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5 Clear Signs A Crystal Is Right For You!

5 Clear Signs A Crystal Is Right For You!

5 Clear Signs A Crystal Is Right For You!

What are the signs a crystal is right for you? Learn how to tell if a crystal wants to work with you. Is this crystal calling you? Here are my tips you are destined to be its keeper

There are lots of ways to choose a crystal, but there is another side to crystal shopping. With so much choice in a crystal shop, gem show or online it can be confusing.

Have you seen a crystal you had no intention of buying and now can’t get out of your head? Perhaps you’re spoilt for choice or unsure whether to make a purchase, this guide should help you.

Multi phantom crystal point held in front of roses
Is a crystal calling you?

Have A Cool Off Period

The first thing I do when I am unsure about a crystal is to think about it. Yes, there are times I will buy at first sight and have no regrets. It is usually not that simple though. Sometimes you just love the crystal but it’s outside of your budget.

I would always recommend a cool-off period if there is any uncertainty. This helps avoid impulse buying or panic buying, especially at gem shows. Yes, there is always a chance someone else will buy it before you but perhaps it wasn’t meant for you?

Angel Aura Amethyst Cluster held in front of rose bush
Angel Aura Amethyst Cluster

A cool-off period could be a day, a couple of days or a few hours if you’re at a live event or travelled location. Ideally, you should wait at least a day if possible.

A local gem show I visited a few years ago
A local gem show I visited a few years ago

1. How Does It Feel Today?

Now, after the cool off period, you should have a better sense of how you feel. Any buyer-highs or fears of losing the crystal should have passed. Ask yourself how you feel now about the crystal today.

Think about it in your mind. Do you still get a good feeling when you visualise it? Does it still call to you? If so, then these are good signs that this crystal is right for you.

Angel Aura crystal point
Angel Aura crystal point

2. Go For A Second Viewing

Sometimes we need to see the crystal again either in person or online. If it’s a physical shop you will be able to handle the stone and feel the energy in a more direct way. If it is online, you can scroll through the photos or video and details again. Always double-check the size.

I will often revisit a crystal several times over a few weeks. This way I can be more certain I am not buying on impulse and that the crystal still holds something. Seeing it in different frames of mind brings clarity and a balance of head and heart to your decision.

On your second, third or fourth viewing, does it still light you up? Do you feel different now? If this crystal is right for you, you should still feel the way you felt when you first saw it.

Lots of mixed crystals
Lots of mixed crystals

3. Can’t Get It Out Of Your Head?

This is always a big sign that a crystal is right for you. There are some crystals that you just can’t get out of your head after you find them. If the crystal keeps popping into your head at random times then it is definitely calling you!

Emerald gemstone
Emerald gemstone

4. Do The Crystal Properties Make Sense?

If you were looking for a specific crystal already then this does not apply. This applies if you stumbled upon a crystal that you were not expecting to find or were just browsing. Looking up the meaning and crystal healing properties from a trusted source will bring clarity and confirmation.

Do they seem like they would benefit you as a person? Is there something that they could help you with at this time? This is one of the best indications that the crystal is right for you.

Crystal healing for the chakras book by Ethan Lazzerini
Chakra associations are also a good indicator

5. Synchronicities

Sometimes (not always) you can experience signs and synchronicities around a crystal that you are thinking about. They could come in the form of someone mentioning the same type of crystal to you. You might see people wearing the same type of stone.

People on social media might share the same crystal. Be mindful with ads online, if you found the crystal through the internet. Ads might show you the exact same crystal or a similar one just because of your browsing history, cookies and the sneaky algorithm!

Onyx angel carving
Onyx angel carving

I hope this was helpful to you. Just remember you don’t need all five signs. It may just be one or two of these. Do you have any more signs you would like to add to the list? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

If you are looking for other information please use the search box or visit my FREE Resources page to see if it’s already been covered elsewhere.

With gratitude,


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11 thoughts on “5 Clear Signs A Crystal Is Right For You!

  1. Deirdre Treanor

    3 and 4 are the most common signs to me. Sometimes 5. One of my regular Etsy shops had a moon smoky quartz that kept invading my mind. It was pricey, but once I could afford it I bought it.


    Dear Ethan,
    I have a strange question… I have been called to a certain crystal before but it’s not always for me. It usually comes to me in a dream and it’s for someone else. Then I go searching for the crystal and find out who it’s for.
    I sometimes don’t even know who it’s for until after I see it, touch it and feel its properties. I then use the crystal bible and to confirm my spiritual connection and know who it’s for by then. SO, my question to you is this… Is this normal or am I a sensitive, a healer of sorts?
    Thanks for any insight you can give,

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I have heard of this but it’s not that common. We recieve all kinds of messages and signs in dreams and in nature that can guide us to assist others or ourselves. It’s good that you are paying attention and following up as many forget the dream or the signs after seeing them.

    2. Denise Plumb

      Hi Shonda, This is interesting, as I get crystal grids and mandalas given to me in dreams. I always trust it when these come to me as it has never failed me yet

  3. Chris

    I have been doing a lot of reading about crystals lately and golden healer keeps popping up. I went to my normal shopping centre last week and there was a new crystal pop up shop so of course, I went over to have a look and there was a piece of golden healer sitting there looking at me. It wasn’t a particularly nice looking piece but it definitely called to me and I connected to its energy right away. I looked at various other crystals which were much prettier and actually on my wish list, but the golden healer was the one I had to have and after a week it seems it is exactly what I needed.

  4. Marina

    The feeling for me is sort of a pop, when i see a crystal suddenly and it seems to wake up all my attention. For about a year now i’ve been strongly attracted to pyrite,

  5. Cherry

    With me, one of a number of things can happen, circumstances depending.

    When I buy online, I get a whole-body sense of rightness from seeing the image of the right crystal (or a potent sense of repulsion from the wrong one). It’s like every cell of my being cries out, “Yes!” or “No!” It works best with the Beryls, Tourmalines and Quartzes, but it’s never let me down in over a decade of online purchases (helped of course by knowing my vendors are 110% reliable and are very much ‘crystal people’ themselves). Ethan’s example of not being able to stop thinking about a crystal also happens to me when buying online, even to the point where it sometimes won’t stop until that crystal is home safe; this happened with my two raw Heliodors as well as my Rainbow Tourmaline and Congolese Citrine… among others.

    Buying in person, crystals can give me one or more of a variety of signals. Most commonly, the right one will be surrounded by a white glow which none other will, in my vision anyway, have. Then, it might also contrive to fix my gaze on itself, and not let go; this occasionally extends to not allowing me to move until I’ve made up my mind to buy. I can also hear direct messages from them (often along the lines of an enthusiastic greeting, an offer of friendship, or a plea to “take me home”) — the second example happened with my first ever Aquamarine. The other way they’ve been known to signal to me, is that they will send out a kind of ‘psychic homing beacon’, drawing me repeatedly to the area of the shop where they are until I finally figure out which one is calling — if you were ever to go crystal shopping with me, you might well see me prowling about the shop like a wild predator on the hunt. I’m not being all feral, just a bit slow on the uptake. I’m lucky our mineral friends are so patient!

    I rarely ever shop for anything specific; the Universe always guides me to the crystal(s) I need, or those that need my help. It never fails 🙂

    Love and Light.

  6. Carol Thorley

    If a crystal tingles when I touch it … I buy it. Ive even had one crackle loudly as the sales assitant handed it to me from the cabinet … it felt lije an ekectric shock … and completely blacked out my phone (which I was holding in my other hand) for over an hour

  7. Cherry

    Hi Carol,

    What was that crystal?

    Crystals and electronic gadgets don’t always play well together, but I’ve never had this problem myself (though I don’t usually handle both at the same time, I do wear a number of different crystals to help with my AS) and finding info on which crystals are likely to cause it, is proving problematic. I’d expect that Black Tourmaline, with its high electrical conductivity, might be a possible culprit, and perhaps the piezoelectric Clear Quartz; but I have plenty of each of these, and I’ve never experienced phone issues while wearing, handling, or even just having them nearby. I have in my stewardship a few Quartzes which are very nearly as powerful as the large (3’+) Atlantean Guardian Crystals, and even these haven’t disrupted the function of my phone.

    I wonder if perhaps you weren’t adequately grounded, and some type of energy surge passed between you and that crystal?

    Your experience could also mean that crystal was specifically meant for you and you alone, and the electric shock was a rapid and intense bonding. I have a crystal which has done that, not to me but to others; my mother, grandmother, husband and closest friend (a Reiki master) have all attempted to connect with it, but been repelled by a shock up the arm. Not that I think that crystal was trying to repel you; I think it was doing the absolute opposite, so I recommend you work very closely with that crystal. It may have some surprises for you.

    Love and Light.

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