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Psychic Vampire Protection Crystals, Avoid Energy Vampires

Psychic Vampire Protection Crystals, Avoid Energy Vampires

Psychic Vampire Protection Crystals, Avoid Energy Vampires

Protect yourself from Psychic Vampires aka Energy Vampires with these powerful amulets. Here are my top 5 Psychic Vampire protection crystals.


What Exactly is a Psychic Vampire?

Psychic Vampires are also known as Psy Vamps, Energy Vampires and Emotional Vampires. They are mostly people who feed off the energy of other people. Most of us have experienced that person at work or a friend who just seems to drain all the energy out of you. You will likely feel tired after you stop talking or interacting with them. Empaths beware, you are often the target of these people and that is not okay.
Psychic Vampires tend to repeat patterns of behaviour such as being very negative, wanting help yet ignoring all your advice, emotionally needy types or a complete drama queen.
I once knew someone online that seemed to court drama and drag everyone into it over and over again. Once I distanced myself from this person, they went crazy. Again, this was just another way to pull me back into their web. Don’t take the bait. Once they realise you are not playing their game, they will move on.

“Psychic Vampires prefer easy prey, so step up your boundaries!”


Psychic Vampire Protection

Psychic protection or shielding is vital if you think you may have a Psychic Vampire around you. My advice is to use this whenever you are around them if not daily. Crystals can help too. Any protective stone will have an effect, but these are my top picks for Psychic Vampire protection.
Wear or carry any of these crystals that you feel drawn to, to help strengthen your energetic boundaries and stop anyone sucking your energy. Some of them will also replenish your energy.



Psychic Vampire Protection (share this on Pinterest!)

Psychic Vampire Protection (share this on Pinterest!)



Any type of red Garnet will do. Garnet works in a very unusual way… Firstly it gives you energy if you feel drained, so a great one to have around. When kept on your person it also acts as a decoy for Psychic Vampires, who will only be able to take energy from the crystal and not you.


This is a polished but naturally faceted Almandine Garnet crystal

This is a polished but naturally faceted Almandine Garnet crystal


Black Obsidian

The message this crystal sends out to Psychic Vampires is “back off!”. Sever an existing connection to a Psychic Vampire with an Obsidian Arrowhead, which can be worn as a necklace over the Heart Chakra or Solar Plexus Chakra. Obsidian Arrowheads cut etheric cords used by Psychic Vampires to connect with your energy field.


Black Obsidian Tumble Stone

Black Obsidian Tumble Stone



Black Obsidian Arrowhead

Black Obsidian Arrowhead


Aqua Aura

This is mostly Clear Quartz enhanced with Gold, creating a beautiful blue-green crystal. The Gold acts as a protective shield and strengthens your own aura against harm or any kind of psychic attack.


Aqua Aura Quartz Crystal Point

Aqua Aura Quartz Crystal Point



Citrine carries Solar energies and we all know what vampires think about that! It works by introducing high vibration positive energies which keep people with negative intentions out of your aura and away from your space.


Polished Natural Citrine Crystal Point

Polished Natural Citrine Crystal Point



This is a form of high-quality Labradorite that is found in Finland (watch out for common grey Labradorite being sold as this when it is not!). Genuine Spectrolite strengthens your aura and keeps Psychic Vampires away by hiding your energy field from their radar.


Polished slice of Spectrolite. Colours and patterns vary

Polished slice of Spectrolite. Colours and patterns vary


Do you have a question about Psychic Vampires or Psychic Vampire protection? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (Please keep any questions you have on topic if you want a response).
If you’re interested in learning more about crystals and Crystal Healing do check out my FREE Crystal Healing Resources page.
With gratitude,
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46 thoughts on “Psychic Vampire Protection Crystals, Avoid Energy Vampires

  1. Eva Mendes

    I have recently come across your website and the level of information you have written crystal protection really resonates with me. I am really excited to read all the information about protecting our energy fields from negative/vampire/psychic energies. I have had all of these problems and I didn’t know which way to go about it. I am very confused. How many of these crystals I can use while I am out and about to protect myself from all of these energies? Shall I just use one item to use as a necklace or bracelet to protect myself while I go about during the day? If I have these at home do they protect me as I go about my day such as at work which is a hospital that I am susceptible to negative energies. I am a very highly sensitive empath. I am overwhelmed with it all because there is always something that is attaching to me and I am being drained by it. Then I start all over again by getting healers to remove it. I would really appreciate your advice. Thank you

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi Eva, it all depend on what you need most for each situation plus what works for you. You do not need all these crystals, they are options. You can try them out and see which works. Some people use one protection stone that they feel works for them, others may use different ones. I would get a tumble stone or wear as jewellery if you prefer and see how it works for you. Everyone is unique so you may have to try a few stones till you get the best one thats why I recommend tumble stones as they are usually inexpensive. Only later once you find a good crystal would I say invest in a necklace or bracelet.

      Sounds like my article on Crystals for Empaths would suit you best for your situation. If you are still not sure which to choose read my article on How To Choose a Crystal. Hope this helps 🙂

  2. Kirk is out

    Clean your body of bad energies
    Put your barefeet on dry crystal salt – Suggested 40 minutes and up daily. This is also good as protection / relief during a psychic attack.
    Avoid psychic r*pe during sleep
    Attach round flat orgonite or pouches filled with crystal salt on the outside of an underpants on top of private parts. Orgonite – craft made with resin, metal shavings and crystal – learn how to do.
    Kirk is out

  3. kirk is out

    Avoid psychic attack to a vital organ.
    Fill and close a plastic or rubber bag with salty water and place it on top of where is hurting.(Your heart, head etc…)
    kirk is out

  4. lululala

    Make yoursel f -your aura- stronger each night
    Surround the ceiling above your sleeping place with a flickering string of electric cristmas lights of many colors. (The ones made for decorating cristmas trees. ) Favor a LED string of light bulbs with the colors violet and blue in it. Remember to cover your eyes with a dark cloth for a good night sleep.

  5. Sue

    I am so happy that I found your site. I am going to try the crystals you have suggested. I just recently realized that I am an empath. I never knew the name for what I feel. I believe my “vampire” is my spouse. I do not, at this time, have the option of staying away from this energy vampire so I going to use crystals. I know he doesn’t mean to drain my energy so I don’t blame him. Thank you again.

  6. Angela Rutigliano

    Thank you for this website. I too am an empath. My strongest vampire, unbeknownst to her, is my young daughter. She can at times dwell in negativity which can be draining. I love her dearly. And while she continues to evolve I’m glad to have knowledge of some helpful stones. Right now I’m wearing garnet & it instantly made me feel lighter & less drained. Thank you!

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      The method above with the arrowhead is effective. I am writing a book about psychic protection with crystals at the moment which will have more advanced techniques but you will have to wait for that.

  7. J

    Hi Ethan

    Read your post regarding on the crystal as I stumble upon psychic vampire. Lately after the passing of someone dear I’m been going thru like a diff health condition which never happen.. at first I thought it was more to mental state I try to get my head straight. How ever I feel my energy is drained and I have been constantly having different kind of pain internal and joint pains. Consult the doctor everything seem to be fine.. can this mean I’m a victim of these energy leeches ? Also is it possible for strangers to prey on us ?

  8. Honeycup

    My psychic vampire is someone very close to me who is now not well at all and i see daily near enough . My heart is heavy and im very low i cover and protect myself daily and need to carry crystals daily but is that enough ? i want to help my partner but feel pushed away at the same time, i feel so confused.

  9. Jen

    What if you accidentally are yourself a psychic vampire sometimes? I am an untrained empath and do not realize I’ve accidentally blasted someone with a negative part of myself until it’s too late. 🙁

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Everyone takes energy from someone sometimes, Psychic Vampires are a whole other level. We can energise ourselves from nature, trees, mountains, the sun or the moon and so can psychic vampires if they wish.

  10. Noor

    Thank you Ethan. A few months ago after after discovering that my son’s dad is a energy vampire with narcissistic personality disorder ( the worst of worst type who used to suck my energy mentally, emotionally and financially) I came across your website. I decided I should try wearing some gemstones and so I started wearing a pendant with Obsidian and Garnet. I must say it really made a difference in my life. Anyone who came across a narcissist will know how it feels when that person tries to corner you and drown you in a sea of accusations, just for the heck of it. Instead of being sucked in the web of lies, feeling helpless and trapped in a cloud of doom, for the first time in 10 years, i felt like there is a shield around me, like I am the observer instead of being the absorber of all the negative energies around me. Instead of being affected by all the negativity, i actually feel detached, my mind is clearer, i don’t let myself by affected by whatever cheap trick he employs to drag me down. And that is so empowering! Of course by now i have incorporated several other gemstones in my life, i have been working on my self-esteem and regaining back my life but my journey with gemstones all started when i came across your article, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you Ethan. It made a huge difference in my life, in being who I am and in my own personal enlightenment. Lots of blessings to you

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Thank you for sharing your story and experience with these crystals, Noor. This is great news and means the world to me. Sounds like you have the right mindset and this person has no power over you anymore. Stay strong and keep those crystals handy! You are protected.

  11. john

    Dear Ethan,
    I truly appreciate all your very kind sharing of advice & I just ordered a copy of your new book on “Psychic Protection Crystals” through Amazon.
    One very significant point struck me like lightening when I read your commentary about CITRINE. You wote that it “we all know what vampires think about solar energies!” which citirine carries.
    Over decades I have continually observed an off-putting re-occuring pattern: how so many psychic vampires always prefer their workspaces (offices) to be dark, with the blinds down, with hardly any decoration. I have always wondered why. I have placed a cluster of citrine on a little table at the front door of my office space and I notice how they hesitate to enter my space. I’d love to know more about your explanation why sunlight turns them off so much. (It’s weird coz it’s like something from the Dracula movies!) It’s the first time I’ve ever seen that observation written down so it really fascinates me.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Thanks so much for getting the book, I hope you enjoy it. That is interesting. I think it might be that vampire energy is receptive (in a negative way) connected with the astral, ‘Yin’ and ruled by Lunar energies. It is also a low vibe energy which seem to prefer the dark. The opposite would be the more, active, yang, living, high vibration and Solar energies found in crystals like Citrine. Hope this makes sense.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Thanks so much Michelle. I personally have not used it for protection, I like to work with it to remove obstacles. If you want to try it for protection and see how it works for you then go ahead

      1. Michelle

        Thanks so much for your reply. We got some mahogany obsidian beads, and I was thinking of good use for them. For some reason, I’m having hard time finding regular black obsidian beads, the local shops have snowflake, gold sheen, silver sheen and mahogany. I might look online. Also, do you think the pressed Hematite that is often sold in beads is as effective as totally natural ? I also have Brecciated jasper, could that take the place of red jasper?

        1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

          I am not strict on Hematite, I do wonder what people think about Sterling Silver, Fine Silver, Copper and Gold if they have a problem with melting minerals… The ancients never had a problem, seems like a new idea to me.

          If the Bracciated Jasper has lots of Red it will work in a silimar way to Red Jasper.

  12. Luna

    Hello Ethan,

    I was wondering if black tourmaline could have the same or similar effect to black obsidian in this case? I’m truly thankful for such helpful articles like this one, it’s a life saver.

  13. AbdulMoeed

    I have a bad saturn so i can’t wear black obsadian , amethyst as it’s making alot of accidents

    I can wear citrine , red jasper and rose quartz

    What you think about red jasper as a bracelet on my ankles and on my wrist specially on my both left and right wrist ?

    My 3rd eye energy stars feeling draining infront of my room mate so i distant my self when I’m far i feel relax how to 0protect from psychic vampire room mate

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I personally wouldn’t use Red Jasper for psychic vampires. My other recommendations are above, try Citrine. You could wear it and/or place it between you and your roommate. There is much more detail and psychic protection techniques in my book Psychic Protection Crystals if you want more info.

  14. Remzo Alagic

    Just wanted to say thanks about the obsidian arrow heads as vampire protection, I’m having an issue with one and I had two arrowheads they worked like a charm (no pun intended) and seeing confusion on the’s face afterwards was proof that it works and priceless. Many Thanks.

  15. Fran

    Does the black obsidian have to be in the shape of an arrow for best results?
    What if I made or ordered a bead necklace with each of those recommended stones. Would it still work or would all together end up cancelling each other out?
    I don’t wear jewelry, and carrying a stone around in my pocket or purse wouldn’t work when I need it in my presence at all times. I’m an empath and caregiver to my mother the psychic vampire. She’s ill and we can’t afford a nursing home so, she keeps forgetting I ask her not to call on me after 7 pm so I rarely have time to energize myself. Too tired to meditate. It’s been so long I can’t even when I try.
    Also, being an empath, same as above, but adding the extra stones to the warding necklace. Can they work together?
    Thanks for your time and consideration.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      All Black Obsidian will work, the shape will enhance it in my opinion but it is a suggestion. No need to get all the stones, im trying to give people options and because everyone is different. Use the descriptions and your intuition to pick, try things. You can combine stones but only if you feel you need to. Crystals chosen for similar purposes generally work together well.

  16. Remzo

    Really great stuff Ethan, I had a serious issue with an energy Vampire recently and being a Pisces (and probably empathic)
    I needed some real help. I didnt know anything about protection and after I read your article I put my authentic Indian black obsidian arrowhead over my heart chakra, I was amazed to see them being stopped in their tracks!!! I literally “laughed out loud” ! I can realistically say that I have a new lease on life because I’m not as “concerned” about what to do if and when it will happen again. It’s not an issue you can really address without coming off weird or nuts…so I have what works for me now and believe me I’m just getting started I going to work on my grid next Tnanks again 🙂

  17. Abdul Moeed

    I was wearing red jasper My that same psychic vampire co worker was saying please sit with me i feel so energized when i sit with you….

    And i didn’t pay any attention to him . when i felt tired then i place red jasper near my solar plexus

    And on my third and crown chakra

    On that day he was saying why he’s so low on energy. Why his mind is not working properly….

    Ohh my god why arr you sad ?
    Don’t be sad be happyyyyy

    Then asked stupid questions

  18. Abdul Moeed

    Ethan what do you think about wearing gold jewelry for protection from psychic vampire?

    Sulemani akik is also good stone for protectionwhich suit every one without even checking birth chart

  19. Abdul Moeed

    I have Selenite wand with me all the time . in my office i use it a lot . every 2 hours i go to car and then do brush my aura to remove any negativity.

    And it works wonders sometimes i even go before 2 hours .

    As im in construction work so i can excuse for 5 minutes when I’m in office.

    Selenite works wonders

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