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Can I Move My Crystal Grid? Will it still work?

Can I Move My Crystal Grid? Will it still work?

Can I Move My Crystal Grid? Will it still work?

Can I move my crystal grid? Does moving a crystal grid affect its energy? Will it still work? What if you’re moving house or travelling? Could disassembling your abundance crystal grid affect your finances? Crystal Grids Power author Ethan Lazzerini explains all…

I get asked a lot of questions around this topic from people who are new to working with crystal grids. I get it, your crystal grids are a spiritual tool for manifesting, intention setting and healing. It’s right that you might be concerned about disturbing them or deactivating them by moving them about.

Colourful crystal grid. Text says should you move a crystal grid?
Should You move your crystal grid?

In this blog post, I will be clarifying the most common questions and misconceptions I get asked about moving crystal grids. This isn’t just theory though. It’s based on my personal experience with a lot of crystal grids over the past 15 years.

If you need to know more or need a step-by-step practical guide to grids, take a look at my book Crystal Grids Power.

Crystal Grids Power was written for beginners and those who are already gridding

Q – I want to clean my crystal grid of dust but I will have to move all the crystals. Is this okay? Will the crystals lose the programming?

I always recommend you keep your crystals and crystal grids free of dust when possible. This means moving the crystals from their position to clean the surface they were on. This is perfectly okay and will not affect the crystal grid’s power or intention.

Physically cleaning crystals won’t cause them to lose their programming or deactivate a crystal grid.

Crystal grid with purple, pink, blue and golden stones and tingsha
Crystals hold your intentions until you choose to deactivate them

Q – I want to move my crystal grid from one room to another part of the house. Will this affect the crystal grid in any way?

All crystals are sensitive tools but moving them is not going to cause any harm. Crystals are moved all the time, like the ones you may wear or carry on you.

The place they are going into may be different but as long as you place your grid in a good area there won’t be any problems. See my guide to crystal grid placement if needed.

Two crystal grids. Text says Should you move a crystal grid?
Moving house with crystal grids? Read on…

Q – I’m moving house soon. How can I transport the crystal grid without disturbing the crystals? If I take it apart, will it deactivate it? Will my grid stop working while we move?

When I’ve moved, I’ve always disassembled my grids and carefully wrap and pack my crystals to protect them. The grid is still activated and although the crystals may not be is their usual geometric arrangement this is only temporary.

Taking the grid apart will not switch off the crystal grid. The only way to do that is to deactivate it as I explain in my book. The crystals will still work while being transported like any crystal does. Remember, we can program a single crystal or crystal jewellery with our intentions and it will work regardless of where they are moved or worn.

I do recommend you give the crystals a cleanse when you unpack them. Afterwards, you can reassemble your crystal grid again, there’s no need to reactivate it though.

Crystal grid with heart shaped crystals on an altar
Crystal grids can be created for any kind of intention or purpose

Q – I travel for work, can I travel with a small crystal grid? If I have to keep taking it apart and remaking it in a new location will it still work?

Yes, you can do this. Many people travel with a small altar, this is much the same principle. Just cleanse your crystals and set your crystal grid up where you’re staying. It’s an anchor point for you to connect with your intention wherever you are.

Crystal grid with Caribbean Calcite
Crystal grid with Caribbean Calcite

Q – I’m using the crystal grid for abundance in your book. I’m worried that if I move my crystal grid it will affect my finances?

Absolutely not! I have moved with my crystal grid for abundance and prosperity and it did not affect my flow of prosperity in any way. Moving crystals or crystal grids does not remove your intentions or stop the grid from working.

Do you have a question or comment? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

If you are looking for other information please search my website or visit the Resources page to see if it’s already been covered elsewhere.

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15 thoughts on “Can I Move My Crystal Grid? Will it still work?

  1. Paula

    I love the crystals and grid in the pics on this page. What is this particular grid used for and what are the beautiful aqua crystals?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi, if you mean the photos for this particular blog, the grids are purely to illustrate grids at home and a fresh start. I’ve chosen crystals that have seasonal colours of Spring to represent the concept of a new beginning here. The aqua coloured point is Caribbean Calcite and the ones around it are Amazonite.

  2. Ela P.

    Beautiful colour balance in that central Caribbean Calcite grid. Went with it as being more of a turquoise (blue-green) colour than an aqua (green-blue), though. I loved your crystal grid photo with the central yellow calcite angel flanked by two amethysts. I’m still a crystal rookie. What are the clear, beautiful, dark blue ones? — Ontario, Canada

  3. Jacqueline

    Good to know! I don’t think I will ever need to move a grid, I have a good spot for them in my spare room which I call my crystal room for obvious reasons! Love your post Ethan.

  4. Kate

    I live in a household where I lack privacy. I was thinking of doing a crystal grid and housing it inside of a drawer where it won’t be looked at or disturbed. Thoughts on this?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I know some people who have done this but the downside is you won’t benefit from seeing your grid and thinking of the intention which you would if it was visible. Placing on a wardrobe or high piece of furniture is another option as you should still be able to see the tall stones.

  5. sreekanth k.g

    Hi there,
    Will crystal grid still work or make any changes in its effectiveness if I cover it with a plastic box? There are cockroaches in my flat and it may be fly in the grid while I am away.
    Regardless the answer of above question, will insects or cockroaches disturb the energy flow of grid if they come in to contact with grid?
    Thank you so much
    Kind regards

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I’m not sure about these types of insects, so maybe best to avoid them if possible. You can use a plastic cover, plastic is neutral. You can also use a glass bowl over the top, like a dome.

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