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Top GODDESS CRYSTALS: Isis, Brigid, Artemis, Kuan Yin, Kali…

Top GODDESS CRYSTALS: Isis, Brigid, Artemis, Kuan Yin, Kali…

Top GODDESS CRYSTALS: Isis, Brigid, Artemis, Kuan Yin, Kali…

Harness the magic of these goddess crystals for some of the top goddesses, including Isis, Brigid, Artemis, Kuan Yin, Venus and Kali. Tap into the power, energy and wisdom of these ancient goddesses for spiritual work, rituals and devotional altars…

Goddess Crystals & The Earth’s Treasures

Since ancient times humans have carved images of goddesses in stone and gemstones. This planet is considered Mother Earth by many and the mineral kingdom is her realm. Many different crystals are associated with goddesses in different cultures and traditions. What I’m sharing here is just my perspective and a suggestion for you to try.

Lapis lazuli goddess carving
Crystal Goddess carvings can be used to work with goddess energy

These associations are not based on anyone else’s work and they don’t replace other associations. I’m working with my own intuitive insights, the properties of the crystals and my research into these goddesses. Some associations are obvious and will be found elsewhere.

Rose Quartz goddess, rose buds and pink salt
Little rituals can help you connect with your crystals

Please note, this is not a definitive list of goddesses or their crystals. It’s just a place to get you started, I encourage you to do your own research into these goddesses. Hopefully, some of these crystals will resonate with you and you will give them a try.

How To Work With Goddess Crystals

You can work with these goddess crystals in many ways depending on you and your spiritual practice or tradition. They could be worn, carried on you and meditated with. Alternatively, you could place them on your altar or sacred space.

Mini altar with crystal goddesses, crystals and gem tree
Mini altar with crystal goddesses

Work them into goddess rituals, crystal grids or combine them with other spiritual tools. Maybe you have a special oracle or Tarot deck that connects you with this goddess? You could keep the associated goddess crystal with them.

The Divine Feminine Oracle with oil, candle and crystals
The Divine Feminine Oracle (click the pic for more info)
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Goddess Crystal: Lapis Lazuli

The Egyptian Goddess Isis is was a Mother Goddess associated with magic, rebirth and healing. She magically brought Osiris back to life. The Romans fell in love with Isis and built her temples as far north as the British Isles.

This midnight blue gemstone symbolises the starry night sky and carries the mystical and intuitive properties of Isis. Lapis Lazuli is a deeply healing stone that also assists you in clearing trauma from past lives.

Lapis Lazuli Goddess Carving
Lapis Lazuli Goddess Carving


Goddess Crystal: Carnelian

Brigid (Brigit, Briggida) is the Celtic Goddess of fertility, light, energy and creativity. She was associated with the feast of Imbolc, which heralds the return of the warmth and light of Spring. It’s believed that the Irish Saint Brigit was based on her or combined with her.

Brigid is a fiery goddess who works well with the fire element stone of Carnelian. This crystal gently stimulates your energy, empowers you and encourages creative flow.

Carnelian flame
Carnelian Flame


Goddess Crystal: Moonstone

Artemis (Roman Diana) is the Greek Goddess of wild animals, hunting and childbirth. She is a fierce protector of woman and their right to choose their partner or none at all. Artemis is the twin sister of Apollo (solar) and a lunar goddess.

Moonstone helps you tap into your divine feminine power and harness lunar energy. It’s a crystal of travel and allows your intuition to guide you towards your goals and destiny.

Moonstone tumble stone
Moonstone Tumble Stone


Goddess Crystal: Lavender Amethyst

Quan Yin (Kwan Yin, Quan Yin, Guan Yin) is the Chinese Goddess of mercy and compassion. She’s believed to be a female aspect of the Buddha Avalokitesvara. Her name is sometimes said to mean “she who hears the cries of the world”.

Lavender Amethyst is a pale violet or violet-pink form of Amethyst, usually with high clarity, like Vera Cruz Amethyst. This high vibe crystal is cleansing and can be used to release karmic patterns. Lavender Amethyst helps us find compassion for people and forgive.

Lavender Amethyst Kuan Yin Carving
Lavender Amethyst Kuan Yin Carving


Goddess Crystal: Black Obsidian

Kali is the Hindu Goddess of destruction. This is a huge natural force in our universe as destruction clears the path for the new. For many, her intense energy is seen as an essential component of removing limitations and initiating rebirth.

Black Obsidian works well with the Goddess Kali and her black energy. This form of volcanic glass assists you in severing connections to anything or anyone that holds you back. Black Obsidian helps with shadow work and also brings powerful protection.

Black Obsidian Arrow Head
Black Obsidian Arrow Head


Goddess Crystal: Rose Quartz

The Roman Goddess Venus (Greek Aphrodite) is the goddess of love, beauty and gardens. She was sometimes shown with a mirror indicating that loving yourself makes you more attractive. The planet we call Venus in English was given her name by the Romans.

This pink form of Quartz resonates with the planet and goddess Venus. Rose Quartz is the self-care crystal. This ultra-feminine gemstone works with the heart and assists you in loving yourself, relationships or attracting a partner.

Rose Quartz Heart
Rose Quartz Heart

Do you have a favourite goddess? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

If you are looking for other information, please search my website or visit the Resources page to see if it’s already been covered elsewhere.

With gratitude,


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35 thoughts on “Top GODDESS CRYSTALS: Isis, Brigid, Artemis, Kuan Yin, Kali…

  1. Kerri Hallman

    I am drawn to Isis and Brigid. I feel Isis presence more since the lockdowns with COVID began. I also find I connect with Brigid more when in nature and when I work with the faeries.

  2. Cherry

    I love Peridot as a Goddess stone. It’s not only my birthstone; it:s also associated with Hawaiian fire and volcano Goddess Pele. Which is a surprising association considering I’ve been fascinated by volcanoes since I was tiny.

    1. crystal

      not sure if it’s common knowledge or not but peridot forms in lava rock so it makes sense for pele to have that stone association. i always associated her with lava rock rather than peridot, in fact i have a lava skull named pele.

      1. Cherry

        That also makes a great deal of sense. Also, since it too is volcanic in origin, Obsidian (and the much rarer natural Opalite) could also be considered as Goddess stones for Pele.

  3. Paula Clare

    Hi Ethan! I love your associations w
    Of these crystals with the goddesses. Compassionate and loving goddess Kuan Yin is absolutely a rose quartz goddess, isis as Lapis lazuli makes sense to me as well. I LOVE the Divine Feminine Oracle deck. It’s so beautiful.

    Could you direct me to a place to find goddess carved stones/crystals? I love the goddess symbol but cannot find statues or stones in those shapes?

    Thank you again for your great and timely insights.

  4. Aleksandra

    My favorite are Isis she is magical and healing and we all meed her now in this crazy time.
    Brigid is amazing warm and we need her energy with spring coming and we have to use our creativity to survive and stay happy. She puts our mind to create different stuff and we stay bussy . we need her in our life. Thank you for showing us this beautiful goddess each of them represent some important stuff and make our life easier and amazing. Thank you.

  5. crystal

    wow, clear amethyst for my lady (explains why i cannot pass up a vera cruz crystal lol). i associate quan yin with green jade, she came to me with my first reiki attunement & has showed me a dark green jade whale then bright green jade donut, i found & bought them both. i know this is unbelievable but she even healed me from a real bad case of tonsillitis when i was rushed from one hospital to another for emergency surgery to have them taken out. when the ambulance got to the hospital it was gone, i didn’t even have that tired worn out feeling that we get after being sick, i felt great, the staff all freaked out & were afraid. that was the strangest thing i ever experienced, i am not religious & that included gods & goddesses from wherever so having her around was weird in itself to me but i talk to her all the time, like praying i guess but to me it’s just talk like i do with my other spirit guides that are non-gods. that day i just grabbed the jade pendant & asked her (in my mind) for help, as soon as i did i started choking & spitting up, when i quit there was not anymore pain, i could swallow again & the swelling had gone down in my throat. the specialists & surgeons accused me of pulling something over on them even though they had the mri scans, they said a healing like that was impossible & my throat showed no signs of tonsillitis & was only slightly sore looking. i didn’t tell them what happened, i just smiled – didn’t want them to lock me up cuz they thought i was loony. if it was reiki then quan yin did it cuz i was too far gone to even think of it. something else was strange that day at the hospital, they were going to have to leave me in the hallway cuz there was no room for me but then a unexpected vacancy came up, another healing as far as i could guess, to a young lady with my first & last name – yeah i kinda felt sorry for those doctors that day. i’ll have to try working with jade & vera cruz crystals, see if they work well together, could be interesting.

    even though i don’t believe in any religion per se, i have always liked mythology, i’m ok with non-christian deities & i do work with some of them & think of them like ancestors rather than someone to bow down to. i think quan yin opened me up to working with them all so i really appreciate this article & associating the people with the crystals. quan yin, isis & kali are the ones i feel more for than the others mentioned here but i do dig into others now & then, when they pop up, i especially like when the native american legends show up, more of an animist i guess but can work with “ancestors”.

    1. crystal

      me again, i forgot another stone that i associate with quan yin, it is a pale smoky quartz that the internal fractures for an entire standing image of quan yin with millions of starts behind her. it is so detailed, when you turn it to reflect the light off it you see her hair style, her headdress, the way her dress drapes her body, her hands are inside her sleeves, even patterns of the material her dress is made of with 3 squares down the front of it, her head is bowed slightly & she is turned a bit to the right . it’s really amazing & takes very little if any imagination at all once you find her, she can be fickle about who sees her or just likes to play games in the sphere. lol don’t know if that counts as a stone associated with her or just one with her in it. whatever i love it & love that it came to me.

      1. Cherry

        Crystal, if She’s visible, then She’s present.

        I note that we share a like mindset with regard to mythology and non-Christian deities! I’ve never – apart from a few months when I was maybe seven years old – had a lot of time for Christianity as it now manifests: seems to me like it’s more about control (or, from our perspective, being controlled) than worship. That’s not to say I don’t respect others’ beliefs — I just don’t want said beliefs rammed down my throat!

        1. crystal

          hi cherry, that’s exactly how i feel about it, i will respect others rights to believe what they want & for the most part even have more respect for christianity than many of them do but.., don’t expect me to put up with it being crammed down my throat as i just don’t believe in it. i too feel religion is about control. i have studied religions & myths since i was a young child & find them all fascinating & surprisingly similar. even christianity seems to follow ancient sumerian fairly closely. there seems to be hundreds of flood myths around the world at different times too but then i suspect that the history we get today may be a part of the control. thanks for your response.

    1. Cherry

      If I was religious, I think Epona would be the Goddess I’d worship. I adore both birds and horses; what’s more surprising, they seem to love me too!

      With horses, it’s easy to know whether or not they like you, and they do like me – I’ve never met an Equine I can’t get on with – but with birds, they’re often too shy to be sure. I’ve held and petted supposedly wild birds before now – I know a bird sanctuary where there are some choughs, and they let me stroke their heads through the chicken wire of their enclosure, which no-one else can – and I’ve petted a Humboldt’s penguin too; when I stroked it, it stretched out happily and behaved as if it was sunbathing, not being touched by a total stranger!

      I saved the life of a badly shocked sparrow a few years back, when I found him/her in the car park at our old place, lying there limp but still alive, in a position where (s)he could easily have been run over. I cupped him/her in both hands and held him/her close to my heart chakra – I did feel an enormous amount of love for the little sweetheart – and within ten minutes I was able to let him/her fly away. I didn’t think I’d see him/her again, but it turned out (s)he lived in the hedge that bordered our garden. From that day onward, (s)he would never fly away from me; (s)he just sat and chirped. I think I made a friend! I was very sad to have to leave him/her behind when the place was sold, and I really wanted to take him/her with me and protect him/her and his/her family; but one should never try to cage a wild bird. They only pine for their freedom until they leave this life for want of it.

      As for horses, well, my first job was at a riding stable on a work for lessons basis. They were training three yearlings to saddle, and one time one of them, a darling little fella called Fudge, got a bad case of the runs. The stable owner asked me to hold his head and keep him calm while she cleaned the mess off his hindquarters. I kept him so calm, he rested his face against my chest and dozed off! Then there was another incident where I was alone in the field with all three yearlings, and one of them accidentally bumped into me and knocked me to the ground. I shut my eyes, thinking, ‘Oh no, I’m about to get trampled’; but no! No pain happened, no bones got broken. These half-trained, very excitable yearlings *leaped over my prone body* like they were at the Horse of the Year Show and I was another jump in the showjumping class! Now that’s actually nothing unusual – horses won’t hurt a human if they can help it – but I didn’t know that at the time, so it felt very special that they went to such trouble to avoid harming me.

      There are a number of other occasions when either I’ve helped horses, or they’ve mysteriously cooperated, helped or just understood me; if I tried to relate them all I’d probably crash Ethan’s blog!

  6. Pat

    Great article.. love it.
    We can know our crystals, but each expert and lover of crystals gives a new spin on the stone.. The Stiories are incrediblely wonderful… Thx Ethan for all your knowledge and sharing and interpretation of crystals.. can’t wait for that card deck. Cheers and best wishes

  7. Amelia Martinez

    Hi Ethan,

    Another of my very favorite goddess is Lakshmi, Goddess fo Wealth and Abundance. There are a few crystals associated with her like Moss Agate, Peridot, Citrine and Garnet also Pearl. There are many depictions of her image but I have a favorite one. I wish I could share it here with you.


  8. Kelly

    Awesome article! I have a jade carving of Kuan Yin that helped me tremendously when I worked on a hotline for survivors of domestic violence. I’ll have to try the lavender amethyst sometime. I usually prefer the rich dark grape juice / grape jelly shade of amethyst because of how potent and powerful it feels. Also, do the stones for Lakshmi work with the Goddess Fortuna? I brought home a Fortuna statue a few years ago, even though I didn’t know much about her and was looking for a figure of Brigid, which the store didn’t have at the time. But the Fortuna statue spoke to me and it just felt right to bring her home with me. She stands next to my Aphrodite statue on my altar with a ton of crystals.

    1. Cherry

      @Kelly, I love all Amethyst, but I personally prefer the energies of the lilac/lavender type. They feel softer, gentler, to me, still just as uplifting and spiritual but without the intense (sometimes overwhelming considering I’m never without a Black Tourmaline) grounding effect of the darker grape shades. The dolphin is one of my spirit animals, and I have a lovely Grape Amethyst pendant carved into the shape of one. It always makes me feel that it’s keeping me safe while I have fun. My first faceted pendant, on the other hand, was/is (I still have it) a pear-faceted Cornish Amethyst. Cornish granite has little magnesium and, in some places, little iron content; these are the two elements that can make Quartz go purple, so Amethyst from the county, which is where I live, is normally delicately coloured. This one, I can sleep whilst wearing, whereas the dolphin always leaves me insomniac; it’s too intense. Ametrine or Amegreen, however, are very easy to sleep beside: I have two Ametrine tumblestones, and I just got hold of an Amegreen (which is almost the same as Ametrine, but where Ametrine has Citrine, Amegreen has Prasiolite, AKA Green Amethyst, Green Quartz or Leek Quartz).

      I recommend you give the paler Amethysts a shot when you feel you need uplifting and protecting, instead of grounding and protecting.

      Love and Light.

  9. Karen

    Hi Ethan Thanks for this great article. I work with the Greek goddess Hekate do you know a crystal to work with her energy? thank you

    1. Cherry

      @Karen, I’m not a great expert on Hecate, but something is saying to me, Labradorite, Black Obsidian and Black Tourmaline. Probably because all of them have shamanic/magical associations.

      Love and Light.

    1. Cherry

      @angela, Hildegard von Bingen was a Saint; this article is about Goddesses.

      However, in the spirit of sharing wisdom, since St Hildegard was the inventor of the concept of Viriditas (“greenness”, the cosmic life force infusing the natural world), and also an activist against social disease and injustice whose work influenced many important people including high Church officials and even royalty, I think it’s safe to say that if you wish to contact her or work with her energy, any and all heart chakra crystals would be helpful to you. My own intuition is nudging me to point you towards Green Tourmaline, Prasiolite and Kunzite; also, if you can find it, Amegreen (Amethyst and Prasiolite together in the same stone, a bit like Ametrine but with green instead of yellow) might be extremely useful.

      Love and Light.

      1. Cherry

        Also, with Athena being the Goddess of both War and Wisdom (a somewhat strange pairing if you ask me), perhaps Carnelian (which is ruled by Mars) and Amethyst (higher knowledge/wisdom/enlightenment)?

        Love and Light.

        1. Cherry

          Oh, and I almost forgot, Blue Sapphire is also a gem of wisdom which might connect you with both Athena’s and Isis’ Goddess energies.

          Love and Light.

  10. Rev. Patsy Fine

    Although I enjoy all the goddesses mentioned in the article and hold strong resonance with Isis and Kuan Yin, my strongest association and devotion is with Sophia from the ancient Judeo and early Christian traditions. With a doctorate from Sancta Sophia Seminary and a Holistic Ministry named Sophia’s Well, She is an important goddess archetype commonly translated as Divine Wisdom. She was practically erased from the Christianity that developed as the state endorsed religion of the Roman Empire and further eroded for political purposes up to and including today. She was somewhat kept alive, if only be being put on a high and lofty pedestal, in the Eastern Orthodox tradition, as the Soul of the World. In the early days of the fledgling Christian gnostic influence She was clearly seen and known. I recently discovered the gemstone Rosophia, newly discovered from the Rocky is a ,ixture of a reddish feldspar, white quartz, and black biotite. It is definitely a heart stone, but from my perspective at least carries the combined wisdom of not only the inner heart, but also coupled with the wisdom of the Higher mind, creating the perfect balance of heart and intellect.

    1. Cherry

      Hello Reverend,

      I can imagine that Sophia has perhaps been conflated with Mary the Blessed Virgin? I’m no expert, but as far as I can see they seem to share a number of attributes.

      Rosophia, well, I hadn’t heard of this stone before (I favour the Quartzes, Beryls, Feldspars, Tourmaline, Fluorite and Topaz); but from what I’m reading it makes absolute sense: it appears to connect one’s heart chakra with the Heart/Light of the World and instil a deep sense of peace. I think it would team well with Alexandrite – which also instils a deep, almost cosmic peace – Petalite, Angelite, and Celestite; and of course the usual heart chakra crew: Rose Quartz, Pink Tourmaline, Rhodonite, Rhodochrosite, Kunzite and so on.

      From what you’re saying about Rosophia connecting the heart and the intellect, it sounds like there are numerous people in this world (cough*Boris Johnson*cough) who could do with its help.

      Love and Light.

  11. Karis James

    I am very interested in the idea of different gemstones being linked to a particular goddess. Thank you for an extremely interesting and informative read. I have heard of the Chinese goddess KUAN YIN before reading this.

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