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Crystals For Mental Clarity, focus & Concentration

Crystals For Mental Clarity, focus & Concentration

Crystals For Mental Clarity, focus & Concentration

Reach for these five crystals for mental clarity, better focus and concentration. A crystal clear mind helps you make better decisions, understand things and keeps you focused on your priorities.

The Benefits Of Mental Clarity

Sometimes we just need a bit of mental clarity to get things done. Perhaps you are experiencing a lot of confusion or distractions in your life? Maybe you just need to focus on a goal or project that you just can’t seem to make progress with?

Mental clarity is needed to make good decisions and to see clearly when making a choice between two or more things. We also need it when working, learning new things and studying. Hopefully, the following crystals will help you clear the fog and illuminate answers.

How To Work With Crystals For Mental Clarity

The following list of crystals for mental clarity includes five stones. You can use any of these crystals based on my description or which one draws you the most. They could be worn, carried on you and meditated with. Any form will be helpful, a tumble stone or a crystal point, if you’re feeling fancy try a sphere.

Small natural crystals points
Small natural crystals points

Third Eye Mental Clarity Crystal Healing

For a quick crystal healing session, you could lay down and place your chosen cleansed crystal on your third eye chakra (brow area). Close your eyes and allow the crystal to do its work. As this chakra is often sensitive, start with 5 minutes, building to 10 minutes if it feels comfortable.

If you feel any discomfort, remove the crystal. If this method is too intense then stick to the other methods to work with your crystal.

5 crystals for mental clarity
Mental clarity crystals

5 Crystals For Mental Clarity


This is one of the main crystals for this purpose and usually one that everyone should have or find compatible. It is not essential that the quartz is perfectly clear, just that most of it is transparent. Clear Quartz brings clarity and helps you stay focused.

Clear Quartz crystal sphere
Clear Quartz crystal sphere


This deep blue to indigo stone is also a good crystal for mental clarity. It works with the Third Eye chakra, increasing your understanding and helping you receive needed insights. Sodalite stimulates logical thought processes and can bring inspiration.

Sodalite Tower
Sodalite Tower


This crystal is also sold as Iceland Spar and includes Optical Calcite. Clear Calcite helps cleanse the aura and all the chakras bringing energetic and mental clarity. This clear crystal is good for cutting through brain fog over time.

Clear Calcite with rainbows
Clear Calcite with rainbows


Sky-blue Turquoise is a lovely stone for the mind. Turquoise assists you in reducing the effects of stress or anxiety. Simultaneously, it brings a sense of peace and calm, all supporting you in focus and decision making. Turquoise allows you to see the bigger picture.

Polished Turquoise nugget
Polished Turquoise nugget


Intense blue Apatite opens and clears the third eye chakra. It brings mental focus and strengthens the mind. Apatite helps you clear confusion and you see the truth. It’s great for focusing on your goals and changing negative or self-limiting thought patterns.

Apatite tumbled stone
Apatite tumbled stone

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7 thoughts on “Crystals For Mental Clarity, focus & Concentration

  1. Jenny Clements

    I bought your crystal book, and your crystal grid books. Brilliant down to earth books. I didn’t understand crystals, these books have helped me

  2. Michelle

    Thank you for this article, it feels like I’ve been have more trouble with clarity lately. With the apatite, so you think it’s important to use the darker blue variety for mental clarity?

  3. Cherry

    I’d also recommend Fluorite, because it’s a crystal of the mind, learning and calm, level headed behaviour.

    In addition, especially to help with learning, the beautiful Heliodor (Golden/Yellow Beryl) is excellent.

    Love and Light.

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