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Crystals For Self Care: My Top Tips and Wellness Rituals

Crystals For Self Care: My Top Tips and Wellness Rituals

Crystals For Self Care: My Top Tips and Wellness Rituals

Discover my top crystals for self care and self-love. Includes essential holistic self-care tips, crystal baths and rituals for wellness and wellbeing.

What is Self Care & Why Do I Need It?

Self-care is essentially looking after yourself. This can be taking care of your body, health, emotional wellbeing and your mental health. This means doing something for you, focusing on prevention rather than needing a ‘cure’ later.

So, it’s a broad area and covers many things but can crystals and crystal healing help?

Crystals For Self Care

Perhaps crystals are already part of your self-care routine? I’m going to share some of my top crystals for self care plus some habits and rituals that you might want to try. Remember, its what you do regularly that will have the biggest impact on your life.

Rose Quartz Goddess, Pink Amethyst Geode and Rhodochrosite slab
Self care crystal rituals


Did you know that sea salt and rock salt are technically crystals? Natural salt is the mineral Halite and yes that means you eat crystals 🤯. People have known of the healing and purifying properties of saltwater for thousands of years.

Water when frozen forms into crystals, scientifically all ice in nature is classified as a mineral. From the metaphysical point of view, saltwater baths detoxify our skin and help cleanse your aura. They remove negative energy and are also protective.

Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals in a bowl
Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals

Simple Salt Bath

Run a warm bath and add a handful of sea salt or rock salt. You can use Himalayan Pink Salt or Dead Sea Salt for example. Mix it in with your hand until you see it’s dissolved. If you have a bath oil or other products you can also add those too. Rose or Lavender are good choices.

Bathe for at least 10 minutes and then pull the plug. Lay in the water as the water drains away. Visualise any stress or negative emotions being washed away. You can rinse yourself after if you want.

Can I use Epsom Salts?

Contrary to popular belief Epsom salts are not actually salt and contain no salts. They are freshwater spring minerals (also crystals). They can be used for cleansing but I believe rock and sea salt is stronger and what the ancients actually used. Salt is also protective so that is why it is used in ritual baths.

You can combine Epsom salts with salt, that is often what many bath salts will contain. Dead sea salts naturally contain sea salt and other minerals. For deep cleansing, I recommend you always include actual salt.

Rose buds, pink salt and rose qhartz goddess carving
Roses are a symbol of self love and heart healing


Chakra crystals are usually a set of seven crystals that correspond to the chakras. They are laid on the body along the chakras to help balance, align and clear them. This simple crystal healing practice is surprisingly powerful and has all types of benefits if done regularly.

nine chakra crystal set on an altar with buddhas and candles
Different crystal colours correspond to the chakras

This includes accelerating spiritual growth, self-healing and awakening your psychic abilities. I like to add crystals for the soul star and the earth star chakra when I do this. You can learn more in my little book Crystal Healing For The Chakras.

Jar of pink crystals for self care
Crystals for self care


Rose Quartz is one of the best crystals for self care and self-love. It’s a nurturing stone that opens up the heart chakra. This pink form of Quartz encourages you to be gentle with yourself and to treat yourself in a loving way.

Its peaceful vibe helps you tune out the distractions and let go of worries. Having a Rose Quartz heart in your bedroom is an excellent reminder to prioritise self-care.

Rose quartz heart
Rose Quartz hearts are a good self care reminder


This crystal assists you in being more independent, putting your needs first sometimes is vital for any self-care routine. Tiger’s Eye helps you believe in yourself, boosting self-confidence and building self-esteem.

Tigers eye tumble stone
Tiger’s Eye helps with taking care of your needs


Creativity in the form of art or crafting can do so much for you and your mental health. This isn’t about what others think, nobody has to see it unless you want them too. Art is therapeutic. Carnelian helps you express yourself through any creative outlets.

Carnelian tumbled stone
Carnelian boosts creativity


The amazing benefits of meditation are no longer disputed. Meditating with a crystal that brings peace or clarity such as Quartz may be easier than doing it alone.

Find a clear or white Quartz crystal and tune in. You can benefit from as little as five minutes of meditation a day. My beginner’s guide to meditation with crystals can be found here.

Candle Quartz crystal point
Candle Quartz brings peace and is excellent for meditation

Please feel free to share any tips you have for working with crystals for self care. I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

If you are looking for other information please search my website or visit the Resources page to see if it’s already been covered elsewhere.

With gratitude,


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4 thoughts on “Crystals For Self Care: My Top Tips and Wellness Rituals

  1. Eva-maria Huber

    Dear Ethan,

    Thanks a lot for this article
    Selfcare time during the week is nearly impossible to manage dir me. At christmas time I found an add from a supplier here in Austria, a nee shower head with a lots of power. They‘re using clay and tourmaline Balls for water filtering. Yeah, exactly – how could‘nt anybody here be thinking: omg, what a Great way to charge your batteries under The shower
    So, I let the water flow over my face every Morning, visualizing that all the bad energy and negativity is washed away. Additionally I focus on the light that is showing before my inner eyes and make it grow to a big , shining bubble that surrounds and protects me! Leaving the house full of power and protected became so essentially for me ❤️
    Pls excuse my bad english, hope to read a nee article of yours soon!
    All the best, Eva

  2. Cherry

    I’ve found lately that some of my larger Quartz family crystals will ask to be in the bathroom with me when I take a bath. I don’t put them directly in the bath water because of my skin care stuff/shampoo/conditioner, but when I’m all clean, I run fresh water over them (also over my more robust jewellery, like my Blue Topaz, Orange-Brown Diamond, Black Star Diopside, Black Tourmaline and Indicolite pendants) and then pat them dry immediately with my own towel. They always seem brighter, both physically and energetically, afterwards.

    Caring for your crystals can apparently be a part of your ‘me time’!

    Love and Light

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