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7 Crystals For Grief & Healing After Loss

7 Crystals For Grief & Healing After Loss

7 Crystals For Grief & Healing After Loss

Seven crystals for grief and support during the healing process. I’m sharing a few crystals to help you or a grieving loved one cope with loss after the death of a family member, friend or a pet.

Grief is something we all experience at some point in our lives and it is never easy. Everyone goes through grief differently and in their own time, its a process. If it is interfering with your daily life long-term make sure you speak to a doctor or mental health professional for advice and support.

Rose Quartz heart crystal grid
Rose Quartz Heart Crystal Grid

Crystals For Grief

If you or someone you know is going through grief perhaps some of these crystals could help. I’ve chosen six crystals for grief and support through the process of emotional healing.

As always see which one is best suited or combine them, you don’t need all these crystals. When going through intense life changes such as coping with the loss of a loved one make sure you cleanse any crystals or crystal jewellery you use at the end of the day.

Heart Healing For Grief

The energy and emotions of grief tend to build up in the Heart Chakra area. Why not give yourself a Heart Chakra self-healing session? This can be done once a day if you need it.

Choose one of the crystals from the list below. Lay down somewhere comfortable where you will not be disturbed for about 15 minutes. Place your chosen crystal over your Heart Chakra, in the middle of your chest. Close your eyes and take deep cleansing breaths. Relax and let go…

You can remain here for 10 to 15 minutes. Afterwards, remove the crystal and take some time before getting up again.

Crystals for grief
Crystals For Grief


This is one of the best crystals for grief in my opinion. This form of Black Obsidian helps heal the emotional body after experiencing loss. Apache Tear draws out negative energy from your aura while assisting you through all the stages of the grieving process. It combines really well with Rose Quartz for self-healing (see below).

Raw Apache Tear
Raw Apache Tear


The ultimate comfort crystal, Rose Quartz is gentle and soothing. Let this pink form of Quartz heal your heart from the pain of losing someone close to you. Rose Quartz encourages self-care and allowing yourself space and the time needed to heal.

TIP: It also combines well with any of the crystals in this article if you want a personalised combo!

Rose Quartz heart. Crystals for grief
Rose Quartz heart


Blue-green Amazonite is an excellent healing crystal for grief. Reach for Amazonite when you need to let healing happen and to bring balance to your energy. Amazonite is another deeply soothing stone that helps us better manage stress. It balances and heals the Heart Chakra and helps you express and release your emotions in a healthy and healing way.

Amazonite tumble stone
Amazonite tumble stone


Beautiful black Jet is formed from the fossilised wood of ancient trees. Jet connects you with your family and those closest to you. This gemstone reminds us that we are all connected, whether someone is in the physical world or not. Jet also helps you release any fears and adapt to change gradually in your own time.

Russian Jet Stone
Tumbled Russian Jet


This crystal does not have to be clear or gem quality to be used in crystal healing. Kunzite is particularly helpful to those that have lost a life partner. It clears low vibration energy and reminds you that you are always connected to each other. Kunzite is also useful at the beginning of the grief process by helping you cope better with the shock.

Non gem-quality Kunzite tumble stone
Non gem-quality Kunzite tumble stone


Peachy-pink Sunstone is a vibrational mood-lifter! It helps clear your chakras during challenging times like this. Try Sunstone if you’re feeling down about how things are and your future. It will help lift your spirits and shift you to a more positive frame of mind.

Sunstone tumble stone
Sunstone tumble stone


This is one of the best stones for connecting with your guides and angels. Angelite offers spiritual support during periods of grief. This soft blue crystal reminds us that we have angels and guides that are watching over us and can be called on at any time. It envelopes you in peaceful energy.

Angelite tumble stone
Angelite tumble stone

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15 thoughts on “7 Crystals For Grief & Healing After Loss

      1. Cherry

        Botswana Agate? Funny you should mention that.

        My maternal Grandfather was a Lapidary; he had all the kit in a garden shed: diamond-tooth gem saw, tumble polishers, the lot.

        When he passed he left me a number of different crystals: a Brown Agate half geode, a Grey Agate crucifix pendant (it needs properly finishing but I haven’t the heart), a very unusual Moss Agate, a beautiful faceted Yellow Topaz which I really want to have mounted as a pendant, a tumbled Tiger’s Eye, a piece of rough Jet, a small piece of rough Rutilated Quartz, a chunk of raw Petrified Wood, a Druzy Slice pendant… and a couple of lovely Botswana Agates. That was his second favourite mineral, after Emerald. He left this life 30 years ago now, but the Topaz, Brown Agate and Botswana Agates, all retain powerful imprints of his personal energy.

        Grief is the hardest emotional issue to heal – it can take years, and I still haven’t fully healed from Grandad, mainly because of the circumstances surrounding his passing – but the Topaz and Agates are an enormous help. One day I must go back and see if there are any other treasures in that shed!

        Even in the absence of such an intimate connection with the beloved departed, Botswana Agate’s slow, unobtrusive, grounding, comforting energy has for a long time struck me as perfect for grieving: combine it with Apache Tear Obsidian and Rose Quartz, both crystals of remembrance (the Amerindian origin legend for the Apache Tear, which is river-washed Black Obsidian, is heartbreaking but very fitting), and I think any grieving person should find a great deal of comfort.

        Love and Light.

  1. Lauren Digby

    Lovely blog, I’m struggling with grief in all sorts of ways at the mo and found Crystal’s and you in trying to deal with some life changes that I’m dealing with presently. I’ve absolutely fallen in love with Crystal’s and your blog has already kinda lead me to those Crystal’s and have helped me massively! Thanks for your wealth of information that you share with your blog and website it really has been amazing for me!

  2. carolyn calder

    Really useful thank you my partner is going through a lot of stress at the moment in his job and he is suffering from anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed. He admitted to me that he feels constantly drained and negative about his job as his company has been taken over by an investment company who are treating all the staff like slaves he often brings work home as he is overloaded with more work than he can handle. What would be the best crystal to use to help him cope better with this situation.

  3. Tammy

    Thank you so much Ethan i will write them down and give here the list or get her some of them thank you and have a beautiful and safe weekend and my daughter might be talking to you for anxiety and other things I do have a book about crystals I will let her use it thank you so much for all of your help

  4. Cheryl Turtlemoon

    Thanks so much for this. My friend passed away yesterday after illness, and I really needed this information. Crystals are such a support at any time. Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us. I highly recommend you to everyone!

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