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Should Crystal Points Point In Or Out In Crystal Grids?

Should Crystal Points Point In Or Out In Crystal Grids?

Should Crystal Points Point In Or Out In Crystal Grids?

Should the crystal points point in or out in crystal grids? Should your crystals point in to attract and outwards to release? Let’s look at this in more detail…

Since I started sharing photos of my crystal grids online and published Crystal Grids Power back in 2017, I am sometimes asked about this. Why do my crystal points point outwards? Shouldn’t the crystals point inwards to attract something? Which way should the crystal points point in my crystal grid?

Crystal grid diagram with energy beams pointing outwards
Should crystal points point in or out?

Crystal Points & Energy Flow

Before we go any further, I just want to briefly clarify how crystal points are used in a crystal grid. Crystal points are generally used to direct energy within a crystal grid. Crystal points channel spiritual energy through them and focus it out through the termination point.

Two Schools Of Thought

Generally speaking, there are two schools of thought around whether crystal points point in or out in crystal grids. Neither is right or wrong, they are just different methods. The only rule is that once you find the way that feels right, stick with it. I think that mixing methods will only amplify your uncertainty and could cause confusion.

Some people point crystals inwards to attract things and outwards to release or cleanse things. This binary system is based on the principle of out = send away and in = attract.

It’s important to do what feels and looks right in your crystal grids. In my crystal grids, you will notice that the crystal points almost always point outwards. You might be scratching your head but let me explain why this is a natural metaphysical system based on sacred geometry.

Three crystal grids - The crystal points all point outwards
My crystal grids – note the direction of the points

Manifesting Your Intentions

When I want to manifest something, I see it as sending my intention OUT into the world and the universe. This way, what I want to manifest can then come back to me. If you look at a magnetic field, it has to first extend OUTWARDS to pull anything towards it.

Magnetic field. (2022, October 2). In Wikipedia.
Diagram of Earth’s magnetic field from Wikipedia

The Energy Patterns Of Crystal Grids & Flowers

I will be exploring this in greater detail in Crystal Grids Power 2. If you look at one of my crystal grids, they usually reflect the sacred geometry found in nature. Look at a flower for example. The flower petals only point inward when they are closed and sleeping. During the day they open, releasing their scent and attracting the bees to them…

See the sunflower photo below. Keep reading and I will show you how sunflowers contain potent sacred geometry…

Sunflower – Nature recognises its radiating and attracting energy

The Radiating Power of The Stars

The same applies to the sun or any star in the galaxy. The sun shines and radiates energy outwards. Its giant magnetic field draws other bodies like planets towards it. If you look at many crystal grids (or mandalas) they take on these radiating star-like or unfolding flower patterns.

I want my crystal grids to radiate energy and my intentions out into the universe

Crystal grid with crystal points pointing outwards
Radiante to send out your intentions and attract what you desire

What About Cleansing and Releasing Crystal Grids?

I point these crystal points outwards because my intention is to send something away and for it to not come back. This could be cleansing negative energy or releasing bad habits or limiting patterns of behaviour. To let things go the energy needs to be expelled.

What About Crystal Grids To Heal Someone?

It depends on the target of the healing. For regular crystal grids, whether this is you or someone else, you are not inside the crystal grid. So the target is outside the grid and the crystal points point outwards. The healing energy is being sent to its destination.

Earth healing crystal grid with amethyst, rose quartz and Amazonite crystals
The three Amethyst crystal points in this Earth healing grid point outwards

What About Body Crystal Grids? (Crystal Layouts)

If a healing crystal grid is placed around your body then I would point the points inwards. This is because the target of your intention is in the middle of the grid, not outside it. What about a crystal grid placed around you for cleansing your aura? Again, in this case, the crystal points would point out, away from your body.

What About Crystal Grids For Protection?

Most of the time, I use outward-pointing crystals. In this case, the crystal points become like needles on a cactus or a raised sword. Outward energy is also defensive and can push things we don’t want away. See pic below.

Thistle flower bud
The spikes on this thistle protect the plant and the flower

The other way is to create a wall with crystal points. Crystal points can also form a circle or square that becomes a boundary. The energetic shield is sent to the intended person or place. This is also seen in some grids placed around a room or a house. Here the target is inside the grid.

Home protection crystal grid with crystals placed at the four corners
Crystals create a barrier around your home in this grid

So hopefully this shows you how the crystal grids I teach are based more on the sacred geometry patterns found in nature. To see the stunning sacred geometry inside a sunflower check out my short YouTube channel below (please subscribe for more!):

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7 thoughts on “Should Crystal Points Point In Or Out In Crystal Grids?

  1. Cherry

    That makes perfect sense. If you’re creating a grid, you are, in effect, trying to send a message to the Universe; positioning the grod’s crystals point inwards would probably be a little like having a bird trapped in a room, swooping around trying to find its way out. The message – the energy you wanted to send outward – would end up trapped with its sender. Bad enough if it’s something you’re trying to manifest, but worse if it’s something you’re trying to dispel.

    Love and Light.

  2. Nancy Keatley

    You have just answered the few lingering questions about grids. Thank you so much , I truly enjoy making my grids, and I have all your books which I refer to often.

    I am enjoying your videos, usually do not respond much, just enjoy but was very pleased to totally understand why a grid should be made certain ways. To use your intuition is always best but to understand why is important
    So Thank you so much

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