapes and forms too.
Look for a natural or carved standing crystal point or Crystal Tower. As Clear Quartz is all-purpose means you can use it for any crystal grid. These are very useful crystals for crystal grids. They can substitute any Central Stone that you read about in my blog posts, books or through other sources.
The Central Stone used in this Crystal Grid is the focal point

The Central Stone used in this crystal grid is the main focal point. Wooden grid base made by Fractal Roots Design.

TIP: Clear Quartz does not need to have perfect clarity to work. But ideally a good portion of the crystal should be clear and colourless.

What Type of Crystal Point?

This can be a natural raw Crystal Point that has had the base cut so that it stands up. Or you can use one that has been polished or carved into shape. You can also use a Standing Crystal Point (sometimes called a Tower) that is cut to shape with six uniform sides. In terms of size and proportion it should be prominent and the largest crystal in the grid.
You might want to get one that is at least one inch wide and two and a half inches tall. This will be suitable for most grids. Larger crystals do have more impact energetically but there is no need to go crazy! Your grid should look visually balanced to you and pleasing to the eye. It is more about the proportions in relation to the other crystals.
A Clear Quartz Standing Crystal Point is ideal for all crystal grids

A Clear Quartz Standing Crystal Point is ideal for all crystal grids

Six or Twelve Clear Quartz Crystal Points

These will be essential Support Stones for your grids. You will see these often used in crystal grids because they are so useful in constructing geometric patterns. They direct energies throughout the grid and out into the Universe. Without at least 6 and ideally 12 you will struggle to make many crystal grids.

“A set of Quartz Crystal Points is such a useful tool and something I think anyone into crystals should have in their collection”

What Type of Crystal Points?

You can use natural unpolished clear Quartz Crystal Points of roughly the same size. They do not need to look perfect. These crystals can be single or Double Terminated. You can use cut and polished Crystal Points but these are usually much more expensive and hard to get in groups like this.
Quartz Crystal Points are essential for gridding

Quartz Crystal Points are essential for grid-work!

In terms of size as a general rule for my grids, they should be around one and a half inches long. If you were short on space you might go a bit smaller.  Suppose you were making a large grid, you might want larger and longer points. Use your eye and think more about proportions and the mass of a crystal as a guide if you are unsure.
One and a half inches to two inches in length points are fairly easy to find and suitable for most grids you will make. To save yourself money, buy in bulk and see my tips below:

Buying Quartz Crystals For Crystal Grids:

1 – Any good local Crystal Shop should have loose Quartz Crystal Points.

2 – Museum Shops often sell very inexpensive Quartz Crystal Points.

3 – Save and buy in bulk! Search Etsy for ‘Quartz Crystal Jewelry Points’ or ‘Quartz Crystal Points Wholesale’ or Quartz Crystal Points Bulk’ or ‘Quartz Crystal Points Lot’.

If you want to learn more practical tips about these and other crystals for crystal grids then check out my bestselling book Crystal Grids Power. It has everything you need to know about crystal grids, all in one place.
Do you have a question about these crystals? Let me know in the comments below (Please keep any questions you have on topic if you want a response).
With gratitude,
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19 thoughts on “Must Have Crystals For Crystal Grids

  1. Samantha

    Excellent advice, thank you, and stunning photos that explain what grids with carefully chosen crystals might look like. I absolutely love your grid templates! They are elegant, mathematically precise, and are very effective for manifesting intent.

  2. Geri Nicholls

    Love the crystal grids. My friend and I make healing oil and Essences and use grids and stones simultaneously. The power is amazing. We have realized that we use our own crystals after dowsing and are always surprised at the formations that come up for a given situation. Our formations are rarely symmetrical and pretty but they are powerful.
    Thanks for the grid templates.
    Geri N

  3. Michelle Asker

    Hi, I recently got your crystal grids book, and I’m wondering, can I set up two crystal grids for slightly different reasons in the same room? I have several goals, and limited sacred space, do to having little kids. Would it be better to try to combine two grids into one?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi Michelle, thanks so much for getting my book, I hope you enjoy it. I think it is perfectly okay to have more than one Crystal Grid going at the same time and in one room. Combining two into one can be a little complicated but if you are okay doing that, then do it. I think it is better to combine grids of similar purposes like success with abundance. Have a think about it.

  4. Elaine Lee

    Much thanks Ethan, for all your advice on crystals ans grids. Invaluable for a beginner like me! I do enjoy reading your posts as each one adds upon the knowledge u share generously. I’m so excited to begin making my first crystal grid!

  5. Roy hoffman

    I have got a quartz crystal grid which is actually made out of quartz crystal it’s 5 inches have never seen one I bought it at a flea market so I am very interested in your book and getting started in this have you any idea where it came from I’ve looked all over on the Internet and cannot find anything like it

  6. Paula Estin

    I’m fairly new to crystals but have quite a collection already, but I only heard about grids for the first time today. My question is, can you make a grid if you only have 1 of every stone? I actually have 2 rose quartz, 2 black tourmaline, & 4 Labradorite, but only 1 of each of everything else. Thanks!

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      You could do but it depends on what crystals are needed for a grid you are trying to make. It’s like a recipe and gridding will often require getting new stones. If you visit the crystal grid articles in my Resources page you will learn more about my way of working.

  7. Steven

    Ethan I appreciate your articles very much. Thank you for posting clear cut and original information. Two questions:

    1) Clear Quartz generator vs milky quartz generator.
    Is there a preference for the quartz point generator at the grid center to be clear quartz or milky Quartz? Is clear quartz a more powerful generator than milky Quartz or they are equivalent?
    2) If in your grid, you replace the six inner circle tumbled stones with generator points, do you get a significantly more powerful grid?
    Thank you.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi Steven, I only use Milky/Snow Quartz for specific grids that need that energy. Clear Quartz is more of an enhancer and clear channel for all types of energy. Generators and other shapes can be used for the support stones to fine-tune or enhance the energy of the grid. Though, it is not needed for the grid to work.

  8. May Yee

    Hi Ethan I purchased 3 of your books but the only one I don’t have is Discover Your Guardian Stone Is this a book that I will need? Can you comment on This book?
    Also do you recommend 2 inch quartz points or would 1.5 inch quartz points be just as good…
    Thank you for well Your written books on crystals..

  9. priya

    how to put my clear quartz point in my abudance grid ???
    clear quartz point outward to the grid ??
    or clear quartz point inward to the grid ??

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