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Crystal Grid For Energy (Step-by-step guide) Increase Your Energy

Crystal Grid For Energy (Step-by-step guide) Increase Your Energy

Crystal Grid For Energy (Step-by-step guide) Increase Your Energy

Make a crystal grid for energy with my simple step-by-step guide. These crystals could help you boost energy levels naturally, reduce fatigue and beat burnout…

There’s a lot going on in the world right now and if you’re reading this you might be feeling it. It seems like life just keeps getting busier and some of us are working more than normal to build our dreams.

Perhaps you’re dealing with a lot of responsibilities at home or in your family? Maybe it’s a very busy time of year in your work? Whatever the reason crystals may be able to help you.

Energy boosting crystal grid with (optional) extra crystals
Energy boosting crystal grid with (optional) extra crystals

Your Energy & Crystal Allies

Before I share more about the crystal grid I want you to be sure you’re doing all you need to to take care of your body. Crystals work on a spiritual level but you must be doing all you can on a physical level. This means eating well (including fruit), drinking water or juices, sleeping and taking regular breaks.

For support, you should be wearing or carrying a crystal for boosting energy. I recommend any red or dark red Garnet like Almandine Garnet or Pyrope Garnet. Now, let’s look at the crystal grid in more detail.

A Crystal Grid For Energy

I designed this simple crystal grid years ago for my book Crystal Grids Power. It uses crystals that are excellent for boosting energy levels and easy to find. It can be made straight onto any flat surface or use the free printable crystal grid template in this blog post. Here’s some more info on what this geometric pattern means.

My book makes crystal grids easy to understand and use (click the pic for more info)

Sacred Geometry Meanings

As always, everything I incorporate into my crystal grids has meaning, research and a purpose behind it. For this grid, I have used the triangle and the vesica piscis symbol. For more detail on the history and symbolism of these geometric shapes please see my book Crystal Grids Power.

Triangle – Raise energy & fire element

Vesica Piscis – Encourage renewal

Crystal grid for energy
Crystal grid for energy


1 Medium or Large Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz amplifies energy and expands the aura. You could use a standing crystal point, tower, pyramid, flame or Merkaba star if available. I’ve used a crystal flame.

6 Carnelian Tumble Stones

Carnelian increases your energy levels and motivation. You can use other forms if you wish to. This crystal can be substituted with Tiger’s Iron, Red Tourmaline or Tangerine Quartz.

3 Garnet Crystals or Tumble Stones

All red Garnets help boost your energy. I’ve used Almandine Garnet crystals here. You can use crystals, tumble stones or other forms if you have them. These stones can be substituted with Red Tiger’s Eye or Ruby.

Crystal Grid For Energy Template (Optional)

I’ll include a link to the printable crystal grid template below if you wish to use it. You can even draw your own if you want.

TIP – Get creative, I went over the lines in my template with a gold pen and added rays in the middle.

Adding Extra Crystals (optional)

If you’re confident, you could add more crystals to this grid. I’ve added extra crystal points (see photos). I used Tangerine Aura crystals because they are energising. You could use Tangerine Quartz or clear Quartz crystals in a similar way. Always work with the geometry and symmetry of your grid.

Quartz crystal flame
The carnelians behind the Quartz crystal flame look like fire inside

Using a Crystal Grid Template

I have a created a FREE printable Crystal Grid Template that you can download and print yourself if you want. You don’t need to sign up for anything. Just click the link below to download the PDF file. You can then print it out on some paper or card.

Simple Crystal Grid Activation

If you already know how to activate a crystal grid, feel free to use your prefered method. Otherwise, to keep things nice and easy, I’m going to show you a really simple method to activate the grid which does not use an activation crystal wand. Activation programs or charges the crystals with your intention, so they can begin to do their work for you.

Intention Note (Optional)

Using a note is optional. Before you begin, write on a small piece of paper a statement of your intention similar to an affirmation. This could be something like, “My energy levels are increasing. I have all the energy I need”.

How To Activate Your Crystal Grid For Energy:

1. Hold all your cleansed crystals and the note in your hands (or work in batches).

2. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths.

3. Raise your crystals up in front of your Third Eye Chakra (brow area).

4. Focus on your intention. Say to yourself or out loud a statement of your intention like “I program this crystal grid to increase my energy levels.”

5. Lastly, arrange your crystals into position (see below).

Free Crystal grid template for energy
Free Crystal grid template for energy

Setting Up Your Crystal Grid

Now that your crystals are programmed and charged with your intention, all you have to do is arrange them. Use a flat surface that will not be easily disturbed. Please see the diagram above.

(1) The Clear Quartz goes into the centre, on top of your folded note.

(2) Then the six Carnelians can be placed around it, in the vesica piscis shape.

(3) Lastly, the three Garnets form the outer triangle.


You can leave the crystal grid up for as long as it’s needed. Do make sure it’s cleaned of dust and energetically cleansed at least once a month. Once you are finished with your grid, cleanse it and deactivate it before using the crystals for anything else. See my article on Deactivating Your Crystal Grid for more info.

Do you have a question or comment? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

If you are looking for other information please search my website or visit the Resources page to see if it’s already been covered elsewhere.

With gratitude,


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  1. Gilles Caron

    Thanks for the grid… the timing is perfect.
    I feel very tired these days and needed a grid to use my flame crystal.
    I just need to check what I could use from my reserve for the other stones… or what I will need to order 😉
    Great work.


    I have been mentally blocking spirits for a long time.Being able to protect myself from
    negitive energies would then allow me to
    help cross over the less harmful ones.
    I think chrystals would be the answer for me.
    I need to purchase them from a reputable sources.

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