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Crystals For The Winter Blues, energy & wellbeing

Crystals For The Winter Blues, energy & wellbeing

Crystals For The Winter Blues, energy & wellbeing

Eight crystals for the Winter blues. Beat the January blues, boost your mood, enhance energy and increase your wellbeing. These crystals can help you feel like yourself again and more positive…

What Are The Winter Blues?

The Winter blues is a term used to describe feeling a bit depressed or down during the winter months. Other side effects are feeling tired or having a foggy mind. It’s more common in parts of the world where Winter is cold and darker.

We now know that a lack of daylight does affect our hormone levels and therefore our moods. There is a medical condition called S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) where this becomes more extreme. If you suspect you have this you should see a doctor. The same with depression, always get medical advice.

Astrology mug and crystals
Crystals can bring light and warm energy to the home

What You Can Do

You must do all you can physically for the Winter blues along with any wellness methods (like crystal healing).

Daylight Therapy

Make sure you go outside often, especially on the brighter days. Sitting by a bright window is also effective if it’s too cold or icy outside.

Healthy Eating

Try to eat and drink more fruit and vegetables. When we feel down in Winter we can crave sugary processed foods or carbs. These temporarily boost our energy but then leave you feeling more tired later.

Move Your Body

Make sure you do regular exercise of some sort. It does not have to be anything strenuous, walking works well for many. You can do stretching, Tai Chi, Qi Gong or any form of yoga for example. I find Kundalini Yoga to be really good to boost prana (life force energy) and stamina.

salt lamp and wooden buddha on an altar
We spend more time at home in Winter so create a sanctuary

How To Use Crystals For The Winter Blues

I’ve chosen these crystals for different aspects of the Winter blues. As always see which one is best suited or combine them, you don’t need all these crystals. They can be carried on you, worn as jewellery, placed on their associated chakra or meditated with.

In addition, placing these around your home in areas you spend more time can also help. Just make sure you cleanse any crystals or crystal jewellery you use at the end of the day.

Crystals for the Winter Blues on a small seasonal altar
Crystals for the Winter Blues can be placed around your home too

8 Crystals For The Winter Blues


This stone is also known as Fire Quartz. It’s a form of clear or milky Quartz with inclusions of Hematite which cause red, brown and orange streaks and veins. Hematoid Quartz helps reduce sluggish energy and boosts your mood and motivation.

Hematoid Quartz Dragon
Hematoid Quartz Dragon (this one contains Lavender Quartz)


I recommend Sunstone for beating the Winter blues for a few reasons. Firstly, it helps cleanse the chakras which are going to raise your vibration. It channels solar energy, something lacking at this time of year. This crystal helps lift your mood and encourages a more hopeful and positive outlook.

Sunstone Tumble Stone
Sunstone Tumble Stone


Work with Carnelian to help increase your motivation to look after your physical health. This orange crystal will help gently increase your energy and channel it towards positive actions and creative outlets. This helps with your mental health and could reduce any anxiety.

Carnelian crystal flame
Carnelian Flame


This stone is not so easy to find but worth seeking out online if you can’t find it locally. Bronzite assists you in increasing your determination to get through the challenges of the Winter season.

Bronzite Tumble Stone
Bronzite Tumble Stone


This form of Obsidian is much gentler than the all-Black Obsidian. It helps absorb negative energy and patterns of thought. This makes it useful if you’re feeling down in the dumps or a bit pessimistic at this time of year.

Snowflake Obsidian tumble stone
Snowflake Obsidian Tumble Stone

Clear Calcite

You can use Clear Calcite or Optical Calcite, also known as Iceland Spar. This clear form of Calcite often has beautiful rainbows inside. I recommend Clear Calcite to bring mental clarity if you’re mind is feeling a bit foggy. It also cleanses the aura and chakras.

Chunk of polished Optical Clear Calcite
Chunk of polished Optical Clear Calcite


This stone is often on my list for the following reasons. Any red or dark red garnet can be used, such as Almandine or Pyrope Garnet. Garnet helps reduce tiredness, it’s such a powerful energy booster. It’s good for increasing your motivation in life.

Polished Almandine Garnet Crystal
Polished Almandine Garnet Crystal


Lastly, this brings us to Smoky Quartz. This crystal helps bring awareness of negative thought patterns so we can snap out of them. Smoky Quartz absorbs negative energy and can be used to steer us towards a more positive mindset.

Smoky quartz crystal point
Polished Smoky Quartz Crystal Point

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If you are looking for other information please search my website or visit the Resources page to see if it’s already been covered elsewhere.

With gratitude,


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12 thoughts on “Crystals For The Winter Blues, energy & wellbeing

  1. maggie blanke

    Hi Ethan! Love all your articles.. one question for you, is Amphibole and Hematoid the same? I have both and was wondering about each energy and why sometimes more than one name is associated with a certain stone.. thanks.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Years ago Amphibole Quartz looked nothing like what they sell these days (it used to be a white phantom with a bit of orange). Robert Simmons in The Book Of Stones lists several minerals in Amphibole (aka Angel Phantom Quartz) and none of them are Hematite. I do wonder about what they are selling as Amphibole these days, it might just be a new deposit but perhaps it is Hematoid Quartz.

  2. Jo-Anne

    I always enjoy reading your blogs and articles. This one is particularly helpful, as we are all feeling the effects of isolation and the “blues.” Thank you, and bless.


    I just wat to thank you so much for all the information about winter blues Crystal’s. They couldn’t have came at a better time in my life.

    Thank you
    Deborah Laughlin

  4. Jacqueline Myers

    Thanks again Ethan. I always find your blogs and your books very helpful and you have inspired me so much on my crystal journey.

  5. Cherry

    Personal recommendations, in no specific order:
    • Any Solar crystal (Yellow Sapphire, Citrine, Heliodor, Peridot, Amber, Sunstone, Golden Quartz, Imperial Topaz, Pyrite)
    • Red Jade (life force stone)
    • Ruby (energiser)
    • Amazonite
    • Canary Tourmaline
    • Any other shade of Topaz you might prefer (blue, white, pink, sherry, brown etc, all have Sun/Star energy; White/Clear/Silver Topaz also instils hope)
    • Clear Quartz (the all-rounder)
    • Emerald (if you can work with it; not everyone can)
    • Aquamarine (the boundless energy of the ocean, plus very positive)

  6. Wendy Buckle

    Hello Ethan. I have two questions for you. When using a clear quartz for center crystal in grids, is it okay to replace a tower with a cluster? Which do you feel would work better?

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