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High Vibe Crystals To Raise Your Vibration

High Vibe Crystals To Raise Your Vibration

High Vibe Crystals To Raise Your Vibration

High vibe crystals to raise your vibration. Seven crystals to expand your consciousness, accelerate spiritual growth and support the awakening process…

Before We Begin…

I wrote this article after many requests after posting my last article about high vibe crystals. This article includes crystals that are more unusual, rare or expensive. If you’re looking for easy to find and more affordable crystals then check out my other article High Vibration Crystals (you may already have).

What Are High Vibe Crystals?

All crystals have their own energy or vibration. Some crystals have a very high vibration and when we work with them they can shift our vibration. people report a change in their energy, mood and feel their consciousness expand with these stones.

High vibration crystals are tools and guides for those on a spiritual path. Because they can raise your vibration and assist with personal transformation you do need to be ready for them. Some of these crystals are very powerful and not for the faint-hearted.

Golden healer quartz pyramid
The pyramid form can be used to raise the energy in meditation or grids

Something To Remember About High Vibe Crystals

High vibration crystals are not better than the other types of crystals. We need different energy at different times. More ‘powerful’ is not always what we need in crystal healing. When people become too focused on the high vibrations and only the spiritual world they can become ungrounded. It’s always about balance.

How To Balance & Anchor High Vibe Crystals

There is a tip I would like to share that could help you adjust to the energy of high vibration crystals. This can be done when you first begin to work with a crystal or if you plan on wearing one for a length of time.

Combine your high vibe crystal with a good earth element grounding stone. This will help anchor the spiritual energy and reduce any spaced out feelings. This could be something like Hematite, Black Tourmaline or Red Jasper for example.

Go Easy On Yourself

Before I share these high vibe crystals, I just want to remind you what I always say with working with any new crystal. Always pay attention to how you feel and respond to a crystal. I recommend you adjust to new crystals slowly.

Never ignore how you feel. If you don’t feel good, remove the stone and give yourself a break from it. Healing takes time and spiritual growth is not a race. See my guide to Working With New Crystals for more info.

High vibe crystals to raise your vibration! Seven stone chakra pyramid with copper flower of life behind it
High vibe crystals to raise your vibration!

Seven High Vibe Crystals

There are many high vibration crystals out there, these are just a selection of some of the ones I recommend. All of these crystals will help raise your vibration.


This colourful combination-stone has Atlantean energy. It assists in cleansing your energy field and shedding old karmic patterns. It supports spiritual growth, personal transformation and new beginnings.

Quantum Quattro Tumble Stone
Quantum Quattro Tumble Stone


Also known as Lemurian Quartz. A popular choice for healers, grid workers, way-showers and spiritual teachers. These Lemurian crystals connect you with ancient wisdom, Source energy and the higher dimensions. They also help you release fear and shine your light.

TIPSee my detailed guide to working with and identifying these crystals if needed.

Pink Lemurian Seed Crystal point
A Pink Lemurian Seed Crystal


This list would not be complete without otherworldly Moldavite. Many consider it one of the highest vibration stones in the world. It flushes the chakra system clean and accelerates spiritual awakening. Moldavite is a stone of transformation and can really expand your consciousness.

PLEASE NOTE: Moldavite is powerful and is known to have some side effects for some people. I’ve put together a YouTube video about its spiritual properties and side effects that I recommend you watch before working with it. Please watch:

Raw Moldavite
Raw Moldavite


This diamond-bright clear crystal connects with the angelic realms. Danburite can trigger spiritual downloads from your higher self. It helps you align with your life purpose and mission here on the planet. It’s also good for accessing the akashic records and channelling.

Danburite crystal leaning on a gold buddha statue
Danburite crystal


Also known as Ajoite In Quartz and Ajoite Phantom Quartz. This crystal has a Lemurian and Goddess energy. Another deep cleansing crystal that helps clear away that which no longer serves you. It assists you in finding inner peace and developing compassion. Ajoite speeds spiritual growth and helps you find a new path in life.

NOTE – This crystal is rare and no longer mined which caused prices to skyrocket. I feel so lucky to have won mine at an online auction over 10 years ago. It was already a lot of money back then but it’s now worth around 15 times what I paid!

Ajoite phantom quartz crystal
Ajoite Phantom Quartz Crystal


Also sold under the trademark of Nirvana Quartz. This high vibe Quartz helps you adjust to energy shifts and reduces ‘ascension symptoms’. It helps you better adapt to a higher level of consciousness and vibration. Himalayan Ice Quartz supports you through personal transformation. It activates downloads and assists you in reaching deeper states in meditation.

Himalayan Ice Quartz crystal
Himalayan Ice Quartz crystal


A lush combination of green and magenta Tourmaline. Watermelon Tourmaline is cleansing and a deep heart chakra cleanser. It heals on an emotional level, helping you let go of old or toxic relationships. This high vibration gemstone may help unite twin flames.

A chunk of Watermelon Tourmaline
A chunk of Watermelon Tourmaline

Have you had any interesting experiences with these crystals? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

If you are looking for other information please search my website or visit the Resources page to see if it’s already been covered elsewhere.

With gratitude,


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16 thoughts on “High Vibe Crystals To Raise Your Vibration

  1. Michelle

    I was strongly drawn to moldavite about 3 years ago, and had a very strong reaction to it- I almost couldn’t walk out of the shop. My psychic and spiritual growth exploded after that. Then I started working with Danburite also, and I did receive downloads from my higher self, as well as my guides and angels. Now I am in daily communication with them, and am fully aware of my mission which is way more interesting than I would have ever guessed. I regularly astral travel to speak with both archangels and extraterrestrials. Just a few years ago, I thought I would never be able to connect with angels or other dimensional beings, now it’s a normal part of life for me. I highly recommend both moldavite and Danburite to anyone who is having trouble hearing from spirit or who wants to accelerate spiritual growth.

      1. Cherry

        I have an Auralite slice in my collection. It’s a very protective crystal with a feel somewhat similar to that of Ametrine (which it is a form of, so that makes sense), but with altered healing energies a bit like those or Super Seven (no doubt owing to some of the same trace inclusions). Briefly, Auralite is hugely protective, balancing and soothing, good for keeping your mental focus under adverse circumstances and helpful with shoulder pain, neck pain and headaches. It is of course also very spiritual and I’ve found it helpful for talking to my guides, plants and trees, and other higher beings.

  2. Tracy

    Love this article as it resonates deeply. I am an energy healer and as my frequency raised, I would begin to channel higher energies and a new crystal would “call” to me. I have worked with several high frequency crystals: danburite, dendritic opal, indigo Gabbro, Angel aura quartz, amethyst, celestite, calcite, golden rutilated quartz, moldavite, and many more. Thank you Ethan for your work♡

  3. Cherry

    I specialise in Tourmaline anyway, along with the Beryls and Quartzes, Corundum and others; but Watermelon Tourmaline is superb stuff. Often, high-vibration crystals can leave some people rather scatterbrained and ungrounded, but with Watermelon Tourmaline I’ve always felt perfectly grounded, surrounded by a white light, almost like Angelic light, and absolutely safe. My first one was a pendant, a classic example of the type which I bought when I was 14, and whenever my parents were arguing (which happened a heck of a lot) I’d put it on, and it would help me to not feel their anger with each other. I hadn’t worked with Black Tourmaline at the time, but looking back, the effect is pretty similar but without so much of the confidence Black Tourmaline lends. I now have a gorgeous Watermelon slice in my collection which is green on the outside but azure to royal blue in the core, not pink. The energy it gives out when I hold it to the light, grabs straight on to my third eye, but otherwise it’s a calming, nurturing crystal with strong powers relating to the nervous system, like any Tourmaline. I also have a tiny chip of Watermelon which is pink on the outside, and soft blue in the centre. This one is more loving than anything. However, these are not the rarest or highest-vibration Tourmalines: the highest-vibration kind of all, is the glorious Rainbow Tourmaline. Again, I’ve been extremely fortunate and blessed to have one of these ultra-rare Tourmalines come into my life, just over a year ago; it is truly startling how powerful it is, able to charge fully from a few minutes’ exposure to a rainbow or one of those sunsets where the sky gets the same graduation of colours, and capable of flushing out everything bad from all the chakras and bringing pure joy to its user. I wish they were more common, because everyone who can ‘get along with’ Tourmaline, should experience that, even if only once.

    I also have Alexandrite and Petalite. Have you worked with either of them, Ethan? Alexandrite is absolutely spectacular stuff, it opens me to the most amazing harmonies which it says come from all things in the cosmos. It and they are extremely soothing, especially in times of severe mental stress. Petalite is incredible at boosting intuitive knowledge, contacting higher beings (when I put it with Celestite and Angelite, I can talk to Archangels as easily as I do my husband), and exceptional at healing the cervical spine. I hurt (to tell the truth, it felt like I dislocated) my neck – I have no idea how, but my guess is it’s to do with my Ankylosing Spondylitis – right at the start of lockdown 1.0; it was agony, even though I’m used to being in pain. With my immune system the way it is, there was no way I was about to risk a hospital visit (walk in without Covid, walk out with it), and my doctor’s surgery was closed. I was wondering how in the wide world I was going to get it put right in lockdown, when my Petalite pendant sent me a message to put it on; I did, not being one to ignore a crystal when it’s offered to help. Ten minutes later it said ‘Roll your head, as though you’re trying to relieve some tension in your neck’. I did, and there came a nasty CLICK which vibrated right through my skull and hurt like crazy for a couple of minutes; then sweet relief! The 7 crystals in the pendant had done something, perhaps reduced some nasty inflammation, and then taught me how to safely fix my own neck. Then there’s some of the crazy stuff they’ve taught me: did you know that silver birch trees can handle atomic radiation at more than fifteen times the dose that would kill most humans? It’s true! They can survive 10,000 rads; we humans (or those of us here in a human body anyway) can’t usually handle 600 rads. Neither, funnily enough, can pine trees. I know this thanks to Petalite. (I happened across the same information elsewhere, a year later, which just verified what I’d been taught without my seeking verification.)

    My next project, crystal-wise, is uncertain at the moment: I want to get a second Black Tourmaline pendant; some Petalite tumblestones for the flat; a bigger Amethyst cluster; a Brandberg Quartz; some Smoky Fluorite; a Labradorite pendant; and I’m hoping there’s an Enhydro Runner out there for me. Also, I want to go back to my fave crystal shop (when they’re eventually allowed to open again) and get myself another Red Jade with a view to making a pendant. There’s also a Citrine crystal there which I’ve been able to talk to even over the 55 miles’ distance and which keeps begging me to bring it home. It’s not happy there, stuck in a sunlight-poot corner of the shop and with no-one around, and it seems to have chosen me as its human.

  4. Cherry

    It’s wonderful stuff… but powerful! I’m well used to meeting new species of crystal and the bonding process, but this was something new: that pendant sent me silly for 36 hours while it and I adjusted to one another. If you can imagine the absent-minded professor, reincarnated as a 41yo housewife, you’ll have a pretty good picture.

  5. crystal

    great article ethan. i like that you say that high vibration crystals are not better than other crystals. i was wondering if you could write an article on substitute crystals for those who cannot acquire certain crystals, are just not attracted to them or maybe already own. kind of like you have done with some crystals in your books, speaking of books, do you have any plans for writing any on crystals in general? i would purchase if you do.

    i love your ajoite quartz, it’s such a beautiful piece! that is one crystal that i have wanted since i first saw it, even though i live in the state it was mined i haven’t found for any price i wanted to pay for a particular specimen. i guess now it’s pretty much out of the question for me to own one. oh well, maybe i am not meant to have one.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I would just keep an eye out, if your meant to work with it, it will come to you at the right time. Prices will change if a new deposit is found again. A substitute for Ajoite with a similar energy is Quantum Quarttro. Thanks for your interest in a crystal dictionary, I’m hoping some day I will be able to do this.

      1. crystal

        that is great that you are considering a crystal dictionary! i cannot wait, i love the way you write without going on & on with filler yet give the info that is needed.

        i do have a piece of quantum quattro that i got years ago, maybe i should pull it out to work with it, i never felt much from it though & when i do go through my stored crystals i never feel the need to keep it out. hmmm, was sitting here thinking that if i don’t feel much from q.q. that maybe ajoite is not a stone for me & the crystal energy doesn’t want me to spend so much on something i won’t get anything from. lol i love the ajoite but then i love anything in quartz, if i see even specks of something in quartz i will usually buy it to take home & look into it to see what it is. i ended up with a quartz skull with covelite phantoms in it because of that habit, one of my prized pieces! anyway, thanks for the reply & the info about q.q., unfortunately i am not able to get out to the shows as much as i used to but i will definitely keep my eyes open when i can. many of the people who sell here mine their own & do not look too closely at their crystals so i could get lucky.

  6. Julie

    Hi Ethan,

    I have had a piece of moldavite for a couple years that I don’t connect with or feel anything with. I suspect it may not be authentic, but with the recent explosion around this crystal I just don’t know who to trust to purchase moldavite, or any high vibration crystal from, for that matter. Any current sources to check out?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      First, not everyone feels things from Moldavite. After my initial experiences with it I adjusted to its energy and now I don’t get that any more. That’s why many will wear it with no issues. I have not purchased Moldavite in 12 years or more and I’m not looking for any more pieces. Just buy from a reputable seller.

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