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Crystals For Pagan Gods & Male Deities – Associated Gemstones

Crystals For Pagan Gods & Male Deities – Associated Gemstones

Crystals For Pagan Gods & Male Deities – Associated Gemstones

Harness the power of crystals to connect with gods of ancient religions. Tap into the divine masculine energy of crystals for pagan gods and male deities including Zeus, Ganesha, Thoth and Odin. Work with these sacred gemstones for spiritual work, rituals or devotional altars…

Gods Carved In Stone

Since prehistoric times gods and goddesses have been carved from stone and precious gemstones. Just like every part of nature, you will find masculine and feminine energy represented in the mineral kingdom.

Altar with wooden Ganesha statue, carnelian flame, pyrite pyramid and black obsidian bird skull
Crystal enhanced altar with Ganesha statue

With pagan gods ruling over many aspects of life, heaven and earth, it makes sense that we can see their associations in modern-day crystal healing. In this blog post, I’m going to focus on male gods. This is a follow-up to the post I did on Crystals For Goddesses.

Small altar with crystals
Crystals can be a great addition or focal point to an altar

Choosing Crystals For Pagan Gods

These associations are not based on anyone else’s work and they don’t replace other associations you may have. I’m working with my own intuitive insights, the properties of the crystals and my research into these gods. Some associations may be more obvious and might be found elsewhere.

Please note, this is not a definitive list of pagan gods or their crystals. It’s just a place to get you started, I encourage you to do your own research into these gods. Hopefully, some of these crystals will resonate with you and you will give them a try.

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How To Work With Crystals Of The Gods

You can work with these crystals in many ways, depending on you and your spiritual practice or tradition. They could be worn, carried on you and meditated with. Alternatively, you could place them on your altar or sacred space.

In addition, you could work them into rituals, crystal grids or combine them with other spiritual tools. Maybe you have a special oracle or Tarot deck that connects you with this god? You could keep the associated crystal with them.

Crystals for pagan gods
Crystals for pagan gods. Oracle cards shown here are available through this affiliate link.


ZEUS (Jupiter)

Crystal: Chevron Amethyst

The Greek god Zeus was known as Jupiter to the Romans. He was the god of the sky, weather, thunder and lightning. Zeus is seen as the king of the gods of Mount Olympus. He was the father of many other powerful gods and demi-gods. As a divine ruler, he seems to have been involved with maintaining cosmic law, order and justice.

Chevron Amethyst is a combination of clear or white Quartz with Amethyst. The zig-zag layers resemble thunderbolts. Zeus is sometimes associated with the colour purple which is also connected with his planet, Jupiter in astrology. Energetically, this is a powerful stone that offers strong spiritual protection.

Chevron Amethyst Crystal Point Tower
Chevron Amethyst Tower


Crystal: Aragonite Star Cluster

Ganesha is also known as Ganapati or Ganesh among other names. He is a Hindu deity originating from India. Ganesha has the head of an elephant and is generally known as the remover of obstacles. He supports new beginnings, new projects and brings success and opportunities. You will see his statue at the gates of many temples. Ganesha is also a god of wisdom and writing among other things.

Aragonite Star Clusters have crystals that radiate in all directions. This represents moving beyond limits and the many paths and opportunities we have to get to where we need to be. Aragonite is a wonderful crystal to help you clear stubborn blocks. It clears the aura and motivates you to keep pushing forward.

Aragonite star cluster
Aragonite star cluster


Crystal: Record Keeper

Thoth is the ancient Egyptian god of wisdom and the moon. He is the guardian of knowledge and writing who is said to have given humans hieroglyphics. Thoth is often shown with the head of an ibis. He records the story of each person’s life and is involved in the judgement as souls enter the afterlife.

Record Keepers are crystals with a natural triangular indent on the surface of them. This is usually on one of the faces of a Quartz crystal point, but they also appear on other stones like Sapphires and Rubies. Record Keepers hold records from ancient civilizations, including Egypt. They also help you access the Akashic Records where all history is stored.

Records on a Record Keeper Quartz Crystal
Records on a Record Keeper Quartz Crystal

MERCURY (Hermes)

Crystal: Blue Lace Agate

Mercury or Mercurius is a Roman God also known as Hermes to the Greeks. As one of the sons of Jupiter (aka Zeus), Mercury is considered the messenger of the gods. Mercury is also the god of trade, travel and the wind. The planet Mercury is named after him. He is usually portrayed as a young man with a caduceus, winged hat and sandals.

Blue Lace Agate is an air element stone that looks a bit like clouds in a blue sky. Agate has been associated with Mercury as a God and the planet in astrology. Blue Lace Agate opens the throat chakra and enables clear communication. Its light energy also supports expressing yourself calmly and peacefully.

Blue Lace Agate Tumbled Stone
Blue Lace Agate Tumbled Stone


Crystal: Hawk’s Eye

Odin is also known as Othin is a Nordic and Norse god. He’s chief of the sky gods and the god of victory and wisdom. He is portrayed as an older man, blind in one eye, carrying a runic spear and accompanied by a raven. He is also seen as a truth-seeker, wise shaman and a shapeshifter. Odin was said to wander the Earth disguised as a mortal traveller.

Hawk’s Eye is also known as Blue Tiger’s Eye. It is a black and blue-grey form of Tiger’s Eye. It works with Odin’s energy because of the eye association and because it works with your inner sight. Hawk’s Eye tunes you into your intuition and supports self-reflection. It is also useful if you are avoiding unwanted attention.

Hawks Eye Tumble Stone
Hawk’s Eye Tumble Stone

POSEIDON (Neptune)

Crystal: Aquamarine

Poseidon is a Greek god also known as Neptune to the Romans. He is the god of the sea, mariners and surprisingly, horses. Poseidon is also associated with storms, sea weather, mermaids, mermen and earthquakes. A brother of Zeus, Poseidon is shown holding a trident and lives in the sea. Poseidon is represented by the blue planet Neptune in astrology.

Aquamarine is a cardinal water element stone with a deep connection to the sea and oceans of our planet. Mermaids are sometimes associated with this aquatic looking gemstone. This blue-green crystal offers protection and can assist you in keeping calm. It balances the emotions and helps cool anger.

Aquamarine Crystal
Aquamarine Crystal

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If you are looking for other information please search my website or visit the Resources page to see if it’s already been covered elsewhere.

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14 thoughts on “Crystals For Pagan Gods & Male Deities – Associated Gemstones

  1. Deirdre Treanor

    Interesting information. I get a themed witchy box every month, and this month’s theme was divine masculine. Between that and this post something must be leading me to a God. I haven’t worked with one yet.

  2. Mary Morales

    hi Ethan… like always your articles are interesting, informative, beautifully made and fun…what else can I say? keep doing such wonderful job…by the way, do you know if Ur has an specific crystal?

      1. Cherry

        Ur wasn’t a deity, but a city-state in ancient Sumatra. Patron deities were Nanna/Su’en.

        Nanna is the ancient Mesopotamian God of the Moon and Wisdom, so I can see Thoth’s crystals working equally well for Him.

        Su’en or Sin is a similar God of the Moon and planets. During a period when Ur was basically in control of the Euphrates valley he was regarded as Chief of the Gods, so Jupiter/Zeus’s crystals may also be helpful.

        Love and Light.

  3. Beverley Smith

    Thank you I enjoyed reading this information. You have some beautiful crystals. Please can I ask where you source your crystals from? Thank you

  4. Silda-Dian W.

    … are you going to write a third article about sex and/or gender ambiguous divinities and their crystals?

    At least me would very much appreciate it.
    To me it would complement the wonderful goddesses and gods articles perfectly.

  5. Cherry

    I not long ago bought myself an Aragonite starburst. Interesting coincidence.

    I’ve got some of my own:

    Apollo/Sol/Helios: Heliodor, Citrine, Sunstone.
    Thor: Fulgurite, Clear or Milky Quartz.
    Heka/Marduk: Labradorite, Black Moonstone. (These may also work with Thoth as he was the God of Magic and the Moon too.)
    Pluto/Hades: Obsidian, Jet.

    Love and Light.

  6. Cherry

    Well, the Sun is basically the most important body in the solar system, so from my personal point of view Solar deities deserve respect: after all, there are a heck of a lot of stars (estimates reckon 400 billion in the Milky Way alone, and about 1 trillion in the Andromeda galaxy), but none so important to our existence as our dear Sun. The crystals I mentioned would also work for a multiplicity of other Solar deities, of which Wikipedia has a good list here:

    Personally, being very solar by nature, I find Heliodor to be highly empowering. Not only that, but during the winter months it does double duty, keeping me from getting the winter blues and warming and unstiffening my hands on cold mornings.

    Love and Light.

  7. Emma

    What a wonderful post! Do you think Chevron Amethyst can also be used when working with Heracles, since he is son of Zeus, or would you suggest a different crystal? And those images of the Greek gods in your header look amazing. Are they Tarot cards? Where did you find them?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Thank you, Emma. I would say that Tiger’s Eye is the stone I feel embodies the attributes of Hercules more. The cards are from the Mythic Oracle. You can learn more and purchase them through this LINK. Please note this is an affiliate link if you were to buy them.

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