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7 Crystals For Good Luck 🍀 Most lucky stones revealed

7 Crystals For Good Luck 🍀 Most lucky stones revealed

7 Crystals For Good Luck 🍀 Most lucky stones revealed

What are the best crystals for good luck? Which stones or gemstones are lucky for you? Also, does astrology have anything to do with it? Can these magical crystals attract good luck, blessings and positive energy?

What Exactly Is Good Luck?

Before we get to the crystals for good luck, how do you define luck? The concept of luck is an ancient one that is rooted in many cultural traditions and folk practices. People will have different ideas about what good luck is and what is considered to be lucky. Generally, it’s considered to be positive energy that can attract good things or opportunities to you.

7 crystals for good luck
There are lots of crystals for good luck to choose from

A Modern Perspective On Good Luck

In modern-day crystal healing, you don’t hear too much about crystals for good luck. The problem with beliefs around luck is that some people are very superstitious. To me, good luck is really just a bit of positive energy that could help you out or give you the edge.

That does not mean that your life will be perfect and nothing ever goes wrong. You should always have realistic expectations. Accept that life will have its ups and downs regardless of the lucky charm you have.

Faceted blue sapphire gemstone
Learn how birthstones and zodiac stones could help…

Adopt A Good Luck Mindset

Some might say being lucky is a state of mind. I do think that believing you are a lucky person is going to help you in many ways. Have you noticed that lucky people have a positive mindset and expect good things to happen?

I would recommend having this mindset to increase your chances. As with manifesting techniques, you must take action and put yourself out there if you want to attract things.

crystal grid with affirmation note
Your mindset is important. Affirmations could help


Try my lucky mindset affirmations video on YouTube. You can also do them while holding or wearing a lucky drawing crystal. Give them a try:

Are There Crystals For Good Luck?

Some crystals have been considered to be lucky for thousands of years. Others may have built a reputation for being lucky through people’s experience with them. What I’m sharing here are a few I know and recommend. Combine any crystals for good luck with a positive mindset and optimistic expectations.

7 Crystals For Good Luck


Many people consider Green Aventurine to be a lucky stone. Green is a colour many associate with good luck. After all, many green stones are associated with nature, growth and prosperity. Green Aventurine is calming and helpful if a more chilled approach to life or business is needed.

Green Aventurine Tumbled Stone
Green Aventurine Tumbled Stone


Pyrite is a crystal which is rich in Iron. Iron is a dense element that can help you make pragmatic choices in the physical world and support you in manifesting what you desire. The golden aura of this stone is attuned to the positive energy of the sun, success and prosperity.

Druzy Pyrite Tumbled Stone
Druzy Pyrite Tumbled Stone


This is a newer stone but it has also been considered one of the crystals for good luck. It certainly puts you into a calm state of mind which will always support your success. Amazonite soothes your fears which enables you to better flow towards what you do want in your life.

Amazonite Palm Stone with smoky quartz inclusions
Amazonite (with smoky quartz inclusions) Palm Stone


Jet has a long history of use by ancient people who saw it as a very sacred stone. This black stone has cleansing and protective properties. It clears away negativity around you and within your aura. This might help remove blocks to your blessings and turn the tide on your luck.

Chunk of polished Jet
A chunk of polished Jet


This is another stone that is considered to be sacred since ancient times. Out of all its colours, Green Jade has long been considered one of the best crystals for good luck. This legendary stone supports thriving, magnetising success and achieving your goals.

Green Jade Laughing Buddha statue
Green Jade Laughing Buddha for luck


Another way to find a personalised crystal for good luck is to work with your birthstone. Many people believe that their birthstone has brought them luck. These stones may be related to the seasons or to the zodiac, more on astrology next. There are different lists that predate the 1912 modern list. Always go with what feels right for you.

TIP: You can check this list of traditional and modern jeweller’s birthstones if you are not familiar with yours HERE.

Opals are associated with October births but also Libras


Unlike birthstones, Zodiac stones are completely based on astrology. Normally they are chosen by your sun sign and there are many different options available. Any crystal associated with your zodiac sign can bring you luck. Generally, zodiac stones enhance positive traits or support overcoming shadow aspects of your sign.

Zodiac stones are a big topic so I may cover this in the future if people are interested. In the meantime, the book I recommend for this is The Crystal Zodiac by Judy Hall. It covers crystals for your sun, rising and moon sign.

Please note that as an Amazon Associate I earn a small amount from any purchases through this link at no extra cost to you. Thank you.

The Crystal Zodiac book by Judy Hall
Learn more about the Crystal Zodiac


If you’re in need of some inspirational guidance about manifesting more money and success check out my pick-a-card reading on YouTube. Which door will you choose to your path to greater prosperity?

Is there a crystal that you believe has brought you some good luck? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

If you are looking for other information please use the search box or visit my FREE Resources page to see if it’s already been covered elsewhere.

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5 thoughts on “7 Crystals For Good Luck 🍀 Most lucky stones revealed

  1. Gabriela

    Hello Ethan! I loved this post. I would add Tiger’s Eye to the list, I feel in this stone a strong vibration of self-confidence and good fortune. I always appreciate you sharing your knowledge so generously. Of course I have all your books and they are the perfect guide for me and my work. Thank you, have a nice day

  2. Cherry

    Peridot is regarded as lucky too. It draws in positive energy while repelling negative. The Romans used to gift it to their high ranking officials in jewellery because they believed it would ward off jealousy and hangers-on.

    I personally find Emerald is lucky. Not to mention superb at reducing inflammation and helping me communicate with my house plants.

    Love and Light.

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