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High Vibration Crystals (you didn’t know you have…)

High Vibration Crystals (you didn’t know you have…)

High Vibration Crystals (you didn’t know you have…)

High vibration crystals that are not rare or insanely expensive? Discover the high vibe crystals that you probably already have, what they are and how to use them…

What Are High Vibrations Crystals?

High vibration crystals are any crystals that have high vibration or high-frequency energy. If you can sense the energy of crystals they will feel very powerful. High vibe crystals tend to have more spiritual uses and properties.

Onyx crystal angel, lapis lazuli and amethyst cluster
Angels are high vibration beings. Crystal angels anchor their energy

What Are High Vibration Crystals Used For?

High vibe crystals are usually used by those on a spiritual path or interested in things like ascension. You can work with them to shift yourself out of low vibration energy or way of thinking. In other words, a high vibration crystal can raise your vibration very quickly.

Chevron Amethyst Tower
Chevron Amethyst Towerstanding crystal points raise energy

Firstly, they could be used to speed up your spiritual growth and support new ways of thinking and living. Secondly, adding these crystals to your home will raise the vibration of your environment, improving the overall energy. Thirdly, they can be used to raise the energy of a crystal grid or to grid your home.

High Vibe Crystal Grid with crystal merkaba star
High Vibe Crystal Grid. Merkaba Stars raise the vibration

The Truth About High Vibration Crystals

Lots of the high vibe stones on the market are rare, hyped, faked, trademarked and expensive. The truth is there are plenty of easily available and affordable high vibration crystals! Most importantly, the chances are you will have some of these already…

High vibration crystals
High vibration crystals

5 High Vibration Crystals (You may already have)


Yes, you read that right! Amethyst is a high vibration crystal that almost everyone has (or should have) in their collection. It works with the Crown and Third Eye Chakras, awakening your spiritual abilities and connection. Also, it transmutes negative energy into positive energy through the power of the violet flame.

Polished Amethyst Crystal Point
Polished Amethyst Crystal Point


Another popular and abundant mineral, Selenite is also known as Satin Spar. This shimmering crystal anchors high vibration light to the planet and repels bad vibes. Selenite is a deep cleanser and raises your vibration or that of any location it is placed in. Above all, it’s a must-have for those on a spiritual path!

Selenite Tower
Selenite Tower


This variety of Moonstone can be white or transparent but it has a vivid colourful flash. It’s also sometimes known as White Labradorite. Rainbow Moonstone is a higher vibration variety of Moonstone. This ethereal crystal awakens clairvoyance and enhances your intuition.

Rainbow Moonstone
Rainbow Moonstone


Another celestial stone, Celestite is also known as Celestine. This blue-grey crystal is becoming a little harder to find and larger crystals and geodes are expensive so look for tumbled stones. Celestite holds a very high spiritual vibration which helps you release old karmic patterns and self-limiting beliefs. In addition, it’s excellent for making a fresh start.

Celestite Tumble Stone
Celestite Tumble Stone


You don’t need gem-quality Blue Kyanite to take advantage of its high vibration energy. Blue Kyanite anchors your higher chakras and balances your energy. This silvery-blue crystal is connected to the Archangel Michael. Blue Kyanite is cleansing and protective at the same time. Also, I love gridding with the raw blade crystals.

Blue Kyanite blade crystal
Blue Kyanite Blade Crystal

Do you want me to cover the rare and unusual high vibe crystals? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

If you are looking for other information please search my website or visit the Resources page to see if it’s already been covered elsewhere.

With gratitude,


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29 thoughts on “High Vibration Crystals (you didn’t know you have…)

  1. Wenda Body

    Wow Ethan , this email has been just what I was needing today. I’ve been feeling unwell lately and at a loss as to why im not feeling quite right in myself.
    Thank you for your guidance, I always enjoy yoir regular email’s.

  2. Rajnikant

    My Dear friend Ethan
    Wonderful Experience and knowledge@ Hi Vibe Crystal s properties.
    Except last-else I have.
    But not knowing it’s use.
    Rajnikant, HeaRRty Luv-N-Blessings.

  3. Nancy Curcio

    Thank you for all your help and showing us your beautiful collection of crystals! I have these 5 high Vibration crystals but notice in one of the grids you show a merkaba star! I have 2 merkaba stars but hesitate to use them. Besides in a grid, how do you meditate with them? Any advice? My two are Lapis Lazuli and Rose Quartz.

  4. Francis Law

    Do crystal vibrate n causes palpitations ? I try emerald I find vibration too strong . I have amethyst beads small abt 8mm and one sugilite about 3 to 5 cm long . Some times it give me the problems too .

    1. Cherry

      Hi Francis,

      Interesting that you’re having issues with Emerald. It seems none of the Beryls are that straightforward to get along with: they’re among my soul crystals, so I never have a problem with them, but I know numerous people who can’t handle them at all.

      The Beryl family often require a change of perspective or some big change in your life before they open up to you. I’ve had a beautiful raw Russian Emerald, mined from the Ural Mountains, for twenty-eight years; only last year, when I discovered I have Ankylosing Spondylitis (and all that it entails), did it really begin actively working with me. This makes a lot of sense, because one of Emerald’s finest physical healing properties is anti-inflammatory. It’s been a Godsend, because I can’t take NSAID’s. On the other hand, for my 40th birthday I treated myself to an oval-faceted, 5ct Indian Emerald pendant; that has a different energy altogether, being better at boosting my intuition than the Russian one, and worked and communicated superbly from the first. It also has the same anti-inflammatory powers: paired with any of my Aquamarines, the effects are as good or better than Ibuprofen.

      One of a few things could be happening with your Emerald:

      • Beryls in general might not be good for you;
      • Emerald itself might not be good for you and maybe another Beryl, like Aquamarine or Heliodor, might work better;
      • You didn’t cleanse and bond with it when you first got it, and it might have negative energy stuck in it (the Beryls soak up negativity like a sponge to prevent it from reaching us humans);
      • The time for it to help you hasn’t yet arrived.

      Sometimes we obtain a crystal right when we need its help: this happened for me back in October, when I first got my Red Jade. Red Jade is a powerful Chi crystal, also known as the Warrior stone; it helps me endlessly through the fatigue I suffer with, not to mention teaching me a few valuable lessons! But at other times, a crystal will come to us months, years or even decades before its purpose in our lives becomes known. I have a rather odd-looking Quartz crystal, a Haematoid Quartz with bends in the body faces and a slightly chipped termination; I got it in 1994, and it isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing Quartz in my collection, but it is powerful: only in December did I discover that it’s a Red Temple Lemurian Seed crystal! What a Christmas present, even if it’s been there for so long, waiting for me to figure it out! I also bought a Morganite tumblestone 30 years ago; I didn’t know much about it then, but as I now head for the Change of Life, that Morganite is really coming into its own. I didn’t think it would even be with me after so long.

      You could try a full cleanse on your Emerald, in case it’s got some bad energies attached to it; you could also try out a different Beryl. They have environmental connections: if you’re a Sun person, Heliodor would be the one to try, or if you’re a Sea person, Aquamarine. An Earth person should be fine with Emerald; an Air person could do a lot worse than Goshenite; and a Fire person might, if they can afford it, try Red Beryl. I don’t know what Pezzatoite’s (Raspberry Beryl) environmental connection is, but since it’s a caesium Beryl, it *may* not be safe to have in the home anyway.

  5. Amanda G

    Really useful & informative article, thanks for sharing. High vibe crystals are a new concept to me & I’m definitely keen to learn more!

  6. Yvonne Anne Young

    I find that blue kyanite causes my intuition and other senses to become cloudy…any ideas why? I thought perhaps it is because it will encourage the alignment of the chakras which in me will be highly clogged and causing a blockage of energy flow…or perhaps the high vibration is bringing up lots of low vibrational stuff that needs processed?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Possibly. High vibration or very spiritual stones may need to be paired with earthy grounding stones. Also not all crystals will be compatible with everyone, there are other crystals that may be more suitable for you.

    2. Cherry

      You could well be right there. Your Kyanite could easily be trying to clear up some bad energy or block in your throat or third eye chakra. Otherwise, as Ethan rightly says, it’s a question of compatibility; or perhaps the crystal itself has something negative stuck in it? You could perhaps try cleansing it thoroughly before you next work with it, or substitute something else like Blue Topaz, Blue Apatite, Blue Tourmaline or Iolite.

  7. Pat Dubyk

    Greetings Ethan.. Yes yes for the high engergy crystals. And I am so pleased to know I have all the beautiful ones you talk about in this post… They are here near me no doubt. Thx as always for your wonderful info and posts and blogs.. Question.. Have you ever come across “Eye of the Storm ” it is included in Jenny Hall’ s crystal deck.. But I can find no info elsewhere.. Thx again.. Pat Dubyk

      1. Cherry

        Eye of the Storm is a Jasper, AKA Judy’s Jasper. Not sure of its specific properties, besides the fact that it’s supposed to be comforting when life gets tough, but in general, I can sum up Jasper in three words: protective, grounding and lucky.

  8. NIkki

    Great post – I always look forward to them at the start of the month. Yes – definitely do a post on rare and unusual high vibe crystals. I would love that

  9. Michelle

    Great article. Celestite was and is my favorite stone, and played a huge part in my psychic awakening. I am interested in an article on some of the more rare high vibe stones, and also interested in what you have to say about stones like nuummite, merlinite and indigo gabbro.

  10. Cherry

    Ethan, you should absolutely cover high vibration crystals: people need to know that some of these can actually be powerful enough to overwhelm.

    I can suggest four crystals you could cover in the post right away: Sapphire, Watermelon Tourmaline, Alexandrite and Petalite. Please do drop me an email if you’d like to read some real-life experiences with these three crystals: I’ve found the events I’ve experienced with them very enlightening, and I think you will too.

    By the way, no, Lapis Lazuli isn’t high vibration; it’s just very, very powerful. You should have seen what happened when I got a Lapis pendant for my 41st birthday, which happened to be the Full Moon! 🙂

  11. Jan

    Hi Ethan! Wonderful blog! Selenite and amethyst – always drawn to them, tho selenite has been my favorite.
    A nice selenite lamp will definitely lighten up a room (in more ways than one ;-)!!! My kitties enjoy sitting on mine (it’s the kind with a flat top, not a tower)
    I have a question – a few years ago, I happened to meet someone who showed me a large chunk of what he said was obsidian. He told me he had been gifted it by a woman, a Native American elder, who had a large boulder of this stone sitting in her yard for many years. The chunk she broke off for him had a smooth worn edge on it where could be seen- and felt – the many hands that had touched it over countless unknown years. He said he used it for some kind of pain he had, laying it on that spot directly.
    Here’s the thing: this stone he was told was obsidian was pale blue, the color of the aqua chalcedony in a ring I wore at the time. We’re in California, as I believe was the woman who gave him the stone, tho I don’t know the particulars of where this woman and her tribe were located. I have periodically done searches for blue or aqua obsidian, but only ever got hits for the fake glass sort from China.
    Have you or anyone else ever seen or heard of obsidian of that color? Hard to imagine anything coming out of a volcano solidifying into a pale aqua colored translucent stone – doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened, just hard to imagine. If so, it must be exceedingly rare! (Or else it really was a giant boulder of aqua chalcedony…) Or could it be something else entirely-? Like maybe an Andara crystal? Whatever this stone, it obviously had been revered by that tribe for a great many years.
    Many thanks for your lovely monthly readings and enlightening articles!!!

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I spoke to a mineralogist who was an expert in obsidian once. According to him no completely clear and colourful obsidian occurs in nature. Please note that glass is a natural material, was and is still made by smelting sand which is high in Quartz.

    2. Amanda

      Lady Nellie from Mount Shasta, Choctaw Elder.

      She has since passed but her Andara’s are traveling the world. Many lore are being revealed from other parts fo the world but only Shasta and South Africa’s had the soil tested for Monatomic elements making those Andaras found monatomic crystals.

      If you are looking for the ones from Nellie search for Mickey Magic!

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