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Why You SHOULD Buy Crystals Online

Why You SHOULD Buy Crystals Online

Why You SHOULD Buy Crystals Online

Is it okay to buy crystals online from a website? Are you weary of buying crystals online? Are there any benefits or good reasons to shop for crystals online?

Why Buy Crystals Online?

Before anyone jumps to the comments and tells everyone why they won’t buy crystal online, I want people to consider a few things. We have all heard the reasons some people don’t like buying crystals online many times. These are the reasons you might need to rethink this.

Tumble stone crystals in rainbow colours
Why you should buy crystal online

Save Your Crystal Shop!

After the financial crisis of 2008, I saw my local crystal shop, where I had bought crystals from for years, close down. Other metaphysical shops in the nearest city also began closing over the next couple of years, leaving only one.

Fast forward to 2020-21 and we are in the middle of a global pandemic and there is a possibility of another financial crisis. Many metaphysical shops are unable to open during lockdowns and when they are it’s pretty quiet. Like many small businesses, some of them are really struggling and their future is uncertain…

Crystals and crystal points on a wooden shelf
Photos online can still communicate the energy of a crystal

How The Internet Is Helping Crystal Shops

It’s now much easier for people to set up an online shop if they don’t already have one. Bricks and mortar shops have found online sales to be a lifesaver. Social media is giving them a way to connect with loyal customers and find new ones.

If you want your local crystal shop to stay open you will need to support it, especially now. Right now that means if they are not able to open (or you are not enjoying the restrictions) please support them online if you can. If you don’t, you might lose them altogether.

orange and blue crystals
There is more choice when buying online

I don’t want to see what happened after 2008. Some crystal shops have already had to close their physical shops because they can’t pay the rent or because of all the economic uncertainty.

drawer filled with different crystals and gemstones
There is a lot more choice when you buy crystals online

No local Crystal Shop?

The world is changing and not everyone has the luxury of a local crystal shop or being able to dig for crystals. If you don’t have any local crystal or metaphysical shops then perhaps you could start supporting a small online crystal shop?

Goddess altar with crystals, crystal points and crystal clusters
Many of my crystals were purchased online and I love them

Buying Crystals Online

I can honestly say that had I not been able to buy crystals online I would never have found most of the crystals that you see me with today. If I can’t find what I need locally I will look online.

Yes, the experience is different and you will have to connect with the stones through images and read descriptions. These are challenging times and we are all having to do things differently. Instead of complaining, let’s support small businesses online.

Green Jade laughing Buddha
I found this Jade Laughing Buddha online a few years ago

More Ways To Support Them

Another way to support them (without spending a penny) is by liking, commenting and sharing their social media posts. Also, recommending them to friends and any online wellness groups or communities.

I have shared my tips and more pros for buying crystals online in another blog post if you have not read my detailed crystal buyer’s guide, HERE.

Have you changed your mind about buying online? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

If you are looking for other information please search my website or visit the Resources page to see if it’s already been covered elsewhere.

With gratitude,


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20 thoughts on “Why You SHOULD Buy Crystals Online

  1. Deirdre

    Hi Ethan-

    Here in Tucson, AZ we have several great metaphysical shops, but they can’t stock every crystal on the planet. I have been supporting them, but also buying online as needed. We also have an excellent “rock shop” that my husband and I recently discovered. Even with all of that I have found that sometime you can’t find what you need or want, so online is the way to go. I like to share the wealth and have been lucky in my interactions with sellers (mostly through Etsy). We’ve never bought a crystal online that just felt like the energy was off. Like you I have found some of my favorite shops and generally try to stick to them.

  2. Lisa

    Thank you for yet another relevant and interesting post. I have been collecting crystals for 2 years now, and have bought 99% of my crystals online, I am very happy with the vast majority of them. If we do purchase a crystal we are not happy with, then we can choose not to buy from that particular online shop, but the majority of them offer some lovely crystals. And as you mentioned in your post, I do not have a metaphysical shop near me, so if it were not for online crystal shops I would not have any crystals :(.

  3. Joy Griffiths

    Hi Ethan, I’m in the UK and used to go to some of the weekend shows up and down the country, but this year they’ve been cancelled. The organisers set up regular Facebook lives and some of the vendors also do their own lives, so I’ve been shopping that way. Quality has been excellent and I’ve also learned a lot just watching and listening!

  4. Arianna Gray

    Ethan, I completely agree. Especially if online shops have a real (paying for) website or even etsy. These are not cheap to set up and run, and on etsy you have the ratings to choose whether or not to do business with them. Ebay is the only place I would say, “Buyer beware”. While there are real vendors selling crystals there, there are also A LOT of scam artists. The majority of the bad experiences I have read or heard about happened through ebay. One way people can “protect” themselves is to learn as much as you can about the crystals you want to purchase. Read on established websites about “fakes” and the like. Then when shopping online, keep the adage “If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is” in mind. Certain quality crystals aren’t cheap, and if someone is offering them at an unheard-of price, I would walk away. Thanks so much for the post.

  5. Elaine McLeod

    I’ve found that buying on the Instagram live shows has delivered some of my finest crystals. You get to see the crystal in real time, ask questions and bidding is fun. Many of my favorite Gem Show dealers have turned to online sales because there are simply no shows. 90% of my crystal purchases and all of my stone bead purchases have been online and I have not been disappointed. At some shops you can even book a virtual shopping time but it’s a good idea to have a list or know what you’re looking for. If you’re concerned just pop into a live sale and browse, find one you like and start with a small purchase and find the place that is right for you. You might even find some of your favorite shops have moved to an online format. Happy shopping folks.

  6. Fanny van der Horst

    I think shopping online is great way to explore all the possibilities: so many beautiful shops, zo many crystals calling. It is also a great way to learn a high level of attuning to crystals. To really feel into if it is right for you without holding it in your hands.
    Great article, thanks!

  7. Cherry

    Where I live there isn’t a worthwhile crystal shop for miles. With my rather limited mobility, buying online is so much simpler; and yes, it’s completely possible to recognise ‘your’ crystal from a photo instead of, as it were, in person. Just a small heads up: it takes a little practice: it’s fine to trust Fate to get ‘your’ crystal to you if there are multiples on offer, i.e. a steady supply of a specific tumblestone, but when it’s one unique crystal, it’s definitely a skill to cultivate.

  8. Nikki

    I started following my intuition to buy online since May of 2020 and I couldn’t be more pleased. I follow my intuition toward vendors that have always surprised me with their lovely, detailed packaging and infusion of good energy into the boxes I receive from them. I first wondered if I was being disloyal to my local crystal shop (which is actually pretty far away, and they don’t have an online presence), but soon I recognized that I’m spreading the love toward the online vendors. I feel more connected to the collective consciousness because with each purchase, I meet a new soul who is equally grateful. I will continue to look for stones online.

  9. Jacqueline

    I do buy online as it’s easier for me and there aren’t many crystal shops in my city. I never thought about it that way but you made a very valid point that we should support our local shops so I will be searching up the one I do buy from to see if they have an online store. Thank-you!

  10. Donna

    I recently moved to an area where there are no crystal shops and have had to purchase crystals online. Interestingly I have found that the supplier has a far greater range than the shops I used to purchase from. I usually know exactly what crystal I am wanting and have not been disappointed. The seller is a reiki practitioner as well as a crystal healer and the energy that I sense when I unpack it is beautiful. She has cleaned and charged them as they were packed. I have purchased online from shops I used to visit but I’ve also found that the energy of the stones I do get from them is different – it isn’t clean if you know what I mean. But a very good article and thank you for it.

  11. Kelly

    I buy crystals every which way I can! I have enjoyed the commraderie of shopping local. I feel blessed to buy from teachers whom I resonate with. I’ve been able to source and procure local area specialities like Celtic Welsh quartz from Judy Hall. When I buy online I sometimes make a small purchase to test the quality. I’ve found crystal people are beautiful and I’m attracted to their shops and their stones. From here I’ve gotten many beauties! Others just sell crystals and for that I like to buy common stones like calcite and fluorite. Some are so rare I sometimes just buy where I can. However I try and buy as close to the source as possible. I clean everything with Petaltone Essences so I’ve not yet experienced any lingering energy from all the handling. Much love to all of you keeping the crystal community supported.

  12. Michelle

    Interestingly, my local crystal shop is seeing some of their best profits ever because of the pandemic, and I still go there at least once a month, but I do shop online for things that they don’t have, and occasionally just because I can’t afford the higher price you usually pay in a shop. I think it’s fine to shop online, especially if there are no good shops nearby.

  13. Pat

    Yes I buy from my local shop but I also buy online. I like to collect different crystals and the choice online is amazing. I think if the listing is of a crystal for sale and you receive the same item in the photos then you can select one that appeals to you. Otherwise if the listing is generally just advertising such crystals and its pot luck what you receive, then that’s where it is not personalised. But you can still receive very good crystals with good energy and vibration. Personally I have always been satisfied with my purchases.
    Kind regards

  14. Chrissy

    Hiya Ethan! Long time no comment lol still read and save all your blogs altho I have recently decided to purchase online and found a wonderful shop/dealer on Instagram. Crystalyeyezd_earth. She has a wonderful personality & live show that shows up close beautiful shots, very decent prices, and the packaging is gorgeous and very protective of the stones. Actually all the qualities you mentioned in this blog. Plus a thank you gift with everyone’s purchase of a beautiful piece of Peace Jade. I have tried 2 other shops I am waiting for my purchases will give you the review soon. Have a wonderful day.

    1. Chrissy Robinson

      Hello Ethan I finally got my other Crystal’s purchased from the other shops their quality is nice packaging was done well enough not to damage prices were incredibly inexpensive on one and average for the other I still highly recommend the first shop I told u about in the first comment of mine to this blog. Have a wonderful day Chrissy

  15. Tammy

    I have bought some not alloy of crystals online I would about 6 or more on line and I bought about 3 or 4 at a market some one was sold some crystals and I try to go to east meets west I will say buying crystals on line there is nothing wrong with it I love all my crystals that I buy thank you so much Ethan

  16. Maria

    Ethan…I recently bought the Crystal grid book and the Psychic protection and I have to tell you how pleased I am with both books very informative in a language that everyone can understand, thank you so much!

  17. ann

    I don’t like to buy online as a lot of crystal sellers don’t really show a good enough picture
    I am very cautious when I buy on line as some of the crystals look fake after I have bought them and received them just my thoughts on the matter

  18. Angie Parr

    When my older sister went to the coast,, if there was crystals there, would pick one up and feel it in our hand. We would get a feel for it we would by the stone. But we don.t get out much, through ill health. So now I get my Crystals on line I look at them (various) for a while. I won’t buy strait away, I will take a couple of days, to be sure it’s the one I want

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