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Moldavite Alternatives & Crystal Substitutes Revealed

Moldavite Alternatives & Crystal Substitutes Revealed

Moldavite Alternatives & Crystal Substitutes Revealed

As the price of Moldavite continues to rise, what are the Moldavite alternatives? Here are seven crystal substitutes that are much easier to find and won’t put you in dept…

What Makes Moldavite So Special?

Moldavite is a rare form of Tektite, a natural meteoric glass. It was formed by a meteor impact around 15 million years ago, possibly in what is now Germany. The tektites were deposited in the region of Bohemia, currently the Czech Republic.

What also makes them unique is their forest green colour and intricate ruffled surface. This was a one-off historic event and other tektites look different. Therefore there is only so much of this material on the planet.

Moldavite’s Energetic Properties

The energy of Moldavite is high vibration with some people finding it too much for them. Moldavite is a stone of transformation that can speed up your spiritual awakening and personal growth.

It is a deep cleanser that often flushes the chakras on the first contact. Moldavite can connect you with extraterrestrial energy and consciousness.

Many people feel that this stone helped them go through needed life transitions and big changes. Please note some people have bad reactions to Moldavite yet some people feel nothing at all. If possible you could try it in a shop before you buy it.

What’s Going On With Moldavite?

Moldavite has never been cheap because it’s eventually going to run out. This means the price keeps going up over time. The less they find, the rarer it becomes. The higher the demand, the higher the price people will pay for it. Moldavite has become popular within the crystal community over the last few decades.

More recently it has been brought to the attention of a wider and younger audience. From what I understand several videos about it on the social media platform Tiktok have gone viral. Some of what I hear is that there is a lot of hype and also some fear-mongering going on too. Please try not to get caught up in this!

Despite this, this all seems to have increased the demand and pushed the price to astronomical levels. People are now paying serious money for tiny pieces. On top of this, it has also increased the amount of fake Moldavite being sold.

“High vibration crystals such as Moldavite are not any better than other stones, they are just different. Nobody ‘needs’ to have Moldavite and there are alternatives”

Ethan Lazzerini
Seven Moldavite alternatives revealed
Seven Moldavite alternatives revealed

So, What Are the Moldavite Alternatives?

Don’t worry if you can’t afford or justify the price or you are worried about buying fakes. There are Moldavite alternatives that can be used in a similar way. Just remember that substitutes share some of the properties of Moldavite, but are never the same.

Here are a few of my suggestions for you. Please read the descriptions to select the right alternative for your needs and energy.


Any Tektites could be used as Moldavite alternatives. These were created in the same way but from different meteorites in other parts of the world. The most common and affordable ones are the black ones.

Tektites have cosmic energy and connect with other star systems and dimensions. They help starseeds feel more connected to the planet and their purpose. They align and balance all the chakras. I’ll talk about more unusual Tektites later…

Large raw Tektite
Large raw Tektite


This green-ray stone is deeply transformative. Malachite helps you shed the old you and become who you are destined to be. This crystal detoxifies your energy and can speed up your spiritual growth.

Like Moldavite, it may trigger big changes in your life, if they are needed and you are ready for them.

Small Malachite tumble stone
Small Malachite tumble stone


Like Moldavite, this shimmering blue crystal holds a very high vibrational frequency. Blue Kyanite can help cleanse and align all your chakras. It helps connect with and express your inner truth.

This blue crystal releases negative attachments and cuts etheric cords. It also anchors the higher chakras, helping you embody your spiritual identity.

Blue kyanite blade
Blue Kyanite Blade


This is another form of Tektite, also knows as Libyan Gold Tektite. It’s not as common as the black ones but still more affordable than Moldavite. The origin is not certain but it’s believed to be a meteor(s) that impacted the Sahara desert millions of years ago.

This is another high vibe gemstone that cleanses the chakras and raises your vibration. Like all Tektites, it’s linked to extraterrestrial energy and attracts starseeds. Libyan Desert Glass is a powerful spiritual activation crystal that helps you release what’s holding you back.

Libyan Desert Glass aka Libyan Gold Tektite
Libyan Desert Glass aka Libyan Gold Tektite


This is also known as Satin Spar. All forms of Selenite are highly spiritual energy cleansers. This clear to white crystal is another high vibration, yet easily available and affordable Moldavite alternative.

It connects you with the higher dimensions and blasts through stubborn energetic blocks. Selenite connects you with the higher dimensions and helps you receive spiritual downloads. It’s also a beautiful crystal of peace and tranquillity.

Selenite/Satin Spar Sphere
Selenite/Satin Spar Sphere


Meteorites can vary in price but some are reasonable considering you have a shooting star in your hand. There are rare and expensive ones that have Olivine crystals inside them, these are crystals from other planets (unlike Tektites).

All metallic Meteorites help ground and anchor your spiritual energy. They connect you with cosmic and extraterrestrial energy and knowledge.

Pallasite Meteorite pendant
Pallasite Meteorite pendant


The last one of our Moldavite alternatives is Labradorite. This colour shifting crystal is another easily available stone of transformation. Labradorite helps you gradually transform into your authentic self.

It helps you move through life changes with more ease and navigate any unexpected changes that come your way. Labradorite cleanses and protects your aura. It opens your third eye chakra and your awareness of other dimensions.

Labradorite tumble stone
Labradorite tumble stone

I really hope this shows you there are other alternatives to Moldavite out there. If you have a question or comment you can post it below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

If you are looking for other information please search my website or visit the Resources page to see if it’s already been covered elsewhere.

With gratitude,


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10 thoughts on “Moldavite Alternatives & Crystal Substitutes Revealed

  1. Deirdre Treanor

    My husband has a small piece of Moldavite. The first time I held it I felt dizzy and for lack of a better term spaced out. My head felt like it was floating. I didn’t hold it long, but that feeling lasted for a couple of hours afterwards.

  2. Joy Griffiths

    I’ve not been drawn to moldavite, but I was called to buy a piece of agni manitite recently. Do you have any thoughts about that?

  3. invisible

    Basically telling people to “settle:” for something LESS than what the Precious energies of Moldavite offer is like telling people to buy a plastic crystal instead of A REAL crystal. Why do you think Moldavites ARE the way they are ? because they are NOT like any other crystal, stone or energy. If one is meant to have a Moldavite they will – and also spreading SCARCITY energies about this Precious Stone does NOT serve anyone either. Whatever crystals one needs for their path will come to them, even if they are “allegedly” rare……

    1. Cherry

      This is true to a point. However for people like me, it would take a virtual miracle for this to happen; Ethan is just trying to help by suggesting more affordable (in most cases) alternatives which can help to accomplish the same ends.

      That said, please don’t troll or spread negativity here. No-one wants it.

      Love and Light.

    2. Deirdre Treanor

      Moldavite is rare and there is not an endless supply. It is only found in one country in Europe. Once it is all mined it is gone. It is also technically a tektite, and there are other tektites that offer similar energies. In this case he was just being helpful in educating that there are other stones that are more affordable that have similar properties and vibrations. He never told anyone not to buy Moldavite, just presented information. As you said, “whatever crystal one needs for their path will come to them…”. You are right even if it is rare, if someone needs it and the are meant to have it, it will happen. He never told anyone they had to “settle”.

  4. Cherry

    I’ve never been drawn to Moldavite, Tektite or any of the meteorite-created crystals. I’m wondering if that’s because they were still born on Earth (and the chances of the meteorite in question having come from my home in the stars are basically zero), whereas an actual meteorite is at least part of another celestial body.

    Personally I find Diamond, Zircon, Clear Quartz and Lapis Lazuli helpful for astral travel and extraterrestrial contact.

    Love and Light.

  5. Skye Coston

    Thanks for the article, especially since it has finally revealed to me what stone my mom had had in her collection decades ago. It turns out to be Libyan desert glass. Gives a nice buzz along with my precious moldavite piece!

  6. Tony

    This article has renewed my interest in moldavite.
    The only effect it has on me is that I find it “unique” type attraction. My question is will it uplift lower energy Crystals or it doesnt mix well with others. Thank You.

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