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Evil Eye Protection Crystals – Banish Jealousy, Envy & Haters!

Evil Eye Protection Crystals – Banish Jealousy, Envy & Haters!

Evil Eye Protection Crystals – Banish Jealousy, Envy & Haters!

Explore five evil eye protection crystals. Try these stones to banish jealousy from haters, jealous colleagues, coworkers, family members and frenemies. Eliminate ill-wishing and bounce bad vibes!

What Is The Evil Eye?

Belief in the evil eye is ancient and found in many different cultures and traditions around the world. It’s believed to be caused by someone sending negative psychic energy to someone else through their eyes.

It sounds scarier than it is and in most cases will only have a short term effect if any but it can cause problems. It’s also an unconscious thing and comes from jealousy or ill-wishing.

Clear Quartz crystal point with a glass evil eye bead bracelet around it
Learn what the evil eye protection crystals are and how to use them

Jealousy & The Evil Eye

Humans are funny creatures, we spend a lot of time comparing ourselves to others. When we feel resentful of someone else’s looks, qualities, possessions, relationships, success or luck, we are sending them some negative energy.

Jealousy can be encountered in families, friends, the workplace, business competition, school, college, forums and online groups, neighbourhoods and social events. You can even experience this by just walking down the street from complete strangers.

These days we share so much of ourselves on social media, the more exposure you get the more likely it is to encounter this negativity.

“People who are unhappy in their lives or dislike themselves like to project this onto other people. This isn’t your stuff and you don’t need to carry this with you”

Just because someone looks at you funny or wishes that you didn’t have what you have does not mean it will have any real effect on you. Having a strong aura and using shielding techniques will deflect most of this. I have talked about these methods in detail in my book Psychic Protection Crystals.

Psychic Protection Crystals By Ethan Lazzerini
Learn more in my complete guide to psychic protection and protection stones

Cleanse Yourself Of Negative Energy NOW!

Do you feel that others have already sent you bad vibes? Below is a short YouTube video I made showing you how to cleanse your aura of negative energy using Selenite/Satin Spar. This is a quick way that only takes two minutes. Try it!

Evil Eye Amulets

The real problem is when this is not a one-off situation but someone that is doing this regularly. The traditional amulet is usually in the form of an eye symbol which is believed to absorb or deflect the evil eye. These can be carried, worn or hung in your home or place of work.

This method is quite visual and not something that suits everyone. Luckily, there is a much more subtle way to protect yourself from the effects of the evil eye using crystals.

Glass evil eye charm and beaded bracelet
Glass evil eye charm and beaded bracelet

How To Use Evil Eye Protection Crystals

You can work with crystals to help protect yourself or a location from any negative energy being sent from jealous people and ill-wishing. This isn’t new age, it’s ancient. One of the earliest uses of crystals and stones by humans was for protection.

The following stones can be worn in the form of jewellery or placed by a door, window, desk, computer or by a till for example. It all depends on where you consider the origin of this negative attention.

Make sure you focus on your intention when beginning to use them, I recommend you program them for this job for the best effect. Below are five evil eye protection crystals you can use:-

Lapis Lazuli sphere on a tripod stand
Five evil eye protection crystals revealed


Lapis Lazuli was prized by the ancients such as the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians. This midnight-blue stone is connected to the third eye chakra and offers excellent protection from the evil eye. Like a filter, it neutralises and cleanses negative energy sent your way from jealous or hateful people.

Lapis Lazuli flame
Lapis Lazuli flame


Golden Tiger’s Eye is known for its ‘cat’s eye’ effect and associated with the energy of tigers and lions. It’s no surprise that this is a very protective crystal that works on many levels. It helps you build greater self-confidence in the face of bullies, oppression or jealous haters. Tiger’s Eye can disarm all the harmful effects of the evil eye before it reaches you.

Tiger's Eye tumble stone
Tiger’s Eye Tumble Stone


This pitch-black gemstone is formed from the fossilised wood of ancient trees. The Romans wore this stone to protect themselves from the evil eye. It works by absorbing negative energy directed at you and neutralises any harmful effects. Jet also calls in the protection of your guardians (protective guides).

Polished chunk of Jet
Polished chunk of Jet


The Shiva Lingam is made from a form of Jasper and comes from the sacred Narmada River in India. It was named after the Hindu God Shiva who destroys all evil and restores the cosmic balance. The Shiva Lingam stone blocks the energy of the evil eye and sends it into the Earth for purification.

Shiva Lingam stone
Shiva Lingam


Turquoise is another stone that has an ancient history of use by humans. This sky-blue or blue-green stone banishes the effects of the evil eye. It purifies the negatively charged energy before releasing the now harmless energy back into the ethers.

Polished Turquoise nugget
Polished Turquoise nugget

Do you believe you have experienced the evil eye? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

If you are looking for other information please search my website or visit the Resources page to see if it’s already been covered elsewhere.

With gratitude,


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28 thoughts on “Evil Eye Protection Crystals – Banish Jealousy, Envy & Haters!

  1. Wenda Body

    Hi Ethan,
    I’m never quite sure if I imagine it or ponder on it for too long after but when my sister is around me, literally or not(portal), quite often i’m left feeling very sluggish a few days later and can’t shake it off no matter how i try. Also I’m agitated and can fire off in the wrong direction!
    Oddly if she contacts me after we’ve talked she seems possitivly on top of the world.
    Is this her projected feelings?

  2. Tammy

    I feel the evil eye when I am around my husband 2s sisters and there family’s more so now that his parents died because we take care of his blind brother and his one sister should have gotten him but my husbands mother asked if I would take care of the blind brother at first I said no his mother kept on asking after a few weeks I said yes they only wanted us to take care of him because they know we had an extra empty bed room now his sister give me the evil eye and they are mad at me for this

    1. Cherry

      @Tammy, this isn’t your problem; your sisters-in-law own this one entirely. Of course, you already know that. But, for the problems you’re having with them, you may want to consider a crystal Ethan talks about a lot – with good reason – but has for whatever reason left out of this post: Black Tourmaline.

      Allow me to relate my own experience with this master protective crystal: I suffer from Ankylosing Spondylitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis. I only found out about the AS in January 2020 (typical rotten timing), but I’d been seeing a rheumatologist at my local hospital for almost a decade before that.

      I had a good few issues with the first Rheumatologist I dealt with. He was very rude, completely close-minded, and determined to stick rigidly to ‘the book’; he wasn’t at all happy when I refused Methotrexate for the inflammation (it’s primarily a chemotherapy drug, used mainly in cases of certain leukaemias, and it has a nasty habit of dumbing down the user’s immune system too far and leaving them open to tumours). Talk about a personality clash! I refused further contact with him when he made a pass at me a few appointments later: I put in a complaint, and he went away. It did help that I was recording the conversation on my phone anyway, with a view to requesting a change of rheumatologist because of his poor manners.

      The next one started out better – a bit better-mannered – but was basically incompetent. I’d have done a better job myself, and I’m not even trained!

      It was then I got my amulet. It’s a large piece of AAA grade Black Tourmaline, in the shape of a flattened tetrahedron, 3cm on a side. I had an appointment on the day I received it: I had time to cleanse and bond with it before I had to leave, so I slipped it on a chain and wore it to the appointment.

      Not only was I dealing with a bad consultant: the energy in and around the hospital was *horrible!* Going by that alone, you’d think no-one who went in there, ever came out alive. I’d dreaded each appointment, because I always came away withmassive, near-migraine headaches which neither crystals, fresh air, hydration nor painkillers could touch; since I can’t drive, I had to endure them for a 90-minute bus ride each time; and that’s without the poking and prodding which left me in severe back and joint pain — the buses I had to use at the time, had no suspension worth mentioning.

      Anyway, I wore the new pendant (I also have a bangle with a raw Black Tourmaline crystal, which I got just before Covid reached Britain) to the day’s appointment. It was a cold day, so I wore warm black trousers and my black merino (?sp) wool polo neck, with the Tourmaline on a 22″ silver chain, and my white trainers with the silver flashings.

      I’ve never had a medical appointment like it, and looking back I can’t help laughing. My rheumatologist barely said a word to me, and he kept staring at the pendant and fidgeting in his seat. Then he told me he thought I looked like a witch. I said, “Yeah, my broomstick’s in the car park,” and just laughed. I’d normally have felt insulted, but with the crystal, I just found it funny and a tiny bit pathetic.

      It wasn’t what you’d call a productive consultation, but I could sense the rheumatologist’s discomfort, and I knew it was because my crystal was reflecting his negativity back at him. I think that was the reason for his likening me to a witch.

      I didn’t see him again; by the time my next appointment came around, he’d transferred to another hospital. My next rheumatologist was competent, professional, friendly, polite, helpful and open-minded; though neither of the following are necessarily related to the above, she happened to be a woman, and she liked my Black Tourmaline; she even expressed a wish to get one of her own when I told her in general terms what it could do.

      The other wonderful upshot was, no more monstrous headaches! Instead I felt – and saw – a bubble of the most beautiful white light, almost Angelic in nature, surrounding me: the bad energy of the hospital couldn’t get past it. Instead I returned home feeling, if not fantastic – there was still a lot of poking and prodding – at least not as if my head was about to explode. Now I don’t leave home without my amulet; and if I know or guess that the atmosphere where I’m going will be iffy, I slip on my bangle too.

      That’s why I think Black Tourmaline can help you: if it can block a whole hospital’s worth of negative energy and send a bad rheumatologist packing for me, then it should be able to shield you from whatever your sisters-in-law send your way, intentionally or otherwise. I know Tourmaline can be expensive, but don’t worry: the black variety is the most common, and Black Tourmaline jewellery can be found to fit all budgets. I paid £11 for my amulet, and that included postage costs from Rajasthan!

      Love and Light.

      1. Vicky

        I love reading your story. Last night at a taverna the waiter asked if my friend and I were witches because I was talking about holding a pebble. Wish I was a witch to be honest. I am having problems at the moment with trying to phase people out. I don’t know if it’s me though because I have this problem time and time again. I befriend people fast and then I back off because I don’t like what I see but more importantly I LOVE to be alone often. Just prefer it unless I have company that I give with and where I currently live it’s difficult because am in a village. I bought a little turquoise crystal last week and I felt I had a good day but I wore it last night and felt uncomfortable when out with the group. I will read your site to try channel more what I need.

  3. Celeste Wright

    This Morning I awake and My Selenite that was on the nightstand shattered in to multiple piece while sleep, Can you tell me more of why this happened, The floor is carpeted.

  4. Luis

    I use tiger’s eye and black tourmaline on my left pocket pants and sometimes lapis lazuli necklace and it really works. Thanks Ethan for your articles.

  5. Sara

    What are the signs of being affected by evil eye from a person? I have experienced emotional draining, headaches and inability to let go of my interactions with a specific person.

    Would be great if you could let me know the signs/symptoms of being affected by evil eye.

  6. Rehana Ali

    Hi Ethan.
    The evil is very real, when certain people come over my home just feels heavy. I then usually would throw salt all around the house and burn sage. But from now on I’ll put the crystals your suggested around in my home. Some people are heavy and drain you.

    Thank you for all your post.
    They always seem to be just what I need at the time.

  7. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

    FRIENDLY REMINDER – If you’re looking for information on a different topic not covered here rather than post a question here just search my blog. I have been blogging for 5 years, the chances are your question is covered elsewhere but you will need to use the search boxes on all pages (top right and bottom) or just go to the Free Resources page (at the top) where I organise articles into sections. Thank you

  8. Kerri

    Thank you. Always wondered about the evil eye, heard of it, now am clear on it. Unfortunately when I was a teenager, I used this ability and it can have serious consequences for the user and who they used it on, but I was a very angry teenager. I have since grown and changed and have undone what I had done. Always find your in site helpful.

  9. Pat

    Excellent post and article.. although I don’t think of it as the evil eye (maybe I should) but daily I wear turquoise, Tigers eye, one black Crystal or more.. primarily for protection and energy..I have Lapis and shiva in my collection , but not in wearable state, will endeavour to use them as well.. I continue to be amazed at what I learn from your books and your posts. Thank you..

  10. Leslie Walker

    This subject is very interesting to my partner as she has someone one very hateful and jealous living right next door to her, he even wished her late husband dead at one point and shortly after he said that her hubby became very ill and passed over from lung cancer. My partner is a very nervous person with a lack of confidence but more over she wants to know if these crystals will be ok in the bedroom as she feels he is too close… I noticed your picture evil eye bracelet is surrounding a clear quartz yet you have not mentioned this in the protection stones, is there a reason for this..?
    At the moment my partner has Amethyst which she feels strongly connected to and uses in the bedroom, healthwise for her, will the others work with it..? Please can you tell us what the evil eye bracelet is made up of… !

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      You can have them in the bedroom but not all are good to be worn or placed close to you while sleeping. Perhaps placing one near the bedroom window would be better? Clear Quartz is suitable for any purpose if programmed, the crystals I list are what I recommend for this situation. The traditional evil eye bracelet and charm shown are made of blue glass. Try a keyring of that or one of these stones attached to her house keys if you want.

    2. Cherry

      Amethyst is a good crystal for something like this. It’s possible that your partner’s neighbour is some kind of practitioner of negative energy work, and if that’s the case then Amethyst is one of the finest crystals to have around!

      Most if not all of Ethan’s recommended crystals will work well with Amethyst (it’s one of what I call the Master Healer Trio – Clear/Milky Quartz, Rose Quartz and Amethyst – which are among the most helpful crystals Mother Earth has to offer us; you can tell the others by a simple rule of thumb: the more colours a crystal comes in, the wider the range of powers it has). Definitely Lapis Lazuli – Amethyst and Lapis is a favourite combination of mine – and Turquoise, though I can’t work with it without experiencing very bad luck; Tiger’s Eye should be okay, but aside from pain relief I rarely employ it; Jet has among the gentlest energy of any of the black crystals; and I haven’t worked with Shiva Lingam because I’m not that good with Jasper, but I don’t know of any reason why not.

  11. Luzi

    Hi. I too feel like my energy is out when mention certain kind of people. Just to hear this person call or coming to stay with us for few days will make tense up and I feel my energy drain out. Even after this person has gone back home. The stress level bad energy fills me up.

  12. Cherry

    Hi Luzi,

    Is there a way you can prevent that individual from coming to stay? They’re obviously invading your space, and keeping them away would help no end, not to mention being the easiest method of preventing the problem from reoccurring.

    If not, then you need a crystal or crystals which can repel or transmute negative energy. Any of the following could be helpful to you:

    • Black Tourmaline (or indeed any colour Tourmaline, but Black is best for this, if you have it)
    • Black Onyx
    • Labadorite/Spectrolite/Galaxyite (they’re different forms of the same crystal, and really protective; personally I find Galaxyite the most comforting)
    • Peridot
    • Citrine
    • Amethyst
    • Clear Quartz
    • Carnelian
    • Jasper (Shiva Lingham, Red Jasper and/or Red Creek Jasper are especially good; but really, you can simply use your favourite Jasper, because they’re all protective and soothing)
    • Sapphire (if you can work with it, not everyone can)
    • Lapis Lazuli
    • Amphibole Phantom Quartz, aka Angel Wing Amphibole)
    • Chiastolite
    • Danburite
    • Apophyllite
    • Auralite
    • Ametrine

    Any or all of the above crystals will help protect you and your space from whoever is troubling you. One last question: does that person know (s)he is upsetting your energy? If not, then that might be something which could help too: often these things aren’t consciously done.

    I would recommend steering clear of any Beryl family crystals you might have when in contact with this person: the Beryls tend to soak up negativity like a sponge to prevent it hitting their user, and from the sound of it, they’d be soaking up entirely too much.

    One more thing: it’s also possible you’re an Empath, and if so then you’ll be very sensitive to people’s energies. If so (if, that is to say, you find yourself taking on other people’s emotions and problems to your own detriment), then you’ll find Red Agate and Rose Quartz very helpful, in addition to Black Tourmaline, Pink Tourmaline and Amethyst.

    Love and Light, and Happy New Year!

  13. Argarthia

    Hi. I’ve had an unpleasant experience with a shaman. I felt him enter my energetic field and place something next to my third eye. Don’t know if this is an energetic parasite (it feels as if it has claws) or the evil eye. Any idea exactly what I’m dealing with? Thanks

  14. Jones

    My husbands ex who he dated for 3 months before me has caused so much uproar in my marriage. When we found out we were expecting our first child she messaged my husband saying she aborted their twins and never told him. Why? A spam number kept calling me during my wedding day, i dont know if it was her but assuming it was. She ended up contacting my husband again which led to a one time affair. She ended up in the hospital and months after she was out she made a social media post saying I told her she deserved to be dead and that i wad casting spells on her which is not the case. She is trying to defame my character. This woman has not left me alone for almost 3 years. What can i do to keep her out of my marriage or talking badly about me on social media. Also should mention ive had her blocked and even if i did make those posts (i didnt), she is somehow stalking my private social media and is keeping tabs on my life. Any crystals to help keep her away and ward off jealousy?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      The crystals should help with jealousy or its energetic effects. You could try Blue Tigers Eye to avoid unwanted attention. Otherwise, it sounds like that woman has a mental health problem so be careful and report her if you are being stalked or anything.

  15. Gina

    I am new to all of this and could really use help. I met someone from an older family friend. It’s his step son. We met in July. He was very attentive and aggressive for my attention. We started talking and seeing each other periodically. He was great for awhile and things started to get distant and cold.
    It seemed to start happening after his brothers girlfriend befriended me. She was super sweet at first then got weird. For example she would tell lies about things I didn’t say and then tell me I was self absorbed which anyone who knows me knows I’m not. I proved her wrong. Then she befriended me again and did similar things about talking lies behind my back to his entire family and calling me names.
    I think she’s jealous on a few levels from just of me the attention I was getting and of my children from the family. Now he is so cold and barely talks to me. And now my family friend who’s like a father to me barely talks to me and I have no longer been invited to family functions.
    Is there any stone I can use to stop her jealousy and lies. And any stone or crystal to bring the guy I care about back into my life? I miss him and I miss his dad very much. I feel like she is invading and trying to destroy anything that was good and happy in my life because she is not where she wants to be in her life. In a relationship for 14 years and not even engaged when she wants to be. Wants a house but in an apartment which she doesn’t want to be there. She should be happy because she has family and a son who loves her tons and her health is good but instead she’s focused on me and my kids. I think she wishes us a bad life and emotional harm.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I would try one of the stones in this article, see what seems best for you or attracts you the most. As for the social breakdown Rose Quartz might help people see you in a better light and reconnect in time.

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