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Crystals To Cleanse Negative Energy and Protect

Crystals To Cleanse Negative Energy and Protect

Crystals To Cleanse Negative Energy and Protect

Bust bad vibes with these powerful crystals to cleanse negative energy. Protect yourself and remove negative energy from your aura, home or workplace with these seven cleansing crystals.

Negative energy, bad vibes and unwanted energy are all around us. They are a part of life but you can reduce the amount of negative energy you come into contact with and allow into your space and aura. If you are sensitive to energy or an Empath this is really important.

Quote from my book Psychic Protection Crystals

Where Does Negative Energy Come From?

Negative thoughts and emotions are normal and part of the ups and downs of life. Negative energy can be generated by our own thinking and moods sometimes. Bad vibes can also be created by our friends, family, coworkers and social media interactions, especially during arguments and disagreements.
We also pick it up from negative environments and places we visit. Public spaces, bars and in the workplace. Regardless of its origin, negative energy hangs around and builds up over time. When it gets really heavy (or dense) it lowers your mood and vibration and can even cause blocks or ‘bad luck’ in our life. I don’t know about you, but I don’t need that!

Why You Should Remove Negative Energy

When your energy is clear, your mind is clear and you feel more yourself. We all have the right to get rid of what we don’t need in our lives. There are many ways to cleanse negative energy but crystals are great because they can act as a filter for bad vibes, reducing their impact. Crystals can also deflect and protect you from negativity before it gets into your aura or home.

Crystals to cleanse negative energy
Crystals to cleanse negative energy (Pin to Pinterest!

How To Use Crystals To Cleanse Negative Energy

There are a few ways to use crystals to cleanse negative energy. Firstly, you can sweep a crystal through your aura. Starting from above your head and going down and then all around you. This is easier if using a crystal point or wand.

There are many ways to use crystal energy

Secondly, you can wear or carry a cleansing crystal in the form of a pendant, bracelet or in a small pouch in your pocket. This puts the crystal inside your energy field or aura during the day.
Another way is to place crystals to cleanse negative energy in and around a room or your home. They can also be gridded around the building. For strategic tips on the placement of crystals for energetic protection in your home please see my book Psychic Protection Crystals.

Tibetan Singing Bowls can be used to cleanse crystals

Do I Need To Cleanse These Crystals?

Absolutely! All crystals absorb negative energy over time and these crystals will need regular cleansing to work properly. I cleanse ALL my crystals, including those that some say, are self-cleansing like Selenite. I believe that like an air or water filter, they need to be maintained to work well. Filters clog up and I believe crystals are no different. See my article on When To Cleanse Crystals for more info if needed.

7 Crystals To Cleanse Negative Energy


Clear to shimmering Selenite (AKA Satin Spar) is a high vibration stone filled with angelic and lunar light. It is deeply cleansing and surrounds you in protective white light. It cleanses your aura and repels negative energy from you and your environment.

TIP: How To Cleanse Your Aura in 2 mins!

Watch my YouTube video demonstration below to see how you can cleanse your aura with Selenite in under 2 minutes!
Selenite Sphere


No blog post on protection from negative energy would be complete without mentioning Black Tourmaline. This jet black stone helps strengthen your aura against harmful energy. It can block or neutralise negative energies around you. It works well in your home and when combined with Selenite.

Raw Black Tourmaline crystal point


This crystal is like an etheric filter and a buffer shield against toxic energy around you. Calming Blue Kyanite is another high vibration spiritual stone worth seeking out. This silvery-blue crystal is connected to Archangel Michael and his protective energy against lower vibrations.

Gem quality Blue Kyanite Cabochon


Smoky Quartz is a powerful protector from negative energy. It absorbs harmful vibrations, cleanses them and sends them deep into the Earth. This crystal offers a grounding and secure protective energy around you and your home.

Polished Smoky Quartz Crystal Point


Halite is the mineral name of natural salt crystals. This is the same as the pink stone used in Himalayan Salt Lamps and candle holders. These large salt crystals are excellent purifiers of harmful energy in the home or any environment. They will absorb and purify the energy of the area they are placed in and will do this even when switched off.

An electric Himalayan Salt Lamp


Amethyst is another crystal that carries high vibe energy. This purple stone transmutes negative energy directed at you by accident or on purpose. Amethyst is good for psychic protection, healing and helps balance the energy of your home.

Amethyst Tumble Stones


Shungite is found in Russia and most well known for shielding from EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequencies). It is actually a very good crystal to cleanse negative energy of all kinds. It clears the aura and your home of unwanted energy. Shungite absorbs toxic and discordant energy and then neutralises it.

Shungite Sphere

Do you have any experiences with these or other crystals to cleanse negative energy? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).
If you are looking for other information please search my website or visit the Resources page to see if it’s already been covered elsewhere.
With gratitude,

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17 thoughts on “Crystals To Cleanse Negative Energy and Protect

  1. Becky Cahill

    Along with the incredible stones you mentioned I’ve found that to me tigers eye seems to be extremely protective and calming! I’m not certain if they are actual properties of this stone, as I haven’t read up on things in a while due to feeling a bit disconnected for the past few months from all my stones but this is definitely how tiger eye makes me feel even just looking at it! Also thankyou for all your brilliant wisdom in your books I adore them!

  2. Michelle

    I love all these stones, and use them often. Some people say that Malachite is a good stone for cleansing negative energy, what do you think?

  3. Chris

    I keep black tourmaline on my office desk next to my computer. I work from home on most days and this helps reduce negative energy throughout my day. Thank you so much for all of the information you provide Ethan, it is always very helpful 🙂

  4. Myrna

    I was given a piece of Black Tourmaline by an in-law that had been very negative towards me. She said several times that it was for protection from negativity. I was very suspicious of her intent. I mean because of her actions and things in and around her home I created and placed her at the top of my “Most Evil People I’ve Ever Met” list.
    So I took the stone and wrapped it with wire so I could wear it as a necklace if I chose. One day I had my sage burning and I was cleaning a wooden pendulum and some stones. I ran across the black tourmaline hanging on a chain and when I held it over the smoke it started swinging back and forth so fast. I hollered for my daughter to come see it and got some of it on video.
    The energy that washed over me was, “OOOOOooooo Wheeeeeeeee! I’m so glad to be getting all this negative garbage out of me. Yaaaaayyyyyyy!” The stone is now my go pendulum.
    And a side note: I have pretty severe arthritis, especially in my left hand. I slept with this stone in my hand using a leather cord to loosely tie it in place and when I woke up my hand felt amazing and no impingement. I now use it nearly every night.
    Thank you for your great site and emails. I just stumbled across your info in the last couple weeks and love it!

    1. Cherry

      That’s Black Tourmaline all over! It does neutralise negative energy, and consciously used, it can also divert hexes and ill-wishes so they fall upon the sender rather than the intended victim; but like all living things, Black Tourmaline has its limits. When it hits them, it can get just as bogged down in bad energy as we can. You definitely did the right thing in cleansing it!

      Your in-law may indeed have given you that crystal for dubious reasons; but Black Tourmaline carries no ill intent. Whatever (s)he was trying to achieve, if it wasn’t in your highest good, your crystal wouldn’t permit it to happen. Instead, like the Beryls do, it would have taken the hit for you. All Tourmalines are actually very loving crystals, quite ready to stand (so to speak) between you and any bad energy.

      Interesting that you got such specific wording from your crystal. Have you ever done that before? If so, you’re probably a crystal whisperer like me, and that means you can ‘talk’ to almost any crystal directly. Many fascinating secrets are available should you choose to take some time to nurture your gift!

      Finally, with the Arthritis, snap. Or nearly, anyway: mine is a comorbidity with my Ankylosing Spondylitis, and it’s worse in my right hand. You may find the Beryls, specifically Heliodor, Aquamarine and Emerald, helpful alongside your Black Tourmaline: Tourmaline’s physical healing powers are mainly over the nervous system, making it not only soothing but also great against pain, while the Beryls, especially the three above, have powers to reduce inflammation. I get invaluable assistance from my own Black Tourmalines on that front, along with my Smoky Faden Quartz, especially with the hideous pelvic pain I suffer when my SI joint slips; my Emeralds and Aquamarines assist with the system-wide inflammation (employed together, I find the two crystals are as good or better than Ibuprofen); and Heliodor’s immense Solar powers can warm and unstiffen Arthritic fingers on a cold morning.

  5. Kyra

    Hi, I was wondering if I could use Black Obsidian single Terminated point stones since it’s difficult for me to have or can’t obtain Black Tourmaline Double/Single Terminated stones.

    Thank you in advance

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      With Black Tourmaline any blade crystals or chunks with the striations can be used as ‘points’. If unavailable you can use tumbles or cut stones too. Black Obsidian can also be substituted, it is a stronger stone in my opinion.

      1. Cherry

        Not sure I agree with you about Black Obsidian being stronger than Black Tourmaline, Ethan, but that’s just down to personal experience. I’m probably more compatible with the latter than the former.

        It is possible to get Black Tourmalines without any striations. They come from Namibia (from Brandberg, funnily enough), and they generally sport shallow, three-sided (more or less tetahedral) terminations. They’re just as powerful as striated Black Tourmaline, if not a bit more so, and they tend to be a bit more robust — striated Black Tourmaline is actually a collection of fine needles, a bit like a packet of spaghetti pasta, and the bonds between each needle aren’t always too strong because of the crystal’s high iron content. An unstriated, terminated Black Tourmaline (some are even double terminated — I have two of these, and both mine are) would potentially be much more comfortable to wear, since the ends of striated Black Tourmalines can be a little scratchy against the skin.

        If you can’t source Brandberg Black Tourmaline, then striated Black Tourmaline from Western Australia is another good option since it can be obtained in at least A grade, which of course means that it’s actually facetable, and hence somewhat less liable to breakages. Not that you shouldn’t still treat it carefully.

        Love and Light.

  6. Elle

    Fantastic post! Was wondering what it is when Black Tormaline begins to chip? I feel it’s like the negative energy had gotten too much for it to bare? Is there a better way to cleanse it? We put it out in full moon, and it’s had a few days in a bag with brown rice previously.

    1. Cherry

      @Elle: that’s not impossible, but you may want to bear in mind that Black Tourmaline is exceptionally powerful. It doesn’t absorb negative energy like, for example, an Emerald does, but transmutes it into positivity, surrounding you with a kind of ‘bubble’ of good energy. The other reason it can break is this: Black Tourmaline is black because it has a high iron content. Unfortunately, in a lot of cases, the same iron content renders it brittle and easy to damage.

      Hot tip: if you can, try to get Black Tourmaline from Namibia and environs or Western Australia; these provenances produce A grade to triple A grade Black Tourmaline which is striking in its natural form, largely un-striated crystals (Black Tourmaline tends, as you’ve no doubt found already, to break along its striations) with one or both ends often terminating in a shallow tetrahedron. It’s strong enough to facet into a true gem, though I personally find that this alters its power in a way I don’t find comfortable. I have two loose Black Tourmaline crystals from Namibia, both double-termimated (I’m extremely fond of naturally double-terminated crystals of any species) and one of same can technically be classified as a small cluster. Their energy is slightly different than that of the regular, striated Black Tourmalines in my crystal family; the terminations make their powers much more focused. I also have a shaped Black Tourmaline pendant which I only take off to bathe/wash: it’s in the form of a shallow tetrahedron, 3cm on a side (quite the statement piece), but I find this more comfortable than gem faceted Black Tourmaline because it mimics the shape of a Tourmaline’s natural termination quite closely. I wear it on a long cord, solar plexus length on me (I’m 5’4″), and it’s knocked against the fridge, oven and washing machine numerous times over the three years I’ve had it; yet it remains exactly as it was when it first came to me.

      One more tip I can give you: most crystals, and, I’ve tended to find as I specialise in working with them, particularly Tourmalines, really dislike being kept in plastic. They will always reach out to people they sense need some form of help; but plastic, it turns out, is a really terrible conductor of crystal energy: they liken trying to force their powers through it, to trying to walk against hurricane-strength winds. (I’ve done that, and yeah, even at the lowest extreme of hurricane-category wind speeds it’s exhausting.) It’s wholly possible – *if* the bag of brown rice you put it in to cleanse it was a plastic one – that this has affected its energy levels for the worse. For Black Tourmaline, the best thing you can do is to leave it on an Amethyst cluster in indirect Sunlight (this will only need between 1-2 hours, sky conditions depending) or Moonlight (all night from Moonrise to Sunrise at the Full Moon). The Amethyst cluster will both cleanse and recharge your Black Tourmaline, negating the necessity to perform the two actions separately and reducing your use of precious resources as well.

      Love and Light.

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