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Do Crystal Grids Have To Be Symmetrical?

Do Crystal Grids Have To Be Symmetrical?

Do Crystal Grids Have To Be Symmetrical?

Do crystal grids have to be symmetrical to work? I’ve been getting a few questions and comments about symmetrical crystal grids. In this blog post, I want to answer this question and look at the energetic effect of symmetry in nature and crystal grids…

Symmetry In Nature

Symmetry is the harmonious proportions and balance that we see in nature, our bodies, cells, atoms and the cosmos. It is even more evident in sacred geometry where a shape can be split into two or more pieces that are identical. This is similar to fractals, another magical pattern seen in nature.

This is not to say that symmetry is about perfection but it is a blueprint we can see behind many forms. If you look at crystals, they display these patterns but they are not all perfect looking.

Symmetrical flower of life crystal grid
The flower of life is a very symmetrical geometric symbol

Symmetry In Crystal Grids

You may have noticed a lot of symmetry in crystal grids, especially mine. This is because sacred geometry plays a big part in their creation and for me, something I want to tap into. It is these universal energy patterns that many crystal grid makers are working with, consciously or not.

symmetrical crystal grid
Notice the symmetry in this crystal grid

The Energy of Symmetry & Why It’s Used In Grids

Symmetry at its heart is about balance. On some level, we humans recognise the power of this in nature. If you’re drawn to a beautiful crystal grid, notice the symmetry. When I make a crystal grid and remove a crystal (or knock one out of place) I can instantly see and feel that it is unbalanced. It looks off and this goes away as soon as I fix this.

Crystal healing is a way we can balance energy within ourselves and our lives. Maybe crystal grids need to create balance to alchemise energy and create needed change.

Halloween crystal grid
Halloween Crystal Grid

Another way I think symmetry benefits us is through its geometric strength. If you look at any structure used to build something or add support to a building, you will find symmetry. From bricks to arches, doorways to pillars. The ancients used symmetry in their sacred sites, stone circles and temples. That has to mean something.

What About Crystal Grids That Are Not Symmetrical?

Not all crystal grids are symmetrical. A good example of this is those that use a spiral shape. They are still tapping into the power of the spiral but in most cases, they won’t be symmetrical. Some people also use symbols and designs that are not naturally symmetrical and that’s okay. There are different ways to make crystal grids.

Do crystal grids have to be symmetrical?
Do crystal grids have to be symmetrical?

Do Crystal Grids Have To Be Symmetrical?

So, do crystal grids have to be symmetrical to work well? Hopefully, if you read and understood the above explanation you will see that no, they don’t have to be symmetrical. But crystal grids that use sacred geometry shapes and symbols will naturally take advantage of this energy.

That’s why I prefer, for the most part, to work with sacred geometry and symmetry in my crystal grids, whenever possible. Symmetry comes naturally to most people and is reflected in nature and the structure of crystals. If you want to learn more about this, my book Crystal Grids Power goes into detail about the power of sacred geometry and working with this to create intention-based crystal grids.

Crystal grids power book by Ethan Lazzerini
Crystal Grids Power covers sacred geometry within crystal grids

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4 thoughts on “Do Crystal Grids Have To Be Symmetrical?

  1. Stephanie Minns

    Hi Ethan
    I’ve just been constructing a simple quartz grid for success in an art business venture. I’ve used my generator crystal in the centre but was not sure which way to point the small satellite crystals, points in or out? I’ve always thought out for healing but a personal manifestation one I’m unsure? Thanks.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi Stephanie, the way I work as a general rule is that the smaller crysral points (support stones) I use point outwards. The reason I do that is because to manifest something I send the intention/energy outwards into the Universe, knowing that then what I want will return to me or go to the source I need it to go to.

  2. Cherry

    Thrre is something else to keep in mind: symmetry extends far beyond crystal grids.

    DNA is among the most important among many examples of natural symmetry. It should be symmetrical, in its ideal form. The ideal human face should be symmetrical, and asymmetrical features are apparently a marker for asymmetrical DNA, which in its turn mostly, so I’ve read, means unstable DNA.

    But that isn’t the only example. It’s everywhere, as is nature’s geometry. Look at a leaf, a snowflake. These are examples of the natural power of geometry and symmetry, and this is what most grids draw upon.

    Love and Light.

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