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Crystals for Fear, Worry & Anxiety

Crystals for Fear, Worry &  Anxiety

Crystals for Fear, Worry & Anxiety

Crystals for fear, worry and anxiety in challenging and uncertain times. Allow these calming crystals and relaxation exercises help you release fear, let go of worry, and reduce stress, panic and anxiety.

At the time of writing this, we are experiencing a global pandemic caused by the spread of the coronavirus. This has caused big changes in our daily lives, family, travel, the economy and work. Everything we thought was certain became uncertain in a matter of days.

Global Anxiety Levels

I’ve been getting many questions about this every day. There is a lot of anxiety and fear which is made worse by the news and scrolling social media.

Empaths & Highly Sensitive People

If you’re very sensitive or an Empath you will likely be picking this up even if you avoid the media. It’s been overwhelming for me to some days. I highly recommend that you are using daily psychic protection techniques and carrying or wearing protective stones.

Crystals for fear, anxiety, worry, stress and panic. Bumble Bee Jasper pyramid on an altar
Learn how crystals can help

Health & The Mind-Body Connection

Please note that I am not a doctor and this is not medical or psychological advice. I believe that our immune system is weakened by stress and worry. We can’t control everything that is going on in our life or the world but you do have power over our thoughts and emotions.

How Crystals Can Help

Crystals help change the energy around us and could help you reduce feelings of worry and anxiety. This still requires a conscious effort on your side in reducing exposure to people, conversations or information that may be negatively affecting your mental health.

Combining crystals with relaxation techniques or meditation is perfect. Youtube is full of free guided meditations, relaxing music, EFT tapping, Affirmations, Breathing exercises, ASMR videos and Yoga techniques for every purpose.

With most of these exercises, you can wear or hold a crystal. I find this boosts your whole experience and works on the mind and the energy at the same time. Please see the exercises below.

Simple Relaxation Technique

When we are stressed and worried we do not breathe properly, usually, we do shallow breathing. This also restricts your energy and leads to mental confusion.

This is a really simple breathing exercise you can use anywhere (with or without crystals). Obviously do not do this if driving or operating machinery. It is deceptively simple but as effective as many more complex methods of relaxation. It helps clear your energy and bring a more positive mindset.

Energy Breathing Exercise

1. Sit or lay down somewhere quite if possible. Do not cross your legs or arms to allow energy to flow freely.

2. Breathe slowly and deeply enough to fill the belly. As you breathe in mentally say to yourself “I breathe in positive energy”. You could visualise this as white light if you wish.

3. Hold the breath for three seconds then slowly release it. As you breathe out mentally say to yourself “I breathe out negative energy”. You could visualise this as grey or black smoke leaving your body and floating away.

4. Continue for five to ten minutes. Open your eyes and notice how much better you feel. Take a few moments before getting up again.

Keep any needed crystals on hand in a small dish or bowl

Get Grounded

When we are in a state of fear or panic we become very ungrounded (disconnected from the Earth and your body). This can lead to other problems like making bad decisions or mistaking your ego for your intuition.

Here is a little grounding exercise below which helps you reconnect with the Earth, release stress and feel more yourself again. You can use it once you select your crystal later in this post.

Tree Of Life Grounding Meditation

1.  Sit down with your legs crossed or in a lotus position. If you need to use a chair, both feet should touch the ground.
2.   Hold your chosen crystal in your hands, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
3.  Visualise yourself as a big strong tree like an Oak tree.
4.  Send your roots down into the earth, deeper and deeper.
5.  See them going through the layers of rock and crystals deep within the Earth.
6.  See them reach the centre of the Earth, where they wrap around a huge Iron core crystal.
7.  Become aware of your body. Open your eyes and take a few moments before getting up again.

Crystals For Fear, Worry & Anxiety

I’ve put together ten of my recommended crystals for fear and coping with anxiety or worry. You do not need all these crystals, they are just suggestions. Some of these crystals do more than one thing as you will see. You might still want to keep a few together nearby when you are going through a rough time like a holistic first aid kit.

Crystals for fear, anxiety and worry. Hand holding crystals
Crystals for Anxiety, Worry and Fear (Save to Pinterest)



This is a form of Jasper from India with wonderfully earthy colours. The stones are shaped into these oval shapes and come in different sizes. Shiva Lingams are a very tactile stone and support meditation practice. The smaller ones are ideal for relieving worry and stress. Roll one about in your hand while taking deep breaths.

Shiva Lingam stone with Ganesha statue
Shiva Lingam Stone


This is a form of banded Serpentine from South Africa. It is pale green with light, white or grey bands. This soothing green stone reduces stress and worry. Infinite envelopes you in relaxing and calming energy which clears your aura. Hold it while visualising yourself walking through green fields.

Infinite Serpentine tumble stone with Ting shas
High-grade Infinite Tumble Stone



Carnelian can be a mix of orange or red, sometimes with milky white and dark veins. This is a very empowering stone that helps you push forward in your life. Carnelian helps you tap into the power and courage within you and breakthrough fear.

Red Carnelian and incense
Carnelian Tumble Stone


This striking stone was originally known as Eclipse Stone (I usually call it this). It is not actually Jasper but a mix of volcanic minerals. Bumblebee Jasper is lemon yellow with black and grey banding or circles. You can work with this stone to overcome fears and empower yourself. Bumblebee Jasper is a useful guide for adapting to big life changes while balancing your energy.

Bumblebee Jasper pyramid aka Eclipse Stone
Bumblebee Jasper Pyramid



This is a beautiful pale blue to a lavender-blue form of banded Agate. Blue Lace Agate is deeply soothing and calms you down. If you are feeling anxious try meditating with it, focusing on slow and deep breathing. You can also try placing it over your Third eye Chakra for 5 – 10 mins.

Blue Lace Agate tumble stone
Blue Lace Agate Tumble Stone


Hematite is a metallic dark grey iron-rich mineral. This earthy stone will help keep you grounded and centred through challenging times. Hematite assists you in getting through periods of worry and dispelling anxious thoughts. It will also help you build courage and resilience too.

Hematite egg on an altar
Hematite Egg

FURTHER RESOURCES – More info and crystals can be found here – 8 Crystals For Anxiety.



This crystal is mostly transparent and comes in a variety of vibrant jewel-tone colours. Some crystals have a mix of colours. You can choose any colour or colour combination you are drawn to. Fluorite helps balance the mind and bring focus. Just looking at it may help reduce panicking mental states.

Large Rainbow Fluorite tumble stone
Large Rainbow Fluorite Tumble Stone


This crystal is an ethereal violet-pink crystal. Transparent gem quality crystals are expensive but cheaper lower-grade stones will work just as well. Its purifying high vibration energy cuts through mental chaos. Judy Hall recommends this for panic attacks in her book Crystal Prescriptions. Please note that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from links on this page, at no cost to you).

Non-gem quality Kunzite tumble stone
Non-Gem Quality Kunzite Tumble Stone

FURTHER RESOURCES – More info and crystals can be found here – Crystals For Peace & Calm.



Most Turquoise ranges from blue to blue-green. Be sure to buy from a reputable seller as there are fakes about. This beautiful stone absorbs the energy of stress and calms your worries. Turquoise clears the mind, place it over your third eye for 5-10 minutes to help this process.

Natural Turquoise nugget
Mexican Turquoise nugget


Rose Quartz is an ever-popular and easily available form of pink Quartz. This crystal is deeply soothing and healing. Rose Quartz works on your emotions and helps manage stress. Having this crystal around is comforting when things are out of balance or you’re in uncertain times.

Rose Quartz with candle
Large Rose Quartz

FURTHER RESOURCES More info and crystals can be found here – Crystals For Stress & Stress Busting Crystal Grid.

How are you all doing? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).
If you are looking for other information please search my website or visit the Resources page to see if it’s already been covered elsewhere.
With gratitude,

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10 thoughts on “Crystals for Fear, Worry & Anxiety

  1. Marcela P. E.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us.
    I guess it helps to find the positive between all this chaos, for example, I’m so happy I’ve been having time to walk deeper through one of your books, I bought it a couple of moths ago and it’s helping me so much since.
    I hope life smiles at you always.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      That’s great. Yes, there are positives here and things that are changing the way we think. The extra time can be put to good use. I am also reading more and learning new things. Take care!

  2. Chrissy Robinson

    Ethan, Thank you so very much for writing this wonderful wonderful post as soon as I write this I am going to gather those crystals from my collection and implement them and with the other techniques I know I will feel a bit more grounded and better. Stay safe and healthy thank you again!
    Blessed Be Chrissy

  3. Lynne Duffill

    Ethan, your words, as always are much appreciated & gratefully received. My mother was taken into hospital recently with a duodenal bleed. Twice we thought we would lose her. She turned a corner, thank the universe & I strongly believe that swapping my dread and fear for positive thoughts have made a huge difference. That and my rose quartz that I have carried with me and kept under my pillow at night. Just need to remember to breathe deep. Much love & stay safe.

  4. Jacqueline Myers

    Thank-you so much for this post particularly at this very worrying time. As an empath I have bouts of feeling overwhelmed and although I knew some of these crystals to use , my list is longer now !❤

    1. Cherry

      Hi Jacqueline,

      Have you tried Black Tourmaline and/or Red Agate?

      Black Tourmaline’s power to transmute negative energy is well known; but Red Agate is also very helpful for us Empaths: it not only protects us, but also shows us how to set barriers, whether empathic barriers to keep others’ emotions away, or ‘me’ barriers such that we can easily say no to something that will cause us problems.

      Love and Light.

    1. Cherry

      @abbas, that’s actually not so surprising. Citrine is one of the Solar crystals, bearing the power of the Sun, and it has the same properties when it comes to helping alleviate depression or a low mood: think feeling down all winter because there’s no sunshine, then stepping outside one day into a glorious spring morning. I think everyone, even those who claim to enjoy winter, feels a lot better when spring arrives – I certainly do – and Citrine, along with Peridot, Yellow Sapphire, Amber, Sunstone, Heliodor and Golden Quartz, can replicate that feeling.

      Love and Light.

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