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7 Crystals For Letting Go and Moving On, Release the past…

7 Crystals For Letting Go and Moving On, Release the past…

7 Crystals For Letting Go and Moving On, Release the past…

Work with crystals for letting go and moving on with your life. These 7 crystals help you release attachments to people, places, bad experiences, past hurts or disappointments.

We all experience difficulties in letting go in our life. This is normal but occasionally this creates a block and prevents you from moving on. Sometimes these attachments are like ropes that keep you stuck in the past, stifling your light and growth.

This could prevent you from allowing new and better experiences or people into your life. I know a few crystals that I think might be able to help you.

Crystals for letting go - Black Obsidian moon Face with autumn leaves
Crystals for Letting Go

How To Work With Crystals For Letting Go

To work with crystals for letting go, you will first need to set a clear intention. What is it that you wish to let go of? These crystals work on the energetic level but you must do your part to consciously disconnect from the person or situation.

TIP: Stop doing anything you shouldn’t be doing if it reconnects you with the person or situation. Texting your ex or looking through old pics for example. Your actions could be cancelling out your spiritual work. Commit to freeing yourself 100% and don’t invite it back…

Accept That Letting Go Takes Time

In most cases letting go is not an instant thing but a process. Be gentle with yourself and accept it may take time to heal from this. I recommend you carry or wear any crystals for letting go on a daily basis for support and to have the best results.

Autumn/Fall, Halloween crystal grid with obsidian bat carving
The season of Autumn/Fall is supportive for releasing things

Crystal Tips

If you choose to wear crystal jewellery, you could wear a pendant or necklace over your heart chakra. Otherwise, a bracelet is another good choice as the hands are linked to this energy centre too. Traditionally The left hand is said to be the closest to the heart. Also consider cleansing your aura, more on this later

7 Crystals For Letting Go


Black Obsidian is a powerful crystal for letting go. It helps cut the energetic cords that bind you to anything or anyone that does not serve your highest good. Black Obsidian assists you in delving deep to work on your shadow self and banish toxic connections at the root.

Black Obsidian Arrowhead
Black Obsidian Arrowhead (Arrowheads support etheric cord cutting)


Soothing blue Larimar is a nice gentle stone that supports you in letting go of your past. Larimar helps you if you are struggling to forgive someone or yourself. You might find it useful if you are releasing childhood issues. This crystal helps you tap into inner peace and tranquillity.

Polished triangular Larimar slice
Polished Larimar slice


Amethyst helps you cleanse and release the past. Because Amethyst is a stone of transmutation it assists you in taking any valuable lessons from the experience. This way you can use them to steer yourself away from similar situations or people in the future.

Amethyst Merkaba Star
Amethyst Merkaba Star (Merkabas symbolise transformation)


Black Kyanite is a good alternative to Black Obsidian. It is perfect for releasing unhealthy attachments or the need to control others. If you’re finding it hard to let go, Black Kyanite could help you. It also sweeps away any remaining negative energy.

Black Kyanite crystals
Black Kyanite crystals


Charoite is rare but may resonate with some of you. This high vibe violet crystal holds the energy of the violet flame. Charoite guides you through letting go of limiting beliefs and clearing karma between you and others. This helps you let go and move on with your life.

Chunky Charoite tumbled stone
Charoite tumbled stone


Rainbow Obsidian assists you in disconnecting from negativity and harmful situations. It strengthens your boundaries and supports your emotional healing. Rainbow Obsidian also protects your energy from reattaching to the source of the problem.

Rainbow Obsidian Heart
Rainbow Obsidian Heart


Blue Kyanite guides you to see the truth in the situation and how it no longer serves you. This crystal helps you use better discernment and see the higher perspective. Blue Kyanite also supports you in severing the etheric connection to toxic or limiting people of situations.

Blue kyanite crystal power with golden autumn/fall leaves behind
Blue Kyanite Crystal Tower

How To Cleanse Your Aura

Below is a short video of me showing you how to deep cleanse your aura with Selenite/Satin Spar. This is a great way to clear out any old energy and make a fresh start before working with any of the crystals above.

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