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Crystals For Starseeds – 7 Cosmic Crystals

Crystals For Starseeds – 7 Cosmic Crystals

Crystals For Starseeds – 7 Cosmic Crystals

Explore seven crystals for Starseeds. Learn which crystals support your mission, anchor your galactic presence and remember your cosmic origins…

What Is A Starseed?

A Starseed is someone that believes they have had past lives on another planet outside of our solar system. Some have incarnated here before while others feel it’s their first time on Earth. Because of their unusual energy, they may come off as a bit different. This can make them the target of bullies in school and even in the workplace.

Cosmic Starseed crystals
Cosmic crystals for Starseeds

Starseeds have a unique perspective to bring to the planet. They incarnate here to help create positive change and bring new ways of thinking.

Usually, Starseeds are only conscious of their soul’s origins after they have had a spiritual awakening. There are many traits associated with Starseeds including the some of the following but do your own research too.

Quartz star being crystal skull. Crystals for starseeds
Star Being Crystal Skull

A Few Starseed Personality Traits:-

Feeling different from others

They may struggle with society ‘norms’

Always interested in the stars and outer space

They are certain life exists elsewhere in the galaxy

Interested in UFOs and ET contact experiences

Drawn to ET channelled information

They feel frustrated by humanity and the state of the planet

7 crystals for starseeds. Cosmic girl
Crystals For Starseeds

7 Crystals For Starseeds

These are some of my recommended crystals for Starseeds. You don’t need all these crystals. Please read my notes first and then you can use this or allow your intuition to pick the right crystal for you. These stones can be carried, worn or meditated with.


This forest green gemstone is a form of Tektite formed by a meteorite that hit the area of either the Czech Republic or Germany millions of years ago. Moldavite helps Starseeds connect to their past lives and activate their energy. It flushes the chakras and clears out blocked energies. This high vibration stone helps awaken your psychic abilities and can bring clarity to your Starseed mission.

Please note that Moldavite is a powerful stone that some people have bad reactions to sometimes. Go easy with it, use it for a short period a day and ideally try a piece in a shop before buying. Also, you can combine it with grounding stones to help anchor the energy better.

Moldavite crystals for starseeds
Raw Moldavite


This colourful crystal is also known as Titanium Aura/Quartz or Titanium Rainbow Aura. It is created by bonding Titanium and other precious metals onto Quartz or sometimes other minerals.

Titanium Quartz is very grounding for Starseeds who need to be present to effect change in this world. It acts as a spiritual anchor, helping you channel your spiritual energy and receive divine inspiration. Flame Aura also shields your chakras from harsh energy.

Flame aura crystal cluster
Flame Aura Cluster


This dark blue stone looks like the night sky. Lapis Lazuli assists you in tapping into your inner wisdom. It offers psychic protection from those that do not understand you.

Starseeds can work with this stone to help them remember why they are here and what they need to do next. It helps tap into your past life abilities and supports spiritual teachers with their work.

Lapis Lazuli flame carving
Lapis Lazuli Flame


Most Tektites form into pitted black stones like this (see photo below). These are a lot less intense than Moldavite if you’re looking for a softer alternative. Tektites can help ground and anchor your energy more fully to the planet so you don’t feel too ‘homesick’.

They also assist Starseeds in bringing their galactic wisdom and skills to the world. These celestial stones are helpful in adjusting to difficult energy shifts.

Tibetan Tektite stone
Large Tibetan Tektite


Work with soothing Aquamarine if you need emotional support or help to let things go. Aquamarine helps calm any anger and frustration you may be feeling with the state of the world.

It balances and heals your emotions and assists you in communicating with greater clarity. Starseeds can sometimes use a lot of esoteric terms or new age jargon (guilty!).

Raw Aquamarine crystal
Raw Aquamarine Crystals


This is a blue Sapphire which has a six-pointed star appear inside it when it catches the light. Work with this mystical gemstone when you want to access your past life memories and knowledge. Star Sapphire helps you reconnect with your star of origin and guides you towards your life purpose.

Blue Star Sapphire cabochon
Blue Star Sapphire cabochon


Sometimes known as Libyan Gold Tektite. This is also another form of ancient Tektite found in the desert. Libyan Desert Glass is another deep cleanser which is connected to the wisdom of the ancient Egyptians (Ancient Aliens anyone?).

It’s one of my top crystals for Starseeds because it connects you with energy from the cosmos but also can tap into significant past lives from ancient Egypt. Libyan Desert Glass is another high vibe stone that can be very spiritually activating.

Libyan Desert Glass
Libyan Desert Glass

Which of these crystals for Starseeds are you most drawn to? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

If you are looking for other information please search my website or visit the Resources page to see if it’s already been covered elsewhere.

With gratitude,


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37 thoughts on “Crystals For Starseeds – 7 Cosmic Crystals

  1. kathy saban

    I was drawn to Moldavite and Star Sapphire, I thought the Star Sapphire was beautiful.
    Will have to see if I can source one.

  2. Julie

    I felt most drawn to the Saphire and Rainbow Aura.

    Can I ask wher you purchase your crystals? Do you have a recommendation online or somewhere in Nothern CA. (I know that’s a long shot but thought I’d ask about NorCal Jst in case).

    Do you have any pics of Lemurian crystals? I bought one in Santa Cruz but after I got it home I thought this just looks like clear glass. Idk if it’s legit. For some reason I don’t feel like it is. I know that’s very telling.

  3. Michelle A.

    Great article! I love all of these stones. I also find that clear quartz (very clear) helps me stay connected to my star family, and Selenite helps keep my vibration high enough to hear them. Would you recommend any of the other aura quartz varieties? Also, a lot of people recommend prehnite, what do you think of it for connection with e.t. energies?

    1. Cherry

      Clear Quartz is enormously valuable, far more so than its lack of rarity would indicate. It was a very special, closely connected Clear Quartz that revealed my own starseed origins (my soul was born in the Andromeda galaxy) to me.

  4. Trish

    WOW! At 64, and after reading this, I guess I would be considered a Star Seed. I don’t know “where” I originated, but I’ve always known that we are not alone in this universe.
    I was gifted a piece of moldavite (the one you pictured looks just like mine!) after I had an “experience” with it. WOW, was it an experience!! It took me back to the “beginning”, when the universe was just starting. There wasn’t a “big bang”. It was like a flower slowly opening. I’ve since lost my celestial friend after I moved. As I’ve been told, the Elders will move on after they have taught you all they can. I miss my moldavite!!

  5. Shirley

    Love these ones Libyan Desert Glass, Raw Aquamarine and Flame Aura maybe also blue star sapphire! What does this mean and where can I get some lol 🙂

  6. Yvonne Anne Young

    I’m a starseed of Pleaidian origins, specifically I feel mostly Arcturian. Aquamarine is my go-to crystal! I find intense aversion to moldavite and tektite – probably something to do with my past lives and current life experiences yet to be processed and released…also, I find that these stones bring up energy signature ‘memories’ or connections with nonbenevolent ETs prominent in human existence and which is difficult to stomach…but soon I feel there will be a calling to work with these crystals.

  7. GK

    First of all , i just want you to know that i always eagerly await your write like a child and enjoy the through information. Now , I’m 50 but was attracted to Lapis almost 13 years back while living in Oman.It’s my favourite bracelet!But now most of the time , i mean for the past 10 months , i feel real good keeping moldavite and tektite with me.They give me boost of energy and clarity at the same time.Does this change of choices mean something? Sorry wanted to keep it short

  8. Ruslana

    Thank you Ethan for another great article ! May I ask you if there is difference between starseeds and lightworkers ? I have been recognized by many people as lightworker and know for sure that my father was starseed and my son indigo child. I received this info in meditations and prophetic dreams. It seems that all 3 are related to each other such as starseed can give birth to lighworker and lightworker to indigos. If that is true ? And another question , I alwas been drawn to labrodorite. If it is good for starseeds or lightworkers ? Thank you!

  9. AliceNighmares

    I’m so happy to read this , I didn’t know that I am a star seed all apply to me I remember been like all you described since I’m a little girl and I know because I remember a few of my past life’s I even dream about it and is funny but all this star coming out so strong when I used my lápiz lazuli necklace , I love about this crystal the gold that it has it remains me to the galaxy I don’t know why . Thanks for this .

  10. Heather Lascano

    So I already have 4 out of 7 of these Starseed crystals and I’m very picky about crystals as I don’t have that many. Moldavite, Lapis Lazuli, Tibetan Tektite, and Libyan Desert Glass. I’ve always been drawn to Titanium Aura but haven’t found the piece that resonated with me. Muscle tested and deviceless dowsed if the other 2 are strong for me. Yes for Star Sapphire, no for Aquamarine. So soon I may have 6 out of 7. LOL! Love this list!

    Any advice on what to look for in Titanium Auras? Like number of points, specific clusters, windows, certain country origins?

      1. Heather

        So I ended up being drawn to a powerful 1 lb Rainbow Titanium Aura cluster that is seriously a Holy Grail! The 2 tallest points are both DOW crystals 7-3-7-3-7-3, another is a Transmitter 7-3-7, another a Channeling 3-7-3, a translucent Opal Aura window on the side of the base, then gorgeous Elestials all over. Such a burst of uplifting energy, I felt immediate expansion into different dimensions with it. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction for this one.

  11. crystal

    hi ethan, great article! i have all the stones you listed except the star sapphire & the desert glass, i want both but haven’t found the right ones yet. i have found that all stars give me a nice link, especially those in stones such as star rose quartz, girasol quartz, star garnets, star diopside, all the colors of sapphire with stars, then there are the clear quartz with internal fractures that sometimes look like nebulae. well i have a bird’s eye when it comes to stones anyway but stars are special twinklies. the labradorite a few have mentioned could be starry too, i have some pieces that glitter like the night sky, that’s my favorite form of it. lately i have even found some white/grey stars (some look like fireworks too) on red jasper & buy what i can, haven’t really worked with it that way but guess maybe i should. i have a collection of stone aliens as well as dragons & a couple of moon-skulls. i know that you have at least one dragon, what do you think of them as a connection to other planets? mine will take me there but they seem eager to go anywhere easily. btw i love your lapis flame, now i’m gonna have to find me one. 😀 i been more attracted to lapis lately & the more pyrite the better, i’ve even found some with calcite in it, gives it an interesting energy, real calming.

    i have always been intrigued with the night skies & all that we can see, have many moon & star things too. my grandmother used to point at the seven sisters & tell me that is our home so no surprise with me being drawn to them. oh & since i was little whenever i got upset i always said “i wanna go home.” even when in our house, still do at 67 if i am in the hospital or other traumatic situation & i always know i don’t mean where i sleep. one of my favorite sayings is “stop the world i wanna get off”, so yes, i am usually frustrated with the world & people, especially lately of course. interesting, you are the first person i have noticed that hasn’t said or insinuated that the starseeds are a new thing or only of a certain age, thank you for that, helps more of us elderseeds to speak up & share.

    1. Cherry

      Hi crystal!

      I love Black Star Diopside! At first, I found it a little overwhelming (no surprise there, I’d only been here for 17 years); but when it and I got used to each other, things skyrocketed! You are literally the only other person I’ve ever heard from, who’s actually encountered it.

      Do you find the connection still the more powerful because the four-rayed asterism looks almost exactly like a bright star with ray artefacts in a Hubble photo? I do.

      Love and Light.

  12. Thabile Mnikathi

    I am attracted to the Libian Dessert glass and Aquamarine. Something brought me to a state of wonder when I saw them. They felt like they might open a clocked door that I have been trying to open for too long.

  13. Cherry

    I’ve never understood my own species, I’ve never felt truly at home anywhere, I feel like something fundamental is missing from life despite being married more than 25 years, and I’ve always loved stars and galaxies. Not only that, but, without meaning to boast, I find it simple to understand Cosmology, stellar life cycles and some Astrophysics. Starseed? Yeah, I think I might be.

    It’s possible to communicate with stars on the soul level if you astrally travel: for this, I’ve found combining Diamond, Lapis Lazuli and Labradorite, with a strong dose of love and respect, is best. Aquamarine was the first true gemstone I ever came into contact with, and it’s remained a favourite for many years. I also know, thanks to one extremely special Clear Quartz, that my soul was born in the Andromeda galaxy; every time I look at an image of it, something in me says, very firmly, “Home.” That explains why I’ve never been drawn to the tektite family: wrong galaxy, the likelihood of an Andromedan asteroid landing on Earth is pretty low. The gem for best connection with the Andromeda galaxy – we call it the Great Spiral – is, funnily enough, Pink Sapphire.

    There is another starseed crystal (actually there are probably loads of them, depending on the starseed in question) which I find fantastic: Black Star Diopside. Ethan, have you ever met one of those? I bought a – very expensive but well worth it – pendant one in 1993/4; it has an extremely powerful sky connection, day or night, and is also just as protective as Black Tourmaline, which I never leave home without. Only recently has the Andromedan connection come to life, though.

    I want to go home, now more than ever! But two and a half million light-years is a heck of a jaunt at any sensible speed. Need a (stable) Einstein-Rosen bridge, stat!

  14. Emmie

    I’m Andromedan I recently discovered. My guides advised I wear nummite. It’s been fantastic to stabilise my abilities and help me move forward significantly. Or should I say move upwards :). I’m also a huge lover of moldavite, natrolite, smoky elestial Quartz which helps channel messages from home with clarity. Your articles are fantastic Ethan Thankyou. And I hope everyone finds what works for them best as we are all different these were just some of what have helped me. X

    1. Cherry

      Hi Emmie,

      Are you from one of the stars in the constellation Andromeda, or the Andromeda galaxy?

      I can see Nuumite being helpful to you if you’re working to expand your abilities. I love Elestial Quartz too, I picked up my first one last year and it’s a wonderful friend.

      I originate from the Andromeda galaxy (sheez, I’m a long way from home!) and so far, these are the crystals I’ve found most helpful:

      Sapphire – any colour, really, but for me, pink, blue and purple.

      Black Star Diopside – rare and pretty expensive so opportunities to work with it might be scarce…

      Labradorite – nothing short of amazing!

      Galaxyite – the name does speak for itself: this is the micro version of Labradorite, with sparks of Schiller effect like stars as opposed to the auroral sheets of standard Labradorite or the less common Spectrolite.

      Spectrolite – only available from Finland because it’s sort of a brand name, but Labradorite from Madagascar can display the same effect, which is a wider range of colours in the Schiller effect and might be less costly. Spectrolite is very similar in power to Labradorite, but very intense.

      Petalite – specifically the colourless version which used to be known as Castorite (I can see why they changed that); useful for Angelic/extraterrestrial contacts among other, unrelated helpful properties.

      Lapis Lazuli – a must for a quick astral ‘trip home’.

      Celestite – like Petalite, but gentler.

      Clear Quartz – everyone from aliens to Angels love the purity of Quartz; and if perchance you’re able to find one that bonds to you extremely closely, you’ll find yourself taken on some remarkable journeys by this most readily available of crystals.

      I also employ Emerald (connection to Earth) and Heliodor/Citrine (connection to the Sun) to guide me back home when I astrally travel to see the beauty of the Universe. They act like cosmic beacons, as does – if you can find one – a special type of Quartz called a Blade of Light. (They might have other names; I’m not sure.) You know the guide lasers on vey big telescopes which keep them locked onto whatever they’re looking at as the stars move across the sky? Well, a Blade of Light is like that: a laserlike beacon for the returning astral traveller. Although only for the one who owns it.

      Love and Light.

  15. Siriusly Lemurian

    As a sirian I’ve always felt drawn to Egypt, since I was a child! Now I know why! An after learning about Lemuria I also have some of their qualities as well! An think I descend from both places! But the main crystal that speaks to my spirit right now, are amethyst and lapiz! I have prophetic dreams many time and I’m psychic! The dreams tell me which crystals to buy! Now I’m being drawn to lapiz!

    1. Cherry

      Hi fellow Starseed,

      You sound pretty similar to me: I’m Andromedan (the galaxy rather than the constellation), but I’ve incarnated at least once on Atlantis and possibly Lemuria too, although I’m at present unable to recall my Lemurian incarnation — if I had one at all. (I can however recall what happened during my – sole or final, I’m not sure – Atlantean life; I was there when the end came, and it was horrible!) That said, I have a lot of crystals with Lemurian lines, so it kind of makes sense that I might have been there, too.

      You’re definitely being guided to the right crystals, and if you’re into astral journeying, Lapis will be of immense help to you. I got a Lapis pendant for my 41st birthday, and as soon as I put it on, it took me over two thousand light-years away, to the Veil nebula, whilst I, bodily, stood motionless in my kitchen! (Good job hubby was at work, he wouldn’t have understood.)

      Lapis was of course very popular in ancient Egypt; it was used for the eyebrows of King Tutankhamen’s death mask, and later, Queen Cleopatra had it – and Malachite – ground up for use as eyeshadow. Cleopatra also used to hold an Emerald under her tongue while she contemplated the affairs of her era (which we now know probably wasn’t a good idea, as beryllium is a bit toxic), so please don’t ignore this beautiful gem; it has a lot of useful properties, from enhancing wisdom to good luck to ​reducing inflammation to helping to communicate with the plant kingdom. You might also find yourself drawn to Peridot, which was another gem beloved by that civilisation. It was worn by the priests, declared sacred to Isis, and dubbed “The Gem of the Sun”. If so, then don’t hesitate. Peridot has many properties in common with Emerald, along with the power of Spring and renewal, and the ability to ward off negative energy and draw in positive. The Romans gave Peridot to high-ranking officials in the – probably accurate – belief that it would ward off jealousy and envious hangers-on.

      As far as other useful crystals go, well, you can’t go wrong with the Quartz family, and you might want to think about having a crystal with a strong Earth connection, to guide you home if you choose to astrally travel. Agates are good, as are Smoky Quartz, Snowflake Obsidian and Aragonite, particularly the popular ‘Sputnik’ form. For myself, I use Emerald for the Earth and Heliodor and Citrine for the Sun connection. Alongside the astral umbilical cord – essential for any astral journey because it provides an unbreakable connection between spirit and body which will connect you to your home (however temporary) and stop unwanted spiritual squatters – you can never get lost, no matter how far or where you go.

      Love and Light.

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