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Are Crystal Grids Just For Looks & Aesthetics?

Are Crystal Grids Just For Looks & Aesthetics?

Are Crystal Grids Just For Looks & Aesthetics?

Are crystal grids just for looks? Beyond the crystal aesthetic do they serve a purpose? Do crystal grids have a spiritual meaning, practical use or metaphysical function?

I Get Asked This A Lot

It may come as a surprise to some, but I actually get these questions fairly often. People will ask me the following questions quite a lot online:

This is no exaggeration either, these are actual questions I get asked. I wanted to answer these questions here, in case there is any confusion about crystal grids. First, let’s try to see why people might think this or where these misconceptions may come from.

Are crystal grids just for looks and aesthetics?
Are crystal grids just for looks and aesthetics?

The Age Of Aesthetics

We are living in a very visual age. The internet, social media and smartphones have become very image and video focused over the last 10 years. Who remembers the old internet?

We certainly seem to think that the aesthetics of things is important. That’s okay but things are getting skewed when people think it’s all about the looks. Are we becoming obsessed with visual ideals of perfection?

The Secret Language Of Crystal Grids

Another thing that might be causing this is that crystal grids for the most part are a visual and subconscious language. Sacred geometry and symbols might not make sense to someone who has not learned about them. These people might just see a shape but don’t think about what it means. To them, it’s just a pretty pattern.

Different geometric shapes have their own energy and purpose
Different geometric shapes and symbols have their own energy and purpose

Social Media Mayhem

Some people are learning only from online sources and from people that are very new to the world of crystal healing. The problem with this is that you could be learning from not great sources.

I’m not just talking about differences in opinion, I’m also talking about people coming to me confused why their crystal is damaged after someone gave them bad advice on cleansing them online.

I’m hearing a lot of strange stuff coming from people teaching about crystals and metaphysical topics on Tiktok. I’m sure there’s some good info on there, but please do your own research. There really is only so much I or anyone can teach you in an Instagram post, blog article or short video clip. The shorter the form of content the less depth you will get.

My Perspective

The following is just my perspective on crystal grids, there are others. This is based on my experience with creating and making crystal grids for around 15 years. It’s also based on my research and writing a detailed guide to the subject, Crystal Grids Power.

For more info on my book, please click the image!

So, Are Crystal Grids Just For Looks?

No, and it’s been my mission since my very first blog post on the subject to clarify this. If someone is making a crystal grid just for looks, it’s a piece of art if you like but it’s not really going to help beyond that. I believe crystal grids need to be activated to work.

Real crystal grids can look beautiful but sometimes they do not. Not all crystals are pretty, colourful or shiny. Not all working crystal grids will look attractive to people.

This crystal grid for success uses very earthy crystals
This crystal grid for success uses very earthy crystals

It All Starts With Intention

The way I work with crystal grids always starts with the intention. The intention is the reason it is being created for, what I want it to help with or do. This could be to send healing to someone, to calm a situation, anchor the energy of the full moon, protect my home or manifest something in my life for example.

Are They Random?

There’s also nothing random about my selection of shapes, geometry or crystals. I select the sacred geometry pattern that I use as the layout by what it represents and how it can help me. It’s as important as the foundation of a house, it’s the energetic blueprint. Lots of research goes into this stage for me.

The crystals I work with are chosen by their properties and energy. Like different ingredients in a cake, each type of crystal serves a purpose towards the end goal. If I have lots of options for stones, then my intuition will guide me to choose the ideal ones.

This Spring crystal grid uses crystals and geometry for new beginnings and growth
This Spring crystal grid uses crystals and geometry for new beginnings and growth

Crystal Forms & Numerology

The shape or form of the crystal also serves a purpose. I might use natural crystal points to direct energy or a pyramid to raise the vibration, for example. Multiples of crystals amplify the energy of that stone. Not many people do this but I also use numerology in the creation of my crystal grids. So even the number of stones has an intention-based effect.

If you’re worried about knowing what crystal is best or even which sacred geometry to use then have no fear. That’s why people share their crystal grids, so people have a recipe to follow.

Crystal grids are a spiritual technology
Crystal grids are a spiritual technology

I hope this clarifies any confusion about the creation and purpose of grids. If you have any questions on this subject please post them below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

If you are looking for other information please search my website or visit the Resources page to see if it’s already been covered elsewhere.

With gratitude,


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3 thoughts on “Are Crystal Grids Just For Looks & Aesthetics?

  1. Donna

    Thank you for this article, Ethan. I do a grid at the time of the new moon along with a card spread. The last one I did left me feeling very dissatisfied with it – aesthetically it did not feel right. So I changed the stones I was using so that the grid was held stones of similar size – not necessarily similar shape. I did wonder if I was just looking at the aesthetics but as the month unfolded it became very obvious to me that I had chosen the right stones after all. I wondered if the dissatisfaction I connected to the aesthetics was actually my intuition telling me that I needed to change the original crystals. Its a fascinating process and I love putting grids together. I appreciate your blogs also. thank you.

  2. Lyn

    Hi Ethan
    With a crystal grid I have 8 amethyst crystals.
    Any other crystals only one or 2 or each. I have done the mixing up. Basically will it still work.

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