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Crystal Grid Under Glass Box, Bowl, Cabinet, Cloche?

Crystal Grid Under Glass Box, Bowl, Cabinet, Cloche?

Crystal Grid Under Glass Box, Bowl, Cabinet, Cloche?

Will a crystal grid under glass still work? Can you put a crystal grid inside a glass box, terrarium, glass cabinet, under a glass bowl or glass cloche? Will it block the energy and intention from getting out?

Why Would You Place A Crystal Grid Under Glass?

This is something I get asked sometimes when it comes to the placement of crystal grids in the home. There are quite a few reasons that people want to put their crystal grid under glass. Firstly, a glass covering will protect the grid from being disturbed.

This could be to protect it from small children or pets. It also reduces the chance of people you live with or visiting touching the grid or moving the crystals when you’re not around.

crystal grid under a glass bowl
Crystal grid under a glass bowl (used)

TIP: Glass bowls make inexpensive and secure coverings for crystal grids. They are hard to move by animals or small children. See my Youtube video below:

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Glass coverings or boxes still allow you to see your crystal grid. This enables you to easily consciously connect with your grid and still enjoy its beauty. It also helps constantly reminded you of your intention.

Another reason is that a glass covering will protect your grid from dust. Physically cleaning the base and crystals in your crystal grids takes time, especially if you have a few, like me! 😅

purple and green crystal grid with flowers andmy books
Crystal grids work best when free of dust

Another one that comes up is the ready-made crystal grids that are wall-mounted. These often come framed, like most frames the grid is protected by a pane of glass. This is to protect the painting or in this case crystals from dust. Before I tell you what I think about putting your crystal grid under glass, I think it’s important to understand what glass is.

Crystal grids under glass bowls and in glass boxes
Does a crystal grid under glass still work?

What Glass Actually Is

I see a lot of misconceptions around materials like glass. Glass has been made by humans since ancient times. Although it is ‘man made’ it is made from natural materials. You might be surprised to learn that even today glass is still made from mostly melted sand.

Something To Think About On The Beach

Sand comes from weathered rocks, including crystals and minerals. Sand contains tiny gemstones, 🤯 both minerals (including Aragonite and Garnet) and organic ones (including Coral and Pearl). One of the most abundant minerals found in most sand is Quartz.

Being high in silica-rich minerals like Quartz, sand melts to produce the crystal clear material we call glass. A material that we now know is great for recycling over and over again. Some glass such as that used in windows or for cooking (soda-lime glass) has minerals from Limestone and Dolomite to make it stronger.

TIP: And yes if you’re wondering, walking or laying on the sand at the beach or in a desert is deeply healing and cleansing.

The Metaphysical Properties Of Glass

Glass is a natural material made from materials that have energy. It’s not a coincidence that it looks so similar to Clear Quartz and has a similar composition to Obsidian. Glass allows light to pass through it and can also act as a lens. It can focus, bend and amplify waves of light.

My perspective on glass is that its energy is similar to clear quartz. Feng shui masters and practitioners are well aware of its properties and use in the home. Glass allows spiritual energy to pass through it freely.

This geometric glass display box makes a beautiful crystal grid holder

What Happens To Your Crystal Grid Under Glass?

If you need to place your crystal grid under a glass bowl, box, terrarium, cabinet, case, cloche or frame it will still work. The energy of the crystals in your crystal grid will pass through glass. The sacred geometry and your intentions will still shine like light through the glass, out into the ether and the universe.

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With gratitude,


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22 thoughts on “Crystal Grid Under Glass Box, Bowl, Cabinet, Cloche?

  1. Tammy

    High Ethan I have been reading a lot about what crystal should go in each room like I should put Rose Quartz in the living room and amethyst in the bed room . They on another web site it say to put selenite in the living room and rose quartz in the bed room can you help me with this and can you please put it in like a room to room list for me please it would be a lot easier for me to write a list on what crystal should go in what room and it will make it easier for me when I go to the store or get them from the internet can you please help me out thank you so much for all of your help

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      There is no right or wrong way really. I choose crystals based on what my intention is for that area. There are so many options for any room. I have covered my suggestions for different popular crystals for their placement in the home in another blog post. Please read Crystals For The Home.

  2. M. Payton

    Ethan, thank you for addressing this topic of putting a dome over a grid – I’ve had a cake bell over a grid for several months, to keep dust off. I have several grids going in the house, so if the glass-covered grid isn’t working I wouldn’t really be able to tell. So this article set my mind at ease about it!

  3. Deb

    Hi Ethan, thank you for this! I’ve always put my crystals under glass when I’m charging them outdoors to protect them from rain and birds/animals, so this supports my reasoning. I love your blog and books on crystal grids and look forward to your future projects coming to fruition.

  4. Karen

    Thank you so much for this post Ethan! I just made a Crystal Grid & placed it in a shadow box to eventually hang on the wall in my house. I, too, wondered about the potency it would have under glass. Your post came at a perfect time for me to relax about it. I love all the information you post. Thanks again!

  5. Anne

    Quartz has some odd quirks – I inadvertently energised my double-glazed window: I had unpacked some new crystals, in 2 clumps on separate tables, about a metre apart. On one table between them were several circuit boards from old computer hard drives. Over several days I became aware of waves of energy travelling like waves back and forth between the 2 lots of crystals. The waves built up more & more until as I came down the passage to that room I became aware of the energy waves getting bigger and travelling further into the rest of the house. They became so strong I was getting headaches as I got close. Once I realised there was some feedback process going on, I removed the pcbs, and the waves quietened – except that the adjacent window still carried a huge amount of energy I smudged with intent, washed it inside and out, didn’t help, but just leaving the window open wide for a few days allowed the energy to dissipate. I am constantly fascinated by the ways crystals (and precious metals) interact.

  6. Inderjit Mehmi

    Hi Ethan,

    Thanks so much for sharing this blog. I was in fact only the other day thinking about whether glass holds any frequency, not suggesting that I am going to start making crystal grids out of glass! I will definitely be using a glass bowl/container to protect my crystal grids from now onwards!

    I can’t wait for your new book and oracle deck!! Do you have any release dates as yet?

    As always with gratitude!


  7. Inderjit Mehmi

    Hi Ethan,

    I look forward to purchasing the new book, great to hear it will be sometime this year and of course the oracle deck when it comes to fruition!


  8. Gilles Caron

    Today I received 2 sets of pyramids glued on a square piece of glass. 9 pyramids on each square of glass.
    I was disappointed because it looked like being completely made from a single piece of quartz on the seller web page… i am still disappointed but you are reassuring me about the effect of the base being glass.
    It’s called a vastu plate. Like this one

  9. Leo

    what a coincidence. I just happened to put my clear quartz grid on a glass plate and under a glass dome in order to protect it from dust and my two kittens. The idea was that if anything, it would only amplify the grids energy through the lens-magnifying properties. Few weeks later and I get a notification for your new article on the affect of glass on crystal grids. Good job, well done. Looking forward for more ((:

  10. Julia

    Thank you Ethan for this information.
    Know I don’t feel bad having my crystals on glass,I keep them in glass because like you said they won’t get dusty and because I have not many but to many but I love my crystals
    ¿QUESTION? is it bad to have to many?

    1. Cherry

      Hi Julia,

      How many is too many? I have over 150 crystals, clusters, families etc, and if I’m honest, meeting new crystals is something I’m all but addicted to. The wonderful thing about Love is that the more you give, the more you have to give. It’s an infinite energy.

      As far as keeping crystals under glass is concerned, I’d agree with Ethan: it certainly can’t do any harm. Decent quality window glass, for example, blocks the majority of the UV radiation that can harm both our crystals, and ourselves — although this is not true of all glass. For example, I have a rough Rose Quartz chunk which spent over a decade on a double-glazed windowsill; it didn’t lose a drop of colour, because of the protection from the glass. On the other hand, the fact that the window was north-facing might have helped there — my neighbour two floors down, who had windows facing in the same direction but her ground floor position meant her windows received more sun, had a lovely Rose Quartz gem tree which underwent significant fading over a similar time period. It’s also possible, of course, that her windows were older than mine, and if so this would have contributed.

      Of course, dust, grease (especially if you own a deep fat fryer), curious pets and/or kids, and adults who move stuff around without asking first (grr!) are also a lot less likely to interfere with your crystals if they’re under glass; and thinking about it, every crystal shop I’ve ever been into has had glass display cabinets.

      One thing I feel an urgent need to point out, however – and I’m not saying this is something you do or would do; this is a heads-up for everybody, since it seems few people know about it – is that crystals seem to strongly dislike being kept in plastic. Feldspars, Gypsum family, Quartzes, Lapis, Calcite, Jasper, Labradorite, Beryl, Tourmaline, Corundum — every crystal that’s come to me packaged in plastic, has complained bitterly about it. My dear Lapis pendant put it best: “We can’t push our power through plastic. It’s like you trying to walk against a hurricane strength wind.” Needless to say, I got the message straight away (I was out of doors in the 1989 hurricane): it drains them severely, as they reach out to try to help anyone they encounter whom they sense needs help. If you buy a crystal online, and it arrives in contact with plastic, i.e. in a sample bag or a plastic airmail envelope, please make certain to cleanse, *charge*, then bond.

      Love and Light.

  11. Sherry

    Crystals under glass makes sense. When making crystal water the crystals are placed around the outside of the glass so the healing properties are absorbed into the water. I really don’t see much of a difference.
    Thank you Ethan for all you share with us.

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