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Twin Crystal Vs Tantric Twin Crystal – Identify Twin Flame Crystals

Twin Crystal Vs Tantric Twin Crystal – Identify Twin Flame Crystals

Twin Crystal Vs Tantric Twin Crystal – Identify Twin Flame Crystals

How do you identify a Twin Crystal or rare Tantric Twin crystals? What is the difference between these crystal points and what is their meaning, energetic properties and uses?

I’ve been getting a few questions lately about twin crystals so I thought I would put together this guide to help you spot them. Although these formations can occur in other minerals they are most commonly seen in clear Quartz Crystals. You can also see them in Amethyst, Citrine, Smoky Quartz, Herkimer Diamonds and Danburite crystals fairly often too.

Buyers Beware!

I’ve seen quite a few sellers selling Twins as Tantric Twins. Also, I’m seeing other crystal formations being sold as twin crystals. This includes clusters and crystals with multiple termination points. This may be because they just don’t know the difference or that’s what they bought them as.

With online sellers, I think the confusion is caused by ‘keyword stuffing‘. Some will use lots of popular crystal search words like ‘Tantric Twin’, ‘Generator’ or ‘Lemurian’ to get clicks and buyers. These keywords will appear in the item title. Often, the item description does not mention these words again (a big red flag).

However, the buyer believes that they have bought what they searched for when it’s actually something else. This is concerning because of the high price tag attached to the rare Tantric Twin crystals in particular.


Some people, including those from a mineralogical or mining background, will consider any two attached crystals to be a ‘twin‘. This article is about the metaphysical term which has specific characteristics and meanings.

In the world of crystal healing, there are many different crystal formations formed by two attached crystals. These all have their own metaphysical names and properties. I will touch on a few of these too so that you know the difference.

aura twin crystal plum blossom
Aura quartz with twin formation

Be Smart! Know Your Stones

Never assume that the seller is always right about everything. Even a reputable seller can make mistakes or get missold by their supplier. The best way to not end up with something else is to identify crystals yourself. Get familiar with crystal forms so you know what to look for.

This guide is based on my perspective and what I look for. There are always different opinions so use a reliable source or go with what resonates and makes sense. The properties of these two formations are similar but there are subtle differences.

I will be using some crystal terminology here so please see the below diagram if you’re not familiar.

Crystal point terms


These are sometimes called Companion Crystals or just a Twin. These are easier to find than Tantric Twins but they are not that common either. A Twin is a name for two crystal points that are joined together from the base. Each crystal will be of a similar but different height (length). They may be attached to each other by one side facet and pointing in the same direction.

Sometimes the crystal points are partially merged with each other or slightly crossed. There are also twin crystals where the points, point in different directions like a V shape. A good example of this is the Japanese Law Twin crystals. These can be seen as similar to a heart shape.

Clear Quartz Twin Crystal
Clear Quartz Twin Crystal

Twin Crystal Meanings & Properties

These duel crystals support balance, relationship harmony, clear communication and cooperation. Twin crystal points can help you attract friendship, a loving relationship or a soulmate. They also help you develop telepathic abilities. Twins strengthen the telepathic connection between you and your soulmate, known or unknown.

They assist you to connect with your partner on a deeper level, understanding soul agreements or any karmic lessons you are learning together. Personally, they help balance and integrate masculine and feminine (yin and yang) energies within yourself. Through wholeness, they help release codependency and giving your power away in relationships. These crystals are good for Geminis and Librans.

More tips on how to identify and work with twin crystals will be coming up in this article, helpful including diagrams.

Tibetan Black Quartz (Morion) Double Terminated Twin Crystal
Tibetan Black Quartz (Morion) Double Terminated Twin Crystal


These are sometimes called a Soulmate Crystal or Twin Flame Crystal. This form is very rare and they often sell at extremely high prices if you can find them. Like a regular twin crystal, they are two crystals that are joined together from the base. The difference is that the crystals will be the same height (length) or very close to it.

The crystals can be of different but similar sizes (width) or the same. As with all twins the crystal points might be partially merged or slightly crossed. Some Tantric Twin crystals grow parallel to each other, while others create a V shape.

Tantric Twin Crystal Meanings & Properties

As with all forms of Twins, these crystals support balance, relationship harmony, communication and cooperation. Tantric Twin crystals can help you call in a twin flame or loving soulmate relationship. Tantric Twins enhance the telepathic connection between you and your twin flame or soulmate, known or unknown. They also support a higher love, equality and all partnerships.

They assist you in accessing the records of past lives you shared together. This helps in understanding relationship soul agreements and any karmic lessons. Tantric twins balance the aura and yin and yang energy. They anchor and integrate the divine masculine and feminine energies on the planet and within you. Tantric Twin crystals help release codependent patterns. They heal and clear fears and prejudice around different genders and eliminate competitive behaviour. Tantric Twins are associated with the signs of Gemini and Libra and also help integrate your higher self.

Black Star Quartz Tantric Twin Crystal
Black Star Quartz Tantric Twin Crystal

TIPS: Identifying Twin & Tantric Twin Crystals

Two crystal termination points should be distinct and easy to see.

Both crystals start growing from the same base.

The crystals may be of a similar size (width) but one is usually a bit smaller.

The second crystal point should not be too small (this could be a student crystal)

View the termination points from above. Usually, you will see two hexagonal shapes (see info below on bi-terminated).

Some crystals fall into a grey zone because they are a mix of things (see below)

If you’re unsure, then look for a crystal that is more clearly a Twin or Tantric Twin.

Chart with different diagrams of crystal formations including twins and tantric twins
Commonly confused: Identify Tantric Twin Crystals and Twin Crystals
Twin crystal and tantric twin crystal diagram chart. Views from above
Twin crystal guide: Genuine twins and tantric twin crystals

Bi-Terminated Twins & Tantric Twins?

Technically, any kind of twin is defined as being two joined crystal points. This shows as two hexagon shapes when points are viewed from above. However, sometimes a crystal will have two termination points. The side facets of the main body of the crystal look like a single crystal point. When viewed from above the points, you will only see one outer hexagon shape. See the photo of my Tibetan Black Quart Twin crystal above for a good example.

What’s interesting is I’ve noticed that these are often elongated hexagons, giving the crystal a tabular shape. I think that these may have started off as two crystals that merged so much that only the points remain. Or perhaps a crystal that began to split into two but never completely separated. This is very symbolic of their union. So, what I now feel is that these bi-terminated crystals are a type of merged Twin or Tantric Twin.

Some may not agree with me on this but I feel it’s right through the crystals I have connected with. The rules still apply as described above and the points must be distinct. Take what resonates, it’s up to you to decide on this one.

What About Carved Twin Crystal Points?

Any naturally occurring twinned crystal is special and unique. It is always going to be what people seek but the reality is Tantric Twins are like gold dust. The next best thing, especially if you can’t find one is a carved Twin or Tantric Twin crystal. I’ve seen a few of these but they are still not that common. They symbolically still hold the energy of relationships, balance and union.

TIP: Another interesting alternative is a Double Heart crystal carving, these can be used much the same way as a twin or tantric twin crystal for relationships.

How To Work With Twins & Tantric Twin Crystals

You can work with these crystals in meditation or place one over your heart chakra. The crystal pendants are rare and hard to find. These crystals can sometimes be used in crystal grids as a central stone or as a supporting crystal point. You could place your any twin crystal in the relationship area of your bedroom or your home using feng shui. This is the South West sector using traditional compass based feng shui.

Do you have a Twin or Tantric Twin crystal? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

If you are looking for other information please use the search box or visit my FREE Resources page to see if it’s already been covered elsewhere.

With gratitude,


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12 thoughts on “Twin Crystal Vs Tantric Twin Crystal – Identify Twin Flame Crystals

  1. Libby

    This is a well written and informative article. I believe I have a tantric quartz crystal and Will double check when I get home. And I’ll put it in the southwest corner of our bedroom! I’ll also meditate with it. Learning where to place crystals in my home is always beneficial to me.
    Thank you!

  2. Cherry

    Yep, got at least one! I suppose it’s no surprise, with my affinity for Quartz.

    Mine are slim, quite well merged but there are two obvious terminations, quite clear, some Lemurian markings, and very slightly yellow. I picked them up almost 30 years ago, in the early 90’s, and was lucky enough to be able to secure them for a song. And yes — it was very shortly before I met my husband.

    Love and Light.

  3. Christine J Owens

    I want to start out by thanking you and letting you know I appreciate your work. Thank You
    I’ve read about something called “Mother and Child” or “Dolphin” Crystal. This would be a crystal that starts out as single, and along the way, another crystal grows attached. So, it wouldn’t be a twin because, although there are two distinct and separate termination points, only one base goes all the way down. Would you agree, or is this a form of twin?

  4. Robie

    After reading your blog I realized I have a tantric twin Lemurian Crystal. To me it represents me and my son. The crystals look like they’re hugging or leaning into one another. It’s a favorite of mine. Ethan- Thank you for the interesting topic. I learn so much from you

  5. Chris

    I recently received one as a gift in a preselected box of crystals. 1 termination has a fairly damaged tip, the other slightly damaged. Can you still work with these?

    1. Xeno

      Hi Chris! Sure! They are called “Empathic Warriors” and they are my favorites. They are the strongest crystals in the Crystal Kingdom, IMO, because they went through so much, and survived and learned so many things.

      As they say: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

      We tend to judge things by their exterior appearance, but real beauties are within 😉

      Crystal Blessings

  6. Mike Santino


    I recently read an older book by Hazel Raven, one of Naisha Ashian’s teachers. She attributed perfect double terminated tantric twis as a tool for ascension, to align with your highe self to access your true soul purpose.

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