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7 Healing Crystals For When You’re Sick: Get back on your feet

7 Healing Crystals For When You’re Sick: Get back on your feet

7 Healing Crystals For When You’re Sick: Get back on your feet

Seven crystals for when you’re sick to support healing: Try these stones when you’re feeling unwell or have a cold or flu. Learn how they could help you feel better, overcome illness and get back on your feet again…

Crystals That Support Your Recovery

When you’re sick or trying to get over something like a cold or flu, it can really be draining and frustrating. Normally, my work focuses on crystals for mental, emotional and spiritual healing. But are there any support stones for when you’re ill or to boost your immune system?

To clarify, I don’t believe these crystals can cure or treat the illness but I do think they might help you on your journey to recovery. After all, your mind, body and spirit are connected. Crystals have a calming and restorative effect on many people.

Healing crystals in a bowl
Place a few healing crystals in a small bowl near you

These crystals could help you feel better and are traditionally used to promote healing. Whatever is wrong with you, try one of these crystals and see how you feel.

Disclaimer: This is a complementary medicine (alternative healing) article and not a substitute for the advice of a licensed medical practitioner. Make sure you follow the advice of your doctor, taking any medicine that you need to if trying alternative methods like crystal healing.

TIP: Create A Care Package For A Friend 🎁

🥰 Why not create a care package if you know someone who is sick? In addition to other gifts, you could include a crystal or two that they can hold or place by their bed and hopefully feel better. It will depend if they are open to crystal healing of course.

Crystals for when you're sick blog post
Crystals for when you’re sick

7 Healing Crystals For When You’re Sick


I find that Bloodstone is one of the best general healing stones to consider trying. It supports you on your path to recovery. Bloodstone gives you the inner strength to get through things. Its energy brings renewal and supports regeneration. Some say it works with the immune system.

Bloodstone tumbled stone


I recommend Carnelian for your healing process, it gives you a boost of energy without over-energising like some crystals. Your body will be using your physical energy to fight off or repair itself so make sure you are getting rest. Judy Hall recommends also Carnelian for colds and the immune system.

Carnelian tumbled stone


This is a British stone not so well known in some parts of the world. It’s worth seeking out as it’s a powerful healer and soothing stone to hold. Preseli Bluestone helps give you more patience. This is helpful if it’s taking time to get over your illness.

Preseli Bluestone Green Man carving
Preseli Bluestone Green Man


Amazonite balances your subtle energy (chi/prana) when you are unwell. When we get sick our energy is usually out of balance or we have been stressed. Amazonite is also one of my top crystals for when you’re sick because it’s so calming. After all, being stressed or getting stressed about being sick is not helpful for healing!

Amazonite tumbled stone
Amazonite with some smoky inclusions


From the name, this one may not come as a surprise to anyone but it’s so much more than a good healing crystal. Golden Healer Quartz lifts your mood and energy if you’re feeling a bit down and deflated. This golden crystal cleanses all your chakras and encourages positive thinking.

Golden Healer Quartz pyramid
Golden Healer Quartz


I’m recommending Serpentine as one of my crystals for when you’re sick because of its detoxifying properties. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water if you have a virus. Serpentine may help you cleanse your body and clears the energy of all your chakras too.

Serpentine tumbled stone


Smoky Quartz is also helpful when you are unwell. It works with the physical body, where healing needs to happen. Have it on hand if you’re feeling down and having a lot of negative thoughts about being ill. This crystal may help clear the negativity and shift your mindset to a better place. Cleanse it often!

Smoky quartz crystal point
Smoky Quartz

TIP: Try A Healing Crystal Grid!

There are crystal grids that can be used to send healing energy to yourself or a loved one. Watch my simple healing crystal grid tutorial on my YouTube channel:

If you want to know more about these more advanced methods, check out my book Crystal Grids Power (click the link below).

Crysta grid with my book crystal grids power
Click the link above to learn more about crystal grids

Do you have any go-to crystals for when you’re sick? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

If you are looking for other information please use the search box or visit my FREE Resources page to see if it’s already been covered elsewhere.

With gratitude,


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20 thoughts on “7 Healing Crystals For When You’re Sick: Get back on your feet

  1. Nancy Curcio

    I love to use Mangano calcite to reduce my anxiety when not feeling well. For me, it has a soft & soothing vibration that calms me.

  2. Stephanie

    I too am under the weather this week; finally took today off work when this popped into my inbox. Good timing! I have a golden healer quartz palm stone I like to carry around sometimes. I’ll have to bring it out with some of these and make a grid or two. Thank you & hope you are staying well!

  3. Carolyn

    Ametrine is my go to healer especially for aches and pains it’s very calming however liked your suggestion of bloodstone .must try that one as funnily enough I developed a sniffle yesterday.
    Thanks Ethan I always look forward to reading your posts.

  4. Jacqueline Myers

    Thanks for this Ethan. I would never have thought of carnelian as one , good to know. Would you recommend selenite? I always reach for selenite when I am poorly. Helped me get through covid.

  5. P.Nutt

    Thank you for this post Ethan! I always keep a golden healer palm stone on my bedside – it is seems to draw heat out of areas that are inflamed.
    I love to wear Amber & Bloodstone bracelets when I feel under the weather.
    Healerite is a new one to me – I received a palm sized Healerite heart as a gift at Christmas – it has been very helpful! I’ve laid down and placed on areas of digestive discomfort and it was very soothing

  6. Bea Robbins

    Thank you for all the wonderful extras that are in every email and article you write. I feel so blessed to be receiving these tips.
    I have a small green duck carving I used in 1995 whenever I went to physio therapy. I had fractured my sacrum/coccyx and was in terrible pain. It was such a comfort. I cannot recall what it’s name is though, perhaps serpentine? It was carved by a Canadian native or Eskimo.
    Many of my crystals and rocks I purchased 30 years ago. When I moved, I lost track of their names!
    This is distressing. Hopefully I will discover a way to identify them.

  7. Amanda Hamlin

    I use Larimar if I have a cough. My husband can tell f I’m not wearing it too because I will be coughing and he will say “you aren’t wearing your larimar are you?” I will get my bracelet and stop coughing! I also use Stitchtite for neuropathy in my feet. I swear as I slide the stone into my sock I can feel the pain leaving my body!

  8. Cherry

    I employ a huge variety of crystals for my AS and Asthma, but last month when I contracted COVID (in all probability the Omicron variant), I found myself reaching for Smoky Quartz, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Emerald, Clear Quartz and Blue Sapphire.

    The reasoning? Well, my big Smoky Quartz is brilliant at shutting down back pain from my AS (which, being an autoimmune issue, went utterly haywire when the virus attacked me); Amethyst is well known for accelerating recovery (and I’m still using it now as I battle the post-virus symptoms); Aquamarine is the lung and airway champion (I’m not going into detail on this part, just in case a reader happens to be eating or have recently eaten) and is anti-inflammatory; Emerald is also anti-inflammatory (and oh my days, was there ever a lot of that going on!); Clear Quartz is practically a Panacea (as well as a power booster for the others); and Blue Sapphire was my go-to comfort crystal (because I was concerned about whether or not I might end up with Long Covid and/or worsened internal damage).

    I’ve also got a special combo on my bedside table: Red Jade, Chiastolite, 2 Amphibole Phantom Quartzes (one of which has lithium inside), Blue Apatite, Aqua Fluorite, plus Aquamarine and Emerald (both in raw crystal form as well as three faceted Emeralds and the Sapphires). They help with nerve pain, inflammation, temperature control, stamina and energy, and keeping me calm. It’s not a grid, just a specific grouping of crystals I know to be helpful for my situation.

    Poor crystals; I’m putting a lot on them at the moment!

    Love and Light.

  9. Lillie

    Hi I have bought a few stone but don’t know anything about the stones I would like to learn how/ what to do I need a healing stone for my anxiety and body pain Don’t know which stone to use but I read other comments Thanks

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