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Crystal Pyramid Meaning, Energy and Uses In Crystal Healing

Crystal Pyramid Meaning, Energy and Uses In Crystal Healing

Crystal Pyramid Meaning, Energy and Uses In Crystal Healing

Crystal pyramid meaning and uses explained. What is the energy and meaning of a pyramid in sacred geometry and how can you use it? What does this carved crystal form do in crystal healing, your home or crystal grids?

Crystal Pyramids

A crystal pyramid is any crystal, mineral or gemstone carved into a geometric pyramid form. These can be found in crystal shops and used in several ways. First, let’s look at the geometry of a pyramid to gain a better understanding of its energy.

Pyramids In Sacred Geometry

A pyramid is a geometric form with five sides. It has four triangular faces that meet at the point or apex. Under this is the square base of the pyramid. The triangular sides can be any type of triangle shape.

Upward pointing triangles can be seen as a symbol of fire (like a flame) and a light (a ray). A square is a more grounded earth element shape. The four sides of the base and the triangles can be aligned with the compass’s four directions and the Earth’s magnetic field.

Four different crystal pyramids
Crystal Pyramids make beautiful altar stones

Some theorise that a pyramid was a geometric symbol of a mountain. The ancients saw mountains as sacred sites that are closer to the gods, heaven and the stars.

The Great Pyramid of Giza and the Nubian pyramids use specific angles and proportions that further enhance their sacred geometry. I’ll explore the energy of crystal pyramids in more detail in a moment.

Pyramid crystals from above
Crystal pyramids work well together

Ancient Pyramids Of The World

Pyramid geometry has been used in the construction of buildings worldwide since ancient times. Some of the most well-known pyramids can be found in Egypt and South America.

They were also built by the ancient Nubians and the Chinese. Pyramids have become associated with lost civilizations like Atlantis.

Two of the pyramids at Giza, Egypt. Includes the great pyramid
The majestic pyramids at Giza, Egypt

Many ancient pyramids have been found to be aligned with the north. Some, like the Great Pyramid of Giza, have shafts that appear to align with different stars. It seems that ancient people considered pyramids a very sacred form for both burial and temple structures.

Lots of different crystal pyramids, wooden box, brass candle holder and bell
Crystal pyramid meaning explained

Crystal Pyramid Meaning

Now let’s look at the crystal pyramid meaning within the world of crystal healing. This is based on the information you can find in my books Crystal Grids Power volumes 1 and 2 (book 2 coming soon).

Positive review of crystal grids power

Crystal pyramids direct and focus energy out through the tip or apex. They raise the vibration and amplify energy. The base of the pyramid helps anchor your intention, while the point beams it out into the universe. This makes pyramids useful for intention setting and manifesting things.

The pyramid form is an energy activator. A crystal pyramid can also be used to balance energy.

Mini Preseli Bluestone Pyramid
Mini Preseli Bluestone Pyramid

Does The Type of Stone Affect The Crystal Pyramid Meaning?

Yes, when working with the form of crystal, this only adds extra properties to the stone. Forms also direct the energy in different ways. Always consider the type of crystal first then choose the form that best suits your purpose.

Let’s say you wanted to manifest more abundance in your life. You could use a Pyrite or Green Jade pyramid for example.

Always think about how the properties of the crystal will be enhanced or combined with the pyramid form. Clear Quartz is all-purpose so I recommend that for a start, you can work with it in so many ways.

Crystal grid on a mirror with Golden Healer Quartz pyramid in the centre
Crystal grid with Golden Healer Quartz pyramid

8 Ways To Work With Crystal Pyramids

Now that you know about the crystal pyramid’s meaning and energy, how can you work with it? Here are my suggestions and ideas for you to experiment with and explore.

Please Note: I don’t recommend you carry a crystal pyramid in your pocket. I’ve tried this and they have a habit of turning around and poking you. It’s surprisingly painful too! 😂

1. Program a crystal pyramid with your intentions

2. Place a crystal pyramid over your chakras to balance or activate them

3. Use a crystal pyramid a central stone in your crystal grids

4. Place a crystal pyramid in a room to help raise the vibration

5. Crystal pyramids make great altar stones for spiritual growth

6. Mediate with a crystal pyramid to help raise your vibration

7. Place a crystal pyramid in your home to balance earth energy

8. Meditate with a crystal pyramid while visualising your intention

3 Ways To Use a Clear Quartz Crystal Pyramid

Below are three key ways to use a Clear Quartz crystal pyramid in crystal healing from my YouTube channel:

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  1. Mahrukh Sutaria

    Nice and enlightening. Can we use green aventurine pyramid as a centre stone for abundance manifestations on a crystal grid

  2. Iren

    Thank you for a great informative post, I like to work with pyramids, probably I intuitively feel their powers. I have a large Meru pyramid for cleansing, I’ve learned about this pyramid from your website of course, I think it’s great! Happy to to hear the news about upcoming Crystal Grids Power volume 2. I have you trilogy and the second set and a Meru pyramid as well I’ve got for my son. Ethan thank you very much for everything. Your books and your posts are very informative and enlightening )))

  3. Rob New Hudson

    Thank you again for another informative article, Ethan. I can honestly say I’ve learnt more from you about crystals than all the books combined. Can’t wait for your next Crystal Grids Power book

  4. Stephanie

    I’ve recently bought two orgone pyramids which are resin based but contain crystal chips and spheres (carnelian, amethyst). I just liked the shapes and was drawn to them but not sure if they would work as a true crystal pyramid in a grid or room does? I too have your first grids book, Ethan, and it’s my go-to reference for sacred geometry grids. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  5. Pat Dubyk

    Ethan . As always . Your posts are so interesting and enlightening.. I have many crystals books, each one has a slightly different explanation….I love pyramids.. Have always had an interest and draw to the Egyptian history of pyramids.. this article is so enlightening… . Orgone attracted me a couple years back and consequently they are also part of my collection.. many thanks for all your excellent writings.

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