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7 Crystals To Protect Your Home (Place At The Front Door!)

7 Crystals To Protect Your Home (Place At The Front Door!)

7 Crystals To Protect Your Home (Place At The Front Door!)

Here are seven crystals to protect your home from negative energy. Place any of these protective crystals near your front door to ward off bad vibes and unwelcome energy…

Why The Front Door?

Your front door or main entrance is the energetic mouth of your house or home. This is where the energy from the outside world enters your home or is brought with you. This includes anyone that lives with you and visitors to your home.

That’s why it’s an important spot in traditions like feng shui. The strategic placement of a protective crystal here can be powerful and very effective.

Crystals to protect your home

What If You Don’t Use Your Front Door?

If you and anyone you live with don’t use your front door and enter through another door then you might want to use that instead. Whatever is your main door of entry can be used in the same way.

Crystal Size Considerations

Placing a tumbled stone by your front door is okay but I would recommend that you try to select a bigger stone if possible. This will give it more power but it doesn’t have to be huge though. Another option is a bowl with lots of the same tumbled stones.

Placing Crystals To Protect Your Home

Placing any of these crystals near your front door will have an effect. You could put the stone just outside your door, securely above the door, hanging on the wall or doorframe or on a side table inside.

Outside front door with areas circled described in the article
Places you could put a protective crystal

Get creative and do what works for you. Of course, this may not be possible in some homes without outdoor space, apartments or areas. You can also place the crystal inside.

TIP: A good spot inside to use is where the crystal is visible as you open the door. A small side table or shelf could be used.

Ideally, it’s nice to have this stone on display but you can also hide it if that suits you better. Why not place it inside a vase, box or plant pot?

Black Tourmaline Crystal pendulum

TIP: Use a pendulum made from one of these stones so that it can be hung on the wall with a nail or above or around your door.

Activate Your Stone With Intention

I highly recommend that you program your protection stone as it’s helping you with a specific task. If you don’t know how to do that, see my guide HERE. Also, remember to cleanse your crystal or home at least once a month as this crystal will absorb some negativity over time.

psychic protection crystals book by Ethan Lazzerini
My COMPLETE guide to psychic protection

Amplify Crystals To Protect Your Home

The following list is taken from a longer list in my book Psychic Protection Crystals. There, I go into detail about their protective properties. Plus I cover ways to further amplify their effects with specific geometric shapes and formations. To learn more click HERE.

7 Crystals To Protect Your Home

All these crystals work well to protect the home from negative or unwanted energy from your home. Pick the one that calls you or is easily available for you.


Tibetan black quartz double terminated phantom crystal
Tibetan Black Quartz crystal (Tibetan Black Phantom Quartz)


Red Jasper tumbled stone
Red Jasper tumbled stone


Blue TKyanite tower with other protection crystals
Blue Kyanite Standing Crystal Point/Tower


Black Tourmaine Crystal Point
Raw Black Tourmaine Crystal Point


Shiva Lingam stone
Shiva Lingam


Tiger's Eye tumbled stone
Tiger’s Eye tumbled stone


Smoky Quartz standing crystal point
Smoky Quartz standing crystal point

VIDEO: Quick Recap & Placement Examples!

Do you have a protection crystal near your front door? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

If you are looking for other information please use the search box or visit my FREE Resources page to see if it’s already been covered elsewhere.

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17 thoughts on “7 Crystals To Protect Your Home (Place At The Front Door!)

  1. Dorothy Anne

    Hi Ethan, such a great article. I use Hematite (8 pieces to represent earth #8 in Xuan Kong flying stars studies). I learned that by doing this anyone with ill intent cannot cross over the threshold. It has worked great for
    many years. One time a young man who was selling door to door wanted to come in, but when he took one step by the crystals suddenly became ill with a wave of nausea and decided to just talk to me at the front
    entrance instead. After stepping back, he was fine. Made me wonder if he might be a scam seller. lol
    Best wishes and have a blessed day.

      1. Dorothy Anne

        Hi Ethan, Thank you for responding to my post. I was really surprised this worked so well. I love working with crystals even though just a beginner. Love all your articles. So informative and so helpful to someone like me who is trying to learn and use crystals. Really great!

      1. Dorothy

        You can place it on a table close to the front door or even outside like in a plant pot. I have mine
        inside. There are two small windows beside the door, which I can’t stand lol but i placed
        it there. We get so many people coming to the door for selling everything under the sun, and so
        many voting people with flyers that i was hoping to slow that down. So far it has worked very
        well for us.

  2. Roweana

    Love these articles they help remind us what we should do. I have a nice piece of sardonyx near my front door but also smudge regularly to clear any unwanted energy.

  3. crystal

    i put a large black tourmaline just outside the door to keep negative energy out plus a large hunk of rose quartz to soothe the mood of anyone entering the door. they have helped a lot through the years that they have been there.

  4. Deirdre

    We have several crystals by the front door and a protection grid (one of yours actually). I have black onyx over the door and smoky quarts, red tiger’s eye tower, jade, and malachite by the front door. Hubby also got me a gargoyle to guard the house as well. Love some of the others as well. Where did you find a blue kyanite tower? I love blue kyanite and have not seen that before.

  5. alica potter

    Thanks for sharing this awesome information! I’m particularly drawn to the idea of using smoky quartz or black tourmaline. They both have such strong and protective energy, and I think they would be perfect for my front door. Thanks again for sharing this valuable knowledge, Ethan! Keep up the great work.

  6. Cherry

    I don’t use protection crystals near the front door, because I live in a block of flats with an intercom/buzzer system linked to the front door of the property, so it’s pretty tricky for anyone with ill intent to get in the building to start with; it helps that the people around us are canny enough to know trouble when they see it, and we know them personally too. We almost never have guests round (only once in four and a half years), and our neighbours know it, so anyone asking for the flat, unless they’re obviously a delivery person, gets politely told to leave.

    Places I do use protective crystals:
    On my person
    Crystal room
    Car (but on my person again)
    Living room

    I exclude the kitchen and bathroom; my kitchen is in effect part of my living room anyway (the whole is a distorted L shape with the living room occupying one arm and the kitchen the other; there’s no diving door), and as far as I’m concerned the bathroom is no place for crystals, except when I have a bath — it seems to energetically help them too.

    However, in a house, with a sole front door, I’d absolutely advocate some extra protection from unwanted callers; the sheer number of times someone unexpected and unwanted turned up on my parents’ doorstep when I was growing up, and the number of times in my old place (no intercom, though I did suggest it should have one) the likes of canvassing politicians and Jehovah’s Witnesses rang every doorbell until they got an answer, frequently dragging me down from the attic and causing me considerable pain to no point at all… but this isn’t the right place for a rant.

    Yes. Definitely. If you can, protect the entrance(s) to your dwelling.

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