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How To Find Your Rising Sign or Ascendant with No Birth Time

How To Find Your Rising Sign or Ascendant with No Birth Time

How To Find Your Rising Sign or Ascendant with No Birth Time

How can you find your Rising Sign also known as Ascendant without a birth time? Lets look at how Astrologers can work through this problem.
Since I released my free E-book Discover Your Guardian Stone I have had a few emails from readers asking if there is any way to determine their Rising Sign without a birth time. My book uses an astrological system which uses the Rising Sign to find you a personal crystal for protection.
Some readers have lost their records or had no time listed on their birth certificate. This can be frustrating if you are exploring astrology. If a birth time is not known many Astrologers and websites such as use midday as the time of birth.
This is usually fairly accurate for the Sun sign and most Planets but it is not considered accurate enough to estimate the Rising Sign…

So Now What?

Luckily this does not have to be the end of the road. There are a few workable methods which can be used to estimate an approximate time of birth. We will explore three options for you below but first there is something to bear in mind when looking at your possible Rising Sign:

The Thing About Your Rising Sign…

The Rising Sign is said to be your public persona, how others see you when they first meet you. Most people don’t instantly relate to their Rising Sign.
It is sometimes more accurate to ask others opinions on their first impressions of you. Also think about how you behave when you meet new people rather than your overall personality.
How To Find Your Rising Sign or Ascendant with No Birth Time in Astrology

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1 – Birth Chart Rectification

Some Astrologers will work with you and offer the service to rectify the birth chart. What this means is that they will try to find the most likely Rising Sign by working backwards.
If you can at least tell them if you were born morning, afternoon or during the night it can help them reduce 12 possible options to 6 or even better 3 Rising Signs.
They will then look at the signs and work with you to see which Rising Sign fits you. Different astrologers have other methods and systems to confirm things but most Astrologers look at the dates of important events in your life. This method will involve a consultation and can be very involved. It is considered the most accurate method if no birth time is available.
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2 – Psychic Astrologers

I have heard that some Psychic Astrologers can intuitively sense when a person was born. They will act as a psychic detective and tune into your energy and find an exact time of birth. You will have to ask a Psychic Astrologer if this is something they can and are willing to do.
There will be no way to really verify this information for you so you would have to trust them and what they get. This method may not be for everyone but it is fascinating all the same.

3 – Be Your Own Detective

There is one more method that will take a lot of time but it is free if you like to be hands on. You can go with whatever you have, whether that is a rough idea of the time of day to conflicting or rough estimates of birth times given by different family members.
Then you generate birth charts online at places like based on these potential times and compare them.
You will need to research the different Rising Signs in a book on Astrology or online and try to work out which one best fits you. Remember what I said about your Rising Sign.

Please Read Before Commenting:

The purpose in this article is to give you options, I do not offer the services described above. I am not an astrologer or a psychic so please don’t ask. I will also not approve any comments with your birth date in as this is personal data that you should not be posting online!
I hope this has given you some options to explore. Once you have a better idea of your Rising Sign you use my book to discover your Guardian Stone.
Do you know any other methods to figure out someones missing birth time? I would love to hear from you so let me know in the comments below (Please keep any questions you have on topic if you want a response).
If you know anyone who may be interested in this article please share the link with them or use one of the sharing buttons at the end of this post.
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12 thoughts on “How To Find Your Rising Sign or Ascendant with No Birth Time

  1. Maree Beckett-Hawken

    I have been collecting chrystals for a couple off years,always forgetting what they were meant for. As a result I have a big collection that sit looking pretty,get put out every month under the moon , and still sit looking pretty …Ive googled and googled and all books expect you to still have a basic knowledge, which I haven t off how touse them … What you have put together here is fantastic and easy to understand for us beginners … I have forwarded to my mother and 3 daughters also beginners … Thank you so much for sharing this with us …. Maree Beckett-Hawken

  2. Thomas Loyd

    Ethan, I really enjoyed your “Discover Your Guardian Stone” book and thank you for it immensely and appreciate your work put into it! However, since I am both an Aquarius Sun Sign and Aquarius Rising (Double Aquarius), I don’t quite agree with tourmaline for Aquarius Rising as a guardian stone because I have a tourmaline sphere and just do not feel a connection with it at all as one probably should with a guardian stone. Since the ruling planet for Aquarius is actually Uranus (Planet of Surprises, Eccentricity, Electricity, and various other synonymic meanings) and not Saturn, I would suggest that Shungite is the Guardian Stone for Aquarius Rising because it has been that for me since it came into my life quite dramatically.

    Here’s my reasons: Aquarius deals with surprises and guess what massive surprise Shungite had in it? Natural C60 Fullerenes (and other good stuff too which you can find out doing a little research on it on the internet through your search engine of choice). Plus, it is only found in the Karelia region of Russia and is about 2.2 billion years old. Another reason why I believe it is the Guardian Stone, is because the main way you can tell that you have true Shungite is with electricity. Shungite conducts electricity. If it sparks when you close a circuit on a piece of Shungite, it is the real thing. If it doesn’t, then you have a fake. You can find a couple of videos showing this on YouTube from Russian Shungite vendors. I have various types of it (Type 1 & Type 2) and have found it to be many things, including a great healer and teaching stone when used as a harmonizer in your left hand in conjunction with other stones in your right hand. Shungite is very YIN in nature and has a very strong property of rootedness. Plus, another “surprising” aspect of Shungite is that it can clear/deprogram other stones/crystals like no other. Just get yourself either a Shungite plate or a Shungite stand and try it out. The reason I know this is because I gave a small piece of Noble/Elite/Type 1 Shungite to a friend of mine who was wearing various crystal bracelets (amethyst, tourmaline, and others) and as soon as she put the stone in her hand with the bracelets she instantly felt a movement of heat from her wrist towards the stone as it instantly started drawing and clearing the crystals in her bracelets. She jumped when it happened and then realized that it had been a little while since she had cleared them. So, she then took off the bracelets and laid them around the Noble/Elite/Type 1 Shungite piece I had given her to clear them. It didn’t take very long to clear the crystals. Which brings me to my other and last reason for it being Aquarius/Uranus orientated, Shungite DOES NOT take on any “negative” charge at all from crystals or any other source that needs to be cleared. It is truly Mother Gaea’s stone for rooting you to your first/sacral chakra and a gift from her. I prefer the term rooting because of what/how trees do it. They don’t “anchor” they “root” which is what we need. Plus, you have also mentioned previously in one of your articles about how it works with EMF emissions and correcting them (another very Uranic/Aquarian property I might add).

    I also want to thank for your excellent and very informative website! I learned a whole lot this evening. I just wanted to share the above with you!

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      The Guardian Stone system works for most people but like any system it won’t suit everyone. As explained in the book it uses the classic rulerships just like Vedic astrology does. Good modern astrologers know that Aquarius has two rulers because the classic planets are where many of the character traits associated with the signs of the zodiac came from. I can actually see Aquarian and Saturnian qualities in Shungite, though astrolgers seem to associate it with Pluto. If you feel Shungite works best for you, use it. I personally recommend it for EMF protection, healing and cleansing rather than general psychic protection which is why it was not mentioned as an alternative.

  3. Marantha Ferguson

    Hello, Ethan. Is it true that families tend to have a pattern in birth charts? I’ve been trying to find out my husband’s Rising Sign for a while now. Sadly his birth certificate doesn’t have a time of birth. All we know is that he is a Cancer Sun/Taurus Moon born between 11am-11pm.

    His parent’s Sun Signs are Libra (mom) and Scorpio (dad). Siblings are 2 Pisces and a Taurus. I keep looking back at a late degree of Virgo/Libra/Scorpio or Capricorn/Pisces.

    I am a Virgo Sun/Taurus Moon & Rising. I find that my husband and I are both very much similar. Practically as twin souls. However, my first impression of him was a misunderstood, mysterious soul who is a people pleaser. Everyone I meet says he is so kind and genuine.

    Any advice to help me solve this? Thank you in advance!

  4. Sleepysilver

    It’s true that family have patterns that stand out. For example we are all earth signs and the only water sign with us is scorpio… We are a big international family. My mother married twice. Even almost all my cousins are earth signs plus there you can find finally also cancer and pisces,not just scorpio. Also most of us has fire moons and are all over fire dominant. I’ve calculated it and also looked what pattern happens in the cardinal fixed and mutable. What kind of connections who has with whom and i look at Saturn and uranus for major life events. For example those with Saturn uranus in sagittarius happen to have the same struggle. Those wih Saturn in scorpio are more alike either. It’s something i watch for over 10 years… I could write so so much but that’s not for now.

    I tried to figure out my man’s rising, he is also a taurus (my mom and dad were both scorpios, both his parents are capricorn)… I used his ex chart as well to figure it out… And luckily he told me that he was born in the night and he is pretty sure it was after midnight(he hates astrology, and he tends to miss the point and importance when he has to talk about something he doesn’t care for or worse something he doesn’t like so i added more hour’s just in case) … It left me with sagittarius capricorn and aquarius what truly truly fits to my chart as his ex as well… I am leo rising plus leo moon his ex is an aquarius sun with pisces venus and mars(from what i learned is that to me they might had a lot of squares and oppositions)… Well but mostly i watch him… I watch the transits, i watch my own behavior and his reaction, i watch his behavior with other’s and outside. I am telling myself to figure out this year what’s his rising sign as well his house positions is… I don’t think just because he traveled a lot he is a sagittarius rising… Or that he loves to lecture me he is sagittarius rising. But it fits so much, well he has a gemini moon and my gemini mars drives him… It has always been the hardest to me to separate the last signs especially capricorn is a mystery to me they can be more enterprising than any other sign… Well i wish everyone good luck to find the true rising… My next mission will be my sweet mother…she passed very early… A scorpio sun and overall sagittarius dominant woman. She has a twin but sadly doesn’t know the time or anything…. Q

  5. Zoe

    The problem I have is that I am adopted, as such I only have a “small” birth certificate which does not have time of birth, which is difficult since I will not be able to find out this information. Has anyone else overcome this problem?

  6. Shawna

    You can put the Sun on the Ascendant, once you put the birth info In. You must have the date of birth and place of birth. You first create a chart with no time-no houses. (Most website chart generators using western method utilize 12:00pm as “no time”. This would then show a day chart, no houses. You would then edit the birth time to 12:00AM (00:00). Which will show a night chart, again no-houses. You will then look where the Sun is in both, and individually change the times as many as necessary, to put the Sun on the Ascendant Line. . (This means you are creating a chart, with a house system… until the sun is near or on the Ascendant Line.).
    This is the most accurate and easiest. This will show the accurate rising sign, within 2-3 signs. The First being what the sign is that you creating with the Sun (Meaning the Sun and rising are in the same sign).
    2nd option would be the sign before (12H)
    or sign after (1st, 2nd). Depending on how well you know this person, you can easily figure out which rising sign, utilizing this method. Exact Degrees that pertain to a natal chart-will need an exact time. However, this method works to find 90%. accuracy, as the closest method for House placements, IC, MC, ASC, DSC, VX. Astro-Seek and AstroDienst are the very best and most accurate sites to use this method and free to use.
    They also have many options, other than the western method. However, starting with the western method has been found the easiest… as it’s a It’s a great starting point for learning astrology.

    Hope this helps!

  7. Shawna

    I will add that once you determine which sign you believe to be the rising sign using the method above, you can then edit the “birth time” to create that sign as the Ascendant. You will then have the Natal Chart….one that is very close to accurate, without knowing the time of birth.

    Enjoy! Astrology is profound. It’s a gift of learning oneself and others, which allows for acceptance, letting go, happiness… and understanding. Beyond anything you could imagine.
    God given gift.


    1. Mandy

      Shawna, thank you for this well-written explanation and response! I agree with you that astrology is a gift. What a lovely way to express my appreciation for it. Thank you for that too 🙂

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